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Monday, February 24, 2014

#CRUMPLER Convenient Disgrace: Functional, Fashionable camera strap

I finally got a dslr upgrade. Well, my Nikon d3000 finally gave up on me (at least the battery) after three long years of being my travel buddy. Instead of buying a new battery which costs more than 2,000 pesos, I thought it would be better to upgrade to higher, better body. Nikon d7000 it is!

And what could be better than having a new camera and a new camera strap.

I have been looking around for a strap that is durable enough to stand heavy duty use since I travel a lot and at the same time, one that is fashionable. A combination of function and porma, Crunpler Convenient Disgrace was the perfect fit.
CRUMPLER Convenient Disgrace


Have you made up your mind where to travel this year? Well, you have to make the decision quick because Air Asia Philippines is having RED HOT PISO SALE! Yes, it time to book those flights.

P1 Base Fare Sale!
AirAsia Zest is making it easy and affordable 
#RedHotPiso. Go to www.airasia.com now!

Fly with AirAsia Zest’s, low fares to/from Manila, Cebu, Boracay (Kalibo), Puerto Princesa,Tacloban, Bohol (Tagbilaran) from as low as P537 all-in fare and Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Miri, Macau, Shanghai and Incheon from as low as P461 – everything’s all-in!

Booking Period: Feb 24-March 2,2014
Travel Period: 01 October 2014 till 30 April 2015


Sunday, February 23, 2014

WIJILAN GUDEG: Nasi Gudeg Komplit Special Bu Lies

DID YOU KNOW? Yogyakarta until this day is ruled by a sultan. Cool ayt?

And there is a food made for royalty, fit for royalty--- they call it GUDEG.
It is no surprise therefore that it is the most popular dish in Yogyakarta. It can be found in every place in city. Actually, Yogyakarta is sometimes referred to as Kota Gudeg or City of Gudeg. Don't be surprised therefore if I keep talking about this food in my Jogjakarta series.

Gudeg is made from young jack fruit boiled for several hours with palm sugar and coconut milk. Additional spices include garlic, shallot, candlenut, coriander seed, galangal, bay leaves and teak leaves.  It is also called Green Jack Fruit Sweet Stew. Gudeg is usually served with white rice (nasi gudeg), chicken, hard-boiled egg, and tofu.

There are two kinds of Gudeg. Wet and dry gudeg and there are variations in taste depending on where you are in Java. They also sell it in Solo (more watery with lots of coconut milk) and East Java (more spicy).Yogyakarta-style is sweet. Family friendly. haha!

Gudeg Restaurants in Wijilan Yogyakarta

EDU HOSTEL Yogyakarta is about Comfort and Space

I have known about the place because a few travel bloggers from the Philippines have already stayed here. The perk of being one of them. And so this is where we stayed for two nights during the entire duration of our Yogyakarta trip and with a hotel this good and value, I can stay here for a week without even thinking of looking anywhere else.
EDU HOSTEL Yogyakarta

Thursday, February 20, 2014

#PRAMBANAN2014: Free Museum, Souvenirs, Nasi Gudeg and the Notorious Becak Ride

You cannot just look around the temple and that's it. I mean, there has to be something else than sightseeing right? Buying souvenirs perhaps or trying some of the food offered in the place? At Prambanan Temple Complex, you will most likely do more than that. For one, the exit (like in Borobudur) is made in such that tourists have no choice but to go through a maze of shops and food stalls which will tempt you to buy and eat.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Postcard Perfect PRAMBANAN TEMPLE in Yogyakarta

I got a few feedback from some travel bloggers that they visited Borobudor first before going to Prambanan Temple and they got bored with the latter. I always want to make sure that we save the best for last in our tours so we headed straight Prambanan Temple from Yogjakarta Airport. despite the lack of sleep. Imagine, 4 hours flight from Manila, 6 hours waiting at the airport, 1 hour flight to Yogyakarta, 30 minutes bus to Prambanan and barely 40 minutes of sleep along the way.

