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Friday, February 20, 2009

they are back----with a bang!!!


Hold your breath for a while.
Let's pause momentarily
with the photo blog.
Just wanna say that the official trailer for
my most anticipated movie of
the year is already out!!!!

Sorry, can't hold my excitement........

Transformers: Revenge of the fallen
due for release on June 24, 2009.
Can't wait!!!!

official movie site: http://www.transformersmovie.com/


  1. Yeah!

    and I watched another trailer as well from guru3d..so cool!!

  2. palabas na ba? eh coming soon plang dito eh?...ganda yan! cge nood tau ...tc

  3. I watched Transformers since I was a child back in the 1980s. I feel the writer and director of the 1st movie had failed to understand the concept of Transformers.

  4. yeah, transformers vs gi joe!!! bring back the 80s!!!

  5. My prediction for the upcoming movie:

    1. Devastator (combiners) might make its appearance.
    2. Jetfire will be introduced. Able to superlink (combined) with Optimus Prime to form Jet Prime to give the leader an aerial capability and added fire power
    3. Soundwave will be introduced.
    4. Optimus Prime weapon system will be upgraded

  6. can't wait for this one. is the date for us or pinas?

  7. hindi ko napanood sa sinehan yung part one kaya sisiguraduhin ko ng mapanood ko to sa cinemas this time...hehehe!

  8. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~]---is it the same?

    Allen Yuarata --sabay tayo Allen---keke

  9. darkhorse--no sa June pa naman.

    Borneo Falcon ---failed to understand the concept of transformers? wow---that's deep

  10. gillboard--ay---isa pa yang G.I joe pala na yan. keke

    Borneo Falcon ---wow--that's lotsa info. thanks

  11. Lawstude ----sa US. diko lam kung sabay.

    lucas ---bakit hindi Ron? what happened?

  12. Wow!! Papanoorin ko to!! Excited na'ko wooohh!! Transformer! Andito pa rin kaya si Megan Fox? By the way, nabasa nyo ba yung sa "The Weekly News" na lalaki daw dati si Megan Fox? i bet it's a HOAX.

  13. A lot of nice films to wait for.

    Ive seen part 1 and i cant wait for part 2.

  14. Mon ---OMG--that's a big joke

    KRIS JASPER ---yep yep yep---big ones

  15. I will definitely watch this film! No. 2 ata sa list ko to, MOST ANTICIPATED FILMS of 09...

  16. Sa June pa dito? Tagal ah..

    Mas exciting to kesa sa una for sure..


  17. I hope it's better than the 1st. :)

  18. kaya pala nagreact cp ko eh. *transformer ang message tone ko*

    parating na pala ang part 2. wow! cant wait... hirap ng naghihintay.

  19. Christian Bryan --at talagang me list ha. keke

    Dylan Dimaubusan --I hope nga na mas maganda--medyo mukhang mas chaotic. okay lang naman po me.hehe

  20. Niel Camhalla ---sana nga---para hindi tayo mafrustrate.

    The Islander ---talaga lang ha. penge ring tone. gusto ko yan.hehe

  21. definitely the most anticipated movie this year. im also looking forward to the movies wolverine and harry potter.

  22. oh my goddd!its my first time seing the trailer!ang ganda!lupettttt!!!

    cant wait to see it!tagal pa ng june waaa1


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