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Monday, February 23, 2009

it's Melodys Birthday........


t'was my cousin Sam's girlfriend's
birthday the other day, Fe. 21
so I just wanna say belated Happy
birthday to her.......

Her name is Melody,

........a fine lady, an optimist, a moderate, and like the name itself----she is definitely in tune with the song life and is dancing with it gracefully. She is always full of smile on her face, something that I admire. And oh, very sensible too. You will never run out of conversation topic when with her.......

...and that's my cousin Sam

they've been a lot busy since working as nurses at the medical city. But they had a day for themselves yesterday, and after going to ACE WATER SPA, out of my recommendation, Sam called me for a dinner at MANNANG Restaurant in Megamall.

Melody, me and cousin Sam...

The food was good and reasonable. I recommend their sinigang na sugpo.
The people are nice too. There are usually a lot of people during the weekend so we had to wait a little longer for our orders, an opportunity to have a good talk with them since we don't get to do it often.....

Again, Happy Birthday Melody~~~~


  1. Seriously? nasa Ace kame kahapon!!!

  2. wah...

    she's so cute!!

    happy birthday Melody darling!

  3. happy birthday kay melody ! :)

  4. good to see her again even just on pics..please extend our greetings to her and say hello as well...

    i missed her..yeah,ur right, she really is a sensible lady! she still has that killer smile,angel locsin look-alike...


  5. Haha! Nakapila ako sa magaling na Smartbro kahapon! Sa sobrang dali ng proseso nila, nilayasan ko na pila ko, saka na lang ako bayad ng dsl ko. Kainis kase.

    Happy birthday na lang po kay Melody. I only have good praises to her as a former co-teacher, eventhough we only briefly met, she's one hell of a nice lady.

  6. Chyng --talaga? 10am daw sila---then nasa mega na sila ng arong 4:30----sila lang dime/us kasamaa---haha

    suki kana don Chyng ha.

  7. ARA 札拉 [사랑해~]---you are soooo sweet~~

    Eben---puro nalang bday guys no---sensya na ha--lilipas na to. keke

  8. Myk2ts ---salamat.

    aquamarine ---ay uo nga---lala ko u made a connection with her that time---lagi pa ata kayo sabay uwi diba?

  9. Mommy Riza--talagang one hell of a nice lady ha---pero anu nanaman yang problem u sa smart bro ha?

  10. melody!!! happy b-day! khit dimo ko kilala, syanga pla ngayon kilala na kita thru PG...lol God Bless!

  11. darkhorse --haha---paakilala ko sayo pag nagkita tayo. keke

    Phivos Nicolaides--oh---welcome back sir....thanks

  12. ahhh i miss melody katabi ko siya ng workstation sa power hehe

    she's looking good!

    haberdey pakisabi!

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  14. ang ganda naman ng bday gurl!! happy bday!!!

  15. cool that they invited you. she's pretty!

  16. cyndirellaz---syempre---kasing-gaanda u--keke

    the donG---uo nga e-miss ko na sila. b-t-b-t han kasi.

  17. Nice shots there...really! Fun fun..

    Anyways, hey...how are u? Can I link your nature adventure to my new site...I just... u know copy the partial words..then it will be directed to ur site..., is it okay?

    take care!

  18. MysLykeMeeh --talaga? cge--I will try it---thanks

  19. MysLykeMeeh --talaga---that will be great---I am very thankful and honored. salamat, salamat~~~~


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