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Sunday, February 8, 2009

happy birthday Alma.....


it's my friends birthday
Alma Heimvick.
And though 1 day late,
I wanna greet her


She is in Singapore, the family has been living there for more than a year now
after her husband was transferred there. Sayang, di ako nakatikim ng wine. keke

that's her with her lovely kids Amanda and Margarette, and the ever so generous Magnus.

It has been 5 years of good friendship. I love her because she really knows how to take care of her friends. She is a good companion and her optimism and lively spirit is overly contagious.

And she's a good host indeed. We were in her lot in Singapore last September and she really entertained us like VIP's.........oh , and she's so galante. Mahirap na makahanap ng friend na ganyan these days. hehe. Everytime we visit her in Wack Wack, she would even pay for the cab.....

I wish you long life for the world needs more people like you.
Your friends love you. More fun years ahead.......happy Birthday ALMA......


  1. Happy birthday kay Alma! Bago na naman ang pet name mo. Pusang kalye.

  2. swerte mo naman PG
    galante na yung frewnd mo
    totoo pa...
    sana marami pa silang ganyan..
    napadaan lang PG..
    meow! meow!

  3. happy birthday to your friend :)

    PUSANG KALYE na? PUSKAL! hehehe!

  4. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~]thanks for wisjing my friend well~~

    gillboard --kaw din.

  5. REDLAN ---uo---start sa SP---salingpusa---tapos PG---pusang gala---now----PK---pusang kalye---anu kaya sunod. keke

  6. mavs --uo nga---at super optimistic pa---nakakahawa.sarap.

    lucas --uo---wonder kung me askal around~~

  7. dito ko lang napansin magkamukha kayo ng hanipay mo. la lang..


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