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LOVI POE bath robe photos

My wife and I watched Zombadings last weekend.We thought we wanted a good laugh so we opted to see the Indie film.We were not disappointed. There are some poor characterizations and lapses in the story but forgivable for a low budget Indie movie. I didn't even bother to over analyze during the experience as I didn't want to defeat my purpose of simply having a dose of good laughter.The movie is fun and definitely worth the penny. My point is, you should watch it. "I am glad to see a lot of local movies in theaters these days". Only shows how healthy our movie industry is.

Speaking of which, there are many more films that I am excited to watch like THELMA by Maja Salvador (which I regret not attending the press and of coarse, the most controversial movie of the year which I have been waiting for---MY NEIGHBORS WIFE where Lovi Poe plays one of the main characters.

Here are some of the photos of Lovi Poe in bath robe I took during one of their taping..........
Lovi_poe bath robe
Lovi Poe in bath robe
Lovi POE and Pusangkalye
me and Lovi Poe
There are many reasons why I want to see this movie. The fact that I was invited in one of their out of town shoot was a big factor. I didn't only get to understand what the movie is all about (which touches one of my favorite topics---infidelity.hahaha ) but I also got to know the characters of the movie up close and personal. We were granted individual interviews with Jake Cuenca, Dennis Trillo, Carla Abellana and Lovie Poe which intensified my desire to see how they will give justice to their respective roles in the movie.
LOVI POE_flying kiss 
On a personal note, I really like Lovi Poe off cam. She's very friendly. I know she was very tired that day but she managed to be patient with us. She is nice, I think it's not because she tried to be nice but because she's innately nice.She answered our questions in an honest and casual manner. No pretensions. You can tell that she really enjoys what she is doing. She was very lively in the set and was all smiles in-between takes. Best of all, when we attended the last taping in Resorts World a few weeks ago, she recognized me and even made beso. When she left the set, she gave me and my blogger companions flying kiss!!!

Back in Subic, all our media colleagues had beso-beso with her when we bid goodbye but since I just finished smoking that time, I decided to just give her flying kiss. I don't know if she remembered and so the gesture in Resorts World but that act really warmed my heart. I love you Lovi!!! I wish for the success of you latest movie project!!

MY NEIGHBORS WIFE opens in cinemas Septmebr 14, 2011. :


  1. Nice pics Anton!

    One comment lang, parang ang taas ng pusod ni Guy #1.

    At may question din, bakit wala kang shirtless pic with Lovi?

    Hihihi! :)

  2. kala ko kung sinong hunk ung nasa huling photo na kasama ni lovi. kaw pala! ortistahin!!! lol

  3. Meant maging artista si Lovi, Kamukha niya ang tatay niya. His dad's legacy lives on.

  4. *flying kiss* din sa kanya. hehe

  5. nagulat ako sa last pic kasama ka ni lovi heheheh.... :D
    ikaw na talaga tonio hehehe :D

  6. love the flying kiss hehe

    Biboy Fotograpiya

  7. Wahihihihih,, pinagbigyan mo na ako sa wakas sa mga pic ni Lovi Poe, pero bakit walang pic na naka-two-piece?!?!?! Aheyreet!!

    LOL. Kabog mo lahat kuya Anton iyong mga shirtless na lalake iyon, ikaw na ang artistahin, ikaw na ang peymus! :D

  8. onenamedjuan@gmail.comSeptember 9, 2011 at 3:01 PM

    anton, can i use your pictures of lovi in my future slideshow. i'll acknowledge you naman and send you a copy if it's okay with you. thanks man. i think the photos are great!

  9., go ahead. basta dont forget the credits ha.hehehe

  10. Dahil dito magseseryoso na uli ako sa pagba-blog

  11. you know what, tama ka... ambait nga ni lovi... it was nice to see her there :)

  12. Wow, ang saya naman at nakapunta ka sa set. ;)
    finollow na nga pala kita.


  13. surprising po yung last photo ba yun?

  14. Maganda yung movie Anton! Watch it! Gusto ko ngang mag-round 2 eh hehe

    btw, i accidentally deleted the photos i took na hindi pa naupload. tsktsk

    Please visit thanks!


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