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Monday, May 2, 2016

INDONESIA TRAVEL GUIDE: Jakarta-Yogyakarta in 6 Days. What to Eat, Where to Stay + Itinerary

Here is a the travel summary of our trip to Indonesia in 2014. We only got to go to Jakarta and Jogjakarta in the island of Java, only a preview of this vast country but we definitely had a taste of what this beautiful country can offer.  Indonesia offers a unique take on what island life means. The culture, the food, the people, Indonesia is so diverse and more unique than I expected.

6 days 5 nights, that's all we had to explore this beautiful country. Our trip focused on two cities, Jakarta and Jogjakarta.


Day 1: 
8:55 pm ETD Manila
11:45 pm ETA Jakarta
6:00 am -connecting flight to Yogyakarta via LionAir.

Soekarno–Hatta International Airport is the primary airport serving the Greater Jakarta area approximately 20 km northwest of central Jakarta. It is one of the busiest airports in the world serving 62 million passengers in 2014. There are currently two (2) terminals with terminal 1 for domestic flights and terminal 2 for international flight. There are free shuttles connecting the two terminal but make sure you check the schedule especially if you are arriving late night or early morning.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

10 ATTRACTIONS in Bandung Indonesia I am Dying to See and Experience #BandungTravel

Indonesia as a whole is not yet that popular to Filipino tourists but the trend is changing. With more and more cheap flights to and from the capital Jakarta and other key tourists destinations like Bali, Filipinos are discovering that Indonesia offers a unique take on what island experience means. Imagine 13,00++ islands to choose from, that's a lot. The culture, the food, the people, Indonesia is so diverse and more unique than I expected.

Other than Bali and Yogyakarta, another tourist destination star in Bandung in West Java Province. In our recent trip to Indonesia, Bandung was supposed to be on our itinerary as I have a cousin who works there. But we dropped Bandung due to limited time. I think I was under-researched at that time, I thought Bandung is only about the Volcano tourists flock to. I was wrong. Should I have known better, we would have opted for Bandung instead of Jakarta which we enjoyed so much but I thought is so Manila-ish.

I am a budget-conscious traveler so other than the attractions I also put major consideration on affordability of accommodation. I found a couple of artsy and unique hotels in Bandung that are affordable like Estevie G Hotel. A night there would cost only around 1,419 pesos for a deluxe room which I find a good deal for a hotel this good. Thanks to easy online hotels booking , Bandung is on top of my list when I return to Indonesia.

Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park Bandung
Photo Credits: http://www.backpackerindonesia.com
Kawah Putih
Kawah Putih
Photo Credits: Ozsadevi Sihombing

Now I am drooling to go back to Indonesia and visit Bandung. Sure Tripadvisor  also listed the 10 Best Attractions in Bandung but the website TripCanvas published the article 32 INCREDIBLE THINGS TO DO IN BANDUNG FOR AN EXTRAORDINARY VACATION that really got me so pumped up.

In that list, here are the 10 Attractions in Bandung that I am dying to see.

1. The Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park
Imagine thousands of pine trees planted on the mountain at the same time. Such delight to see them full grown, majestic, a rare sight in this part of the world. What a beauty. A view I really want to see.

Monday, April 18, 2016

DANIEL WELLINGTON Dapper Sheffield 38 mm Rose Gold Watch: Travel In-Style with #danielwellington

I lost my watch five (5) or so years ago and I have never worn a watch since. It was a tough watch-- water resistant, shock resistant and long battery life but it finally gave up on me after years of being together. I loved it because I could wear it anytime of the day even during shower or swimming in the beach. A backpack traveler like me knew I finally found a perfect travel companion. I guess I was heartbroken, or maybe because smartphones finally became popular at that time that I never thought of having another watch again.

Yes, smartphones and other mobile devices are literally killing a lot of businesses from desktop computers to maps to calculators and even alarm clocks. People don't need anything else anymore. Even watch makers are feeling the brunt. Still, a handful good brands do manage to survive and some new ones are still making names. One classic example is Daniel Wellington (DW). It has been around for quite sometime enjoying strong following overseas and is gaining popularity in the Philippines.

DANIEL WELLINGTON Dapper Sheffield 38 mm (Rose Gold)
Where to Next? This time with DW

After noticing a friend wearing a Daniel Wellington watch, I instantly fell in love with its simple yet elegant design. I checked Daniel Wellington on social media and I was amazed at how the watch could standout in any occasion and place. I thought it's time finally to have another watch. One that is completely different with the one I had years ago, one that matches my change in preference. The desire to travel in-style.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Top 5 Holiday Destinations in Asia

The continent of Asia has recently experienced a travel boom with many travelers planning to visit the region on their next holiday, including these top five destinations.

Currently the world capital of casino gambling, expect to find some of the best casinos here including the worlds largest, the Venetian Macau. The big sister to its Vegas counterpart, the casino is a hotspot for celebrities around the world. The massive 550,000 square foot casino floor offers an extensive selection of table and electronic games but if you don’t fancy going into the big casinos you can always play casino online such as casinoonline.co.nz from your hotel room.


This paradise with sandy shores and sparkling waters has long been a popular honeymoon destination. The secret of Bali is out and it’s now a top holiday destination no matter the occasion. The rugged landscape is appealing to nature lovers and is dotted with ancient temples.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

ANTIPOLO EVENT: Ang Paglikas ng mga Taga-Antipolo Patungong Sitio Colaique

I never heard of this event until this year when I was invited by a good friend . No catchy single word name for the event, instead, a sentence describing what happened way back World War II when the Japanese started bombing Manila and nearby Antipolo thus they call it "Paglikas ng mga Taga-Antipolo Patungong Sitio Colaique".

This is both a religious and historical reenactment of what happened that day when the people of Antipolo took refuge at the hillside of Sitio Colaique now known as Sitio Loreland because it was less exposed topography. They carried with them "Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage" thus the religious aspect to the event. This year marks its 71st anniversary.

Ang Paglikas ng mga taga Antipolo Patungong Sitio Colaique

I think the main reason why many of us haven't heard of Paglikas is because it is one that is low-profile. They have kept the event simple, as simple as mimicking the exodus that happened that day in World War II. More importantly, the successfully resisted commercializing the event and therefore keeping its identity. Keeping it simple and real.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tayo Na Sa CAMPTIPOLO ADVENTURELAND #LorelandResort #Antipolo

Camp Tipolo Adventureland is part of the 12-hectare resort that is Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo City. It one the latest addition to what I call Three Reasons to Visit Loreland, with the main resort one, Luljatta's Hanging Gardens and Spa two and CampTipolo three.So you have Loreland Farm Resort on top of the hill, Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa on the cliff and CampTipolo Adventureland below. Access is via Loreland Resort. We went here during our stay at the resort a few weeks ago to give some to the activities a try.

As the name implies, it is a camp filled with lots of open spaces and obstacle courses for group activities. This could be your ultimate group retreat and Team building venue near Metro Manila.
CampTipolo Adventureland Antipolo Loreland


CAMPTIPOLO is your Ultimate Team Building Venue.