But it was all good. For one, I was very thankful for the sunny weather. Remember that January marks the full swing of rainy season in Indonesia and we heard of massive flooding in many parts of the country a week before we came. The universe was kind to us. I imagined we will be going around temples in raincoat. It didn't happen. Thank God!

Prambanan Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is probably the most famous Hindu Temple in all of Indonesia. The place is old. And when I say old, I mean construction dating back 9th or 10th century. This temple is hundreds of years older than Angkor Wat. Wow. Just wow!


Foreign Tourists

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Taxi to PRAMBANAN? No, do-it-yourself via TransJogja

The flight from Jakarta to Jogjakarta was quick and comfy. It was stripped of any turbulence which I dread. Still gloomy when we took off but a flicker of sunlight manifested itself halfway during the flight. An hour later and we were in the land of Prambanan and Borobudor and it was sunny!

We immediately ran into a money changer and exchanged a few dollars enough to cover our transportation to Prambanan and for a simple meal. Yogyakarta Adisucipto International Airport is in between downtown Yogyakarta and Prambanan so if you are going here by air, I suggest you go straight to Prambanan before going to your hotel downtown.
Hello Jogjakarta!
At  Yogyakarta Adisucipto International Airport

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Free Shuttle from SOEKARNO HATTA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT terminal 2 to terminal 1

I am officially starting my Indonesia Series with one funny account.

We left Manila 9pm and arrived In Jakarta five minutes before midnight. There is an hour difference between Manila and Jakarta with the former being one hour ahead, meaning, the flight took almost four hours. I usually research 75% of essential information for peace of mind and leave 25% to chance so as to leave a little challenge and excitement. One of those I didn't research is how to transfer from the terminal 2 (International) to terminal 1 (domestic).

What You Need to Know:

Terminal 2 (International) is very near Terminal 1 (domestic) .I reckon they are only 3 kilometers apart. Given the winding road though, it would be around 4 kms. That's still short distance but the taxi wanted to charge us 150,000 Rp (50,000 Rp each). Gad! We only paid 110,000 Rupiah from Central Jakarta to the airport on our flight back to Manila. Rip off! We gladly declined.

Monday, February 10, 2014

I am Giving Away My #AIRASIAPhilippines Domestic Return Tickets to One Lucky Reader


Any travel plans for February?
I can fly with AirAsia to any domestic destination at least once a month but since I am not in the mood to go anywhere this February,  I am giving it away to one lucky reader. Yes, I AM GIVING AWAY One (1) Round Trip Ticket to any #AirAsiaPhilippines Domestic Destination!

CONTEST PERIOD: 12:01 AM Feb. 14, - 12:01 AM Feb. 17 (Monday)



Very Simple Ways to JOIN:
Follow AirAsia twitter account: @AirAsiaPH
LIKE AirAsia Philippines on Facebook: @AirAsiaPhilippines
Follow Pusangkalye.net on Twitter: @pusangkalye22
LIKE Pusangkalye.net on Facebook: @pusangkalyenet
TWEET: I wanna Win One (1) Round Trip Ticket to any #AirAsiaPhilippines Domestic Destination via @AirAsiaPH and @pusangkalye22

I am sorry if I can only giveaway one (1) RT tickets instead of two. Here's the trick, win this one and you can start asking your friends who's flying Air Asia Zest and tag along with them. At least you can travel anytime within Feb. 24-28,2014. You can also give it to a friend or loved one as a gift. Better make them join too. Sounds like a plan right?

for the Giveaway:

- (1) DOMESTIC round trip ticket for ONE person only.
- Validity of ticket is Feb. 24-28 ONLY
- Winner will be shouldering the terminal fee (Php 550 from Manila). 
- Winner will be picked electronically via Rafflecopter.com
- For the claiming of the tickets, processing will be done from AirAsia's end.

