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Monday, May 30, 2016

Safe and Interesting Tours in Ukraine

What you have heard about Ukraine, if any, might be quite polarizing. Some say it is dangerous, others say it is safe, welcoming, and beautiful. Some associate Ukraine with beautiful women, while others think only about the Chernobyl disaster and the Euromaidan Revolution of 2014. So, what is going on there nowadays and is it save to travel to Ukraine?

Regardless of what you hear or read in the recent news, people do not shoot each other on the streets. The country lives its intense life in big cities, like Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, and Odesa. People dine in numerous restaurants, visit concerts, organize festivals, have a drink or two with their friends, and start small businesses. At the same time, small cities enjoy their somewhat moderate lifestyle, adults go to work, children go to school. And on weekends, the young and the older all over the country enjoy going to the nearest river or lake to have a barbecue and enjoy the nature.

If you have never been to Ukraine, you have missed out on a hoard of unique experiences. And here are some of them.


Ukrainian Food

Somewhat strange, but delicious cuisine with different types of varenyky, dumplings stuffed with meat or mashed potatoes, traditional borsch, nutritious beetroot soup usually served with sour cream and pampushky, Ukrainian garlic bread. Moreover, every region has its specialties: different homemade cheese in the Carpathian mountains, local wine in the Transcarpathian region, coffee in Lviv etc. Andthesame,dishes really differs from East to West. The restaurants serve good quality food for relatively cheap prices (as to compare to restaurants in Europe and the US). Therefore, gastronomic tours in Ukraine might be a nice option to get acquainted with the country


Ukrainian Beauty

No matter what time of the year you decide to come to Ukraine, make sure you have your camera at hand, as you would want to capture every other building in Kyiv, every church in Chernihiv not to mention stunning cathedrals in Lviv. You will be fascinated by the Carpathian mountains, which become a popular skiing resort in winter and a perfect hiking destination in summer. In early spring, the mountain valleys are covered lavishly with purple crocuses. Go on excursions in Ukraine to see numerous castles all over the country. By the way, Ukraine boasts the most beautiful women in the world.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

“Wow! TAIWAN SELECTS” Pop-Up Store in Glorietta 1 from May 23-29!

Taiwan has always been in my bucket list. I was supposed to fly to Taipei December of 2014 but I had to cancel the trip due to personal reasons. I have been longing to experience Taiwan since so when I was invited for this event, I thought this is my chance to get a taste of Taiwan so as to know what to expect when I finally visit the country.

I am referring to the week-long exhibition from May 23-29 dubbed Wow! TAIWAN Select Pop-up Store in Glorietta 1 Makati.

15 Popular Taiwanese Brands are on display with freebies and demos so guests could get a taste of Taiwan's best.

The Pop-up store features delicacies, cosmetics, fashion, technology and modern household goods catering to the young and hip Filipino market. The store exudes party-like vibe that Filipino families will surely enjoy.

Josh Kang, the Director of the Global Marketing and Consulting Division of Marketing Research of Wow Taiwan Selects said "we are convinced about the strong market potential of the country, (Philippines) and that's why we decided on a store theme that grabs the attention of young Filipinos."

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Things to Note on your First-time Visitors to Dubai

Although Dubai is considered to be a symbol of a sheer luxury, there is always a possibility to spend a pleasant pastime even with a limited budget. For example, one can walk through Deira and visit the Gold Souk and Spice Souk, take a look to beauty of Bur Dubai and sit in one of the numerous mall cafes that offer delicious plain food for tourists and locals. Dubai is a great place for children – it is safe, clean and full of entertainment. Also it is a great opportunity to shoulder-deep in the atmosphere that completely differs from our life and learn a lot about new culture.

Here are some tips that will make your life easier if you come to UAE for the first time:

The weekends here are Friday and Saturday ad Friday is the busiest day at large shopping malls.

Taxi here is very cheap, but take into consideration that not many taxi drivers (except those from kiwitaxi.com) know the city well, so always give references to big landmarks.

Official map of the city is not that great, so think about good map beforehand, or find the one called Dubai Mini Map published by Explore.

Bus tours are rather expensive so it is better to use taxi or walk.

