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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BRIAN GRUBB's Wakeskating in Banaue Rice Terraces Video exposesCongressman's Hypocrisy and Irrelevance

BRIAN GRUBB's Viral Video Skateboarding in Banaue Rice Terraces elicited comments from many hypocrites including one from a local Congressman who should have known better.This is an irrelevant politician trying to be relevant with an irrelevant argument.

Nakakatawa lang that people make a lot of fuss about the supposed disrespect to nature. What brain do we have?

10514012594_ac6379c8ef_z (1)
photo by: Red Bull Team

My take on this as a blogger:

"Basta walang namatay na hayop (other than yung manok na inalay), walang halamang nasira (dahil tinatanim palang nila) at walang terraces na natibag (dahit di naman naragasa) I don't see the point of opposing this video. They were respectful to ask permission from the villagers and the village priest as well as DOT Cordillera. They conducted themselves accordingly, they were all praises for the place, and they gave justice to the amazing beauty of Banaue Rice Terraces by coming up with an excellently made video. This is brilliant. 

This is a win for our tourism efforts deserving of everybody's support.After all, this is what we bloggers do, we write about the places we visit so as to tell people they exist and in the process, we entice them to also experience the joy we experienced. Tourism means jobs to locals.We have to support it then. This video would generate more exposure to Banaue Rice Terraces in a few months time than me (for example) blogging about it my whole lifetime. I can delete my blog in exchange of this video. The "this promotes the product and not Banaue" argument is sick. Of course one is promoted because of the other.

And why haven't we thought about it?
Yun ang tanung. Bakit nga ba?I think we need to be more creative."

Watch the Viral Video Again:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

VIVERE HOTEL ALABANG is About Character, Class and Sophistication

Go to the Sky Lounge (now referred to as "The Nest") of Vivere Hotel Alabang and you can easily pinpoint among the high rises of Filinvest City the three new hotels that has joined the growing list of accommodations in the area.

Vivere Hotel was the first Hotel in Alabang and it has been #1 in the area for five years and running. That, at least, according to Tripadvisor which is the world's largest travel website.It definitely is #1 among the many who have tried the place and that includes myself now.

I call Vivere Hotel, the Queen Hotel of Southern Metro Manila.It is character, class and sophistication.

the elegant lobby of Vivere Hotel Alabang

I am very happy to have added Vivere Hotel among the best hotels in Metro Manila that we have tried.

MARRIOTT MANILA -- #1 in Pasay

Monday, October 28, 2013

VIVERE SPA is the New #2 in my Best Massage List

It's one massage experience that would certainly land in my #2 list when it comes to the massage treatment itself. My #1 would still be Aum Spa in Crimson Mactan. Ahavia Spa would have to move to #3 and Luljettas Hanging Garden Spa to #4 although I would still rank Luljettas 2nd when it comes to the overall experience.

I am talking about VIVERE SPA at Vivere Hotel Filinvest Alabang.

VIVERE SPA at Vivere Hotel Filinvest Alabang

Sunday, October 27, 2013

THE NEST: Dining in the Sky at Vivere Hotel

There are only a few sky restaurants in Metro Manila, more so, one that offers round-the-clock dining.The NEST is one of them.Located at the 31st floor of Vivere Hotel Filinvest City Alabang, this restaurant offers a wide-range of food and drinks coupled with a really nice view of Filinvest City, Laguna de Bay, and on a clear day, the skyline of Metro Manila.

The NEST , with its tagline, "Dining in the Sky" is open to in-house and non in-house guests of the hotel.

the NEST_@VivereHotel Alabang
THE NEST Sky Restaurant at Vivere Hotel 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Crab Meat Curry at KOOKIE RESTAURANT Coron

After the disappointing lunch , we were extra careful in picking the place to eat for dinner. Coron had to prove to us that there is more to this place than one that pleases the eyes. Earlier that day, Teresa and Rupert saw a big FOOD sign near the public market and that's where they led us. Turns out to be another carenderya, smaller than Centro Coron. We didn't want to take the risk. Gladly, Tripadvisor was there for a little help, with a few clicks on my smartphone, we found a few dining suggestions with KOOKIE RESTAURANT being the nearest in the vicinity. Near actually means literally in front of us as the resto is located just across the plaza where we were standing.

Crab Meat Curry at KOOKIE RESTAURANT Coron

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mt.TAPYAS and MAQUINIT HOT SPRING on a rainy 1st day in Coron

It was one of those trips I was excited but hesitant to take.There was an approaching storm in Luzon ---a record 4th consecutive Chuseok vacation with a storm about to hit the Philippines---so I was really worried.The concern was that planes to Coron are small as the airport in Busuanga can't even accommodate Airbus A320's. Say hello to a shaky ride. And it was as I expected, which made me very uncomfortable throughout the flight especially during takeoff and landing.