Two URBANEARS HEADPHONES for the Price of One! #UrbanearsPerfectPair

"Your head is too big and the earphones are too small", such were the remarks of my wife referring to my new Urbanears #Humlan Headphone. But this is one music companion I would love to bring in my trips and whenever I go out. It's compact so it doesn't take too much space in your bag. It delivers quality big sound which is very important and it grips your head such that it doesn't hurt. The earphones comfortably hugs your ears, a welcome alternatives to earplugs which could hurt when used overtime. Comes in trendy colors too which is very appealing to the young and hip segment of the market.

Good thing I have the black one coz if it were orange or green, my wife would have snatched it away from me from first sight. I guess that's what he wanted to achieve when she said it doesn't suit me well. She simply wants to have it for herself. Haha!

Urbanears Humlan

Humlan is a brand new concept in headphones from Urbanears. Just like your favorite T-shirt, Humlan’s headband and ear cushions can be removed and thrown in with the wash. Because Humlan belongs to the Urbanears family, it also comes with some handy features like the Zound Plug for instant music sharing, and a microphone and remote for picking up calls and hands-free talking.
Urbanears Humlan

Sunday, February 9, 2014

MARCO POLO: The Untold Love Story, A New Musical photos + review

"Try not to sleep" , one of my students bid when I told her I will be watching a musical over the weekend, alone. How could I? I don't watch musicals often but this one thankfully was good I couldn't afford to doze off. It's not the standing ovation type but I really enjoyed it. I guess a little prior knowledge to Marco Polo has helped and the traveller that he was certainly aroused my attention since the beginning. But this is not the usual Marco Polo story you get to hear often, it is the Untold Love Story. MARCO POLO: The Untold Love Story, A New Musical.

Sure, the songs were new to me and therefore not the Les Mesirables type that you would go LSS for so it was a bit draggy at first. The first part (before the 15-minute interval) was a bit boring but the second half more than made up for it. There were also a few weak performances on the part of secondary characters. Good thing the two main roles were so good the play became rather compelling. A few minor sound malfunctions and mispronunciations as well but all could be forgiven. Anything can happen in live stage. Overall, the show was nice and thanks to all the people behind for coming up with such production for the domestic crowd.
MARCO POLO: The Untold Love Story, A New Musical

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Last time, I outlined how you can maximize a 4D/3N stay in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with a day tour to Melaka which is two hours South of the capital. Now, I am showing you a travel guide for Kuala Lumpur + Penang which you can also do for the same number of days.

The last post includes my itinerary when I went there with other bloggers. This one is when I returned two months later, this time with my wife. Since I have been to some key attraction in Kuala Lumpur, I had to make my wife agree on a deal that we are going to skip some of the places I have already been to so that we can both try new ones. Still, the key attractions in Kuala Lumpur like Petronas Towers, Jalan Alor and Batu Caves couldn't be avoided. They are a must for first-timers like my wife.

The highlight of course was taking the 6-hour bus ride to Penang North of the capital.


3D/4N Kuala Lumpur + Penang

DAY 1: Thursday
7:40pm --ETD Manila-KL
11:55pm --ETA --Kuala Lumpur

Monday, February 3, 2014

Old DFA PASSPORTS to be Phased Out by 2015

One of the most searched blog post I have is that of DFA PASSPORT RENEWAL. That said, I get a lot of queries about it, some of the questions I couldn't answer anymore. Hindi po ako nagta-trabaho sa DFA kaya diko masagot yung mga complicated scenarios.lol

One of the latest inquiry I got was about the plan to phase out old machine readable passports by 2015 so as only the e-passport will be accepted.

This is the statement from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

"Filipinos holding machine readable passports, or those with green or maroon covers, meanwhile will no longer be allowed to apply for validity extension beyond October 31, 2014.They must instead apply for a new e-Passport (dark maroon) as soon as possible before the expiry of their current MRRP (green) or MRP (maroon) passports," the statement said.

"Those who fail to do so will likely encounter difficulty at immigration checks when traveling through any ports of entry around the world after October 2015." 

Philippine e-passports
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