Mystic Dubai
Photo Credits >>>danielcheong

Photo Credits >>>PULLKATT
Dubai Palms
Photo Credits >>> Achim

Here many people speak English very well, so there is no worry, he that has a tongue in his head may find his way anywhere

Despite all advantages and pleasures proposed by the capital of UAE, there are things to know and follow if you do not want to come a howler:

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Arctic Expedition Activities

A lot of Arctic Expeditions include great daily outdoor activities. These adventure options mean that you have to be ready both physical and mentally. The climate conditions are harsh, so any game, any competition, any activity becomes extreme on its own. And now I want present you with a short list of standard Arctic cruise activities that you can find almost in every cruise company.

Kayaking in the Arctic is one of the most intimate and inspiring ways you can explore the rugged coastlines and calm bays of the regions we visit. Kayaking is highly weather-dependent. This activity requires paying increased attention. All equipment, guides and instructions are provided by Cruise Company.

credits to the photo owner

Rafting is a river excursion. As an example, The Cunningham River is swift-flowing, crystal-clear water with no difficult sections or rapids. Guests are given a hands-on introduction to rafting prior to departing, and no previous experience is required.

Walk atop fresh white snow and visit places that are otherwise inaccessible by foot using special equipment called snowshoes! Snowshoeing is offered almost in every voyage at the beginning of the Arctic season. Spaces are limited and all equipment, guides and instructions are provided by Cruise Company.

credits to the photo owner
Hiking is a good way to appreciate the immense windswept landscapes of the Arctic. The tundra comes alive during the brief Arctic summer with bursts of color from shrubs and plants that somehow survive in this Polar environment. Each hike is different — exploring communities, shorelines or glaciated landscapes, often on the lookout for wildlife. Hiking participation is optional and your Expedition Team will give you a good advice on what you can expect prior to each excursion.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

BIRI NORTHERN SAMAR TRAVEL GUIDE: Of Giant Rock Formations Resisting the Wrath of the Pacific Ocean

Biri Island in Northern Samar and its famous Rock Formations reminds me of The Lord of the Rings movie. That scene when the Fellowship of the Rings members had to navigate through the river to escape the pursuit of the evil hunting them and two giant statues of kings by the waterfalls were shown with their hands raised forward as if warning bad elements to stay out. That scene which gives one goosebumps because of the symbolism magnified by to the grand statues.


Back to reality and imagine six giant rocks almost equally apart from each other, majestic in thier formations, at the Northern front of Biri Island as if citadels placed there to break the brute waves of the Pacific Ocean before they hit the main island of Biri. This is nature vs nature at its finest. A display of how nature protects itself from the same forces that shapes it.

Biri Rocks Formations in Samar is to Kapurpurawan Rock Formations in Ilocos Norte. The latter is known for it's white rocks while that of Biri are rather dark as if volcanic in nature. Between the two, Biri is the standout when it comes to grandeur. Its rock formations are giants.

Itinerary: Day 1

Monday, May 2, 2016

INDONESIA TRAVEL GUIDE: Jakarta-Yogyakarta in 6 Days. What to Eat, Where to Stay + Itinerary

Here is a the travel summary of our trip to Indonesia in 2014. We only got to go to Jakarta and Jogjakarta in the island of Java, only a preview of this vast country but we definitely had a taste of what this beautiful country can offer.  Indonesia offers a unique take on what island life means. The culture, the food, the people, Indonesia is so diverse and more unique than I expected.

6 days 5 nights, that's all we had to explore this beautiful country. Our trip focused on two cities, Jakarta and Jogjakarta.


Day 1: 
8:55 pm ETD Manila
11:45 pm ETA Jakarta
6:00 am -connecting flight to Yogyakarta via LionAir.

Soekarno–Hatta International Airport is the primary airport serving the Greater Jakarta area approximately 20 km northwest of central Jakarta. It is one of the busiest airports in the world serving 62 million passengers in 2014. There are currently two (2) terminals with terminal 1 for domestic flights and terminal 2 for international flight. There are free shuttles connecting the two terminal but make sure you check the schedule especially if you are arriving late night or early morning.
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