All gloomy when we landed.There's nothing to do at the airport so we just picked our bags and got out as quickly as possible.There are many passenger vans parked in front of the arrival area.We informed one of the drivers of our accommodation and we were off to go. Fare is 150 per person.The ride was faster than I thought, it too us only 30 minutes.It started to rain a few minutes after we set off so the Grand Entrance that I was hoping didn't happen. Sayang, gusto konpamandin pagdating palang sa isang bagong lugar "Wow Philippines" na kagad.

CORON ISLAND (backdrop) from Mt. Tapyas
traveled with Julius of http://lakwastserongtsnelas.blogspot.com/ for the 1st time

Monday, October 21, 2013

PATRICK & TEZZ GUESTHOUSE Coron: The Best $10 you"ll ever spend

This is where we stayed for two nights in Coron Palawan.The main consideration was of course the price.At roughly $10 per room per night, what more can you ask for. Coron is to be enjoyed with island hopping which means you are out in islands most of the time. We did so for two consecutive days so PATRICK & TEZZ GUESTHOUSE was definitely the practical way to go.

The guesthouse is located in Coastal Road Barangay 5, lower Bancuang area which is mainly residential. The place is near the sea characterized by elevated houses occupying the shoreline.That means, water will almost touch the base of houses during high tide. Patrick & Tezz Guesthouse is made of native materials ---wood, sawali etc. This keeps the temperature inside the inn cool.This is important as all their rooms are non-airconditioned. I noticed that the wooden floor has spaces in between so air from under could circulate inside the house.Be careful about your things though, if you drop them, they might end up in the sea.haha!
PATRICK & TEZZ_GUesthouse_Coron

CORON ECOLODGE: for budget conscious travelers who don't want to compromise quality

It is a budget accommodation that you can easily mistake for an expensive hotel because of its upgraded facilities.

Coron is well known for backpacking but the kind of tourists that are discovering Coron lately has diversified.People see the fact that the main activity here is island hopping (which means you are out exploring the lakes, beaches and dive spots most of the day) so people are still keen on keeping it on the low-end of the budget when it comes to accommodation.The entry of Coron Ecolodge in the ever competitive Coron hospitality sector is a welcome thing therefore for budget conscious travelers who still value quality.



McDonalds in Boracay?Yes, there is already one and it certainly raised eyebrows of many.Say, what is a fast food chain doing in a prime beach destination? What's wrong with that? I like it when a place offers something for everybody.

For pizza and pasta lovers though, there's no contest ---

I was here in two occasions with January 2013 the latest and I highly recommend the place.

pasta and pizza galore at DON VITO RISTORANTE ITALIANO Boracay

Sunday, October 20, 2013

VISIT MALAYSIA 2014 launched

I have been to a few Southeast Asia countries ---Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia ---but for some weird reasons, Malaysia has been my favorite among all of them.

Each country offers unique experiences I know but Malaysia got my heart.Perhaps because I have been to the country twice so I feel more familiar and at ease with the place.Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Penang.I love em all. It is no secret that Malaysia is the "heavyweight" when it comes to foreign arrivals. Other than the attractions and the diversity of food and culture, I think the advantage of Malayisa is its good infrastructure.Tourism after all equals accessibility. Not so many hassles on moving here and there.No time wasted on travels so that you can focus on enjoying the essentials---cultural immersion, food hunts, shopping, sight seeing.Malaysia has all it takes to deserve a visit.

And Tourism Malaysia along with related entities work amazingly in sync.They are very aggressive in their campaigns and promotions also banking on the importance of the Philippine market in their tourism drive.As such, they have recently launched the VISIT MALAYSIA 2014 Campaign at Solaire Resorts Manila on Oct.3,2013

 The event was vibrant, exciting, and fascinating. Very true to the feel that you get when you visit Malaysia.

cultural performers at the VISIT MALAYSIA 2014 Campaign Launch

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Located on the western fringes of Tenerife, Guia de Isora is a slice of holiday heaven that's worlds away from the hectic merry-go-round of life on the south coast.

A trip to Guia de Isora is like hitting the 'refresh' button. Unlike the tourist hotspots of Playa de las Americas or Los Cristianos, here you'll find a laid-back way of life that's pretty much as close to the real Canary Island lifestyle as you can get. Sure, if you want a seriously authentic Canarian escape, you can head inland and hole up in a village in the back of beyond. But in Guia de Isora, you'll get the rare treat of enjoying the local lifestyle with a few welcome 'extras' thrown in that are geared up for tourists, like smart hotels and first-class beaches.

Guía de Isora (21-01-12)

Monday, October 14, 2013

CONTEST ALERT: Win one (1) newKUBE mp3 player worth 1,599php

It's Small, Stylish, Powerful. It's the newKUBE mp3 player and I couldn't believe it until I got one. It's the world's smallest mp3 player with a unique shape and I was amazed at how such a small device could deliver such BIG and Rich sound!

You too can experience what I am saying coz I am giving away one (1) newKUBE mp3 player worth 1,599php. Here's your chance to have one!

Win one (1) newKUBE mp3 player worth 1,599php

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Imagine being stuck in an airport terminal for more than three hours.It could be hellish of you don't bring with you your survival kits. With that, I mean, your smartphone, portable game console or mp3 player. I am one of the worst person you can find when it comes to fighting off dull moments during travels. Yes, experienced the ground traffic congestion delays at NAIA3 on my last trip and I almost killed myself of boredom.

I am usually okay as long as I have my smartphone.But you know smartphones, they easily run out of battery and mines no exemption especially because I also use it for listening to my favorite mp3 music.

Then came newKUBE. This small yet amazing mp3 player could playback up to 7 hours of mp3 songs. It's what I need for those dull moments during travel.I therefore call it, a travel essential.
my TRAVEL ESSENTIAL: newKUBE mp3 player

Friday, October 11, 2013

WHERE TO EAT IN CEBU CITY: LARSIAN ihaw-ihaw + Brownie Cup at LA MAREA + CASA VERDE Baby Back Ribs

Your first visit in Cebu will not be complete without paying a visit to the famous "ihawan" (grilled food on stick) of Larsian along Fuente Osmena Circle. The place is very famous to both locals and tourists because of its delicious but cheap food on stick varying from seafood to hotdog as well as pork and chicken barbeque.

So we did last 2008 and what I remember beyond how the food taste like is how hot, crowded and full of smoke the place was. Such is the ambiance and though it adds to the overall appeal of Larsian, I knew it could get improve.

Fast forward 2013 and I was back in Lasian--- alone.I noticed that this time, it's more airy, spacious and bright.Nice! Dati halos di ka na makahinga sa usok.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

FREEDIVING at Kontiki Dive Resort Mactan

I was in Cebu again last June as a hotel invited me over to have them.featured.Never in my wildest imagination that I would also try something close to scuba diving which I consider one of my dreaded activity. Well, not that close but one that I consider dreaded just the same---freediving.

Sounds so simple ayt? Yeah right.But I panick when I see deep, dark undersea cliffs. Pakiramdam ko lalamunin ako ng dagat.

Doi of www.travellingfeet.com is a freediving enthusiast who is so much into the discipline lately. I have travelled with Doi in Capones-Nagsasa-Anawangin way back 2011 and I have grown comfortable with her eversince.Our meeting in Cebu was our long delayed reunion despite me going back and forth in this Central Visayan city in the past few years.Lagi kasi syang wala.

FREEDIVING at Kontiki Dive Resort Mactan
photo by Doi Domasian

Monday, October 7, 2013

THE MIND MUSEUM is the Museum of All Science Museums in the Philippines

I silently cheered when I heard of The MIND MUSEUM even prior to its construction.More than one year after it officially opened to the public though, I haven't visited the place until two weeks ago.Shame! Still, better late than never.For those who haven't also had the chance to try it, here's what's inside undoubtedly the museum of all science museums in the Philippines.

The Mind Museum is the first world-class science museum in the Philippines. It is a P1 billion project built purely from private donations through the non-profit Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. It is dedicated to providing an extraordinary educational experience that promotes and inspires the public understanding of science.

inside the Mind Museum Taguig

Sunday, October 6, 2013

DA VINCI THE GENIUS: An Exhibit at The Mind Museum

Just in case you haven't been to The Mind Museum Taguig lately, there is an ongoing exhibition that I am sure will interest you.

We all know Leonardo Da Vinci for his painting "MONA LISA" but there is more to the man than his art.He was also an architect, a civil engineer, a military weapons designer,a scientist and even a party organizer by avocation. There was so much of the man that made him so ahead of his generation. And his legacy lives hundreds of years after his death.

Thus a special section of the Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City Taguig has been holding an exhibit  dubbed DA VINCI THE GENIUS which started September 1 and will run until November 30, 2013.

Da VINCI_at_Mind Museum Taguig
DA VINCI THE GENIUS at the Mind Museum

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

HOLIDAY INN & SUITES Makati takes the "family friendly" hotel concept to a higher level

Hotels in Metro Manila can always claim they are "family friendly" but if one says "your child eats free if accompanied by adults", that for me translates to taking the meaning of "family friendly" to a different level. HOLIDAY INN &SUITES Makati is exactly that.It is not just kids friendly, it truly is family friendly.

I together with our adopted daughter Angel finally did it again in a perfect place.Holiday Inn got it right when it opened a new location right at the heart of the country's largest central business which is also undoubtedly the shopping capital of the Philippines.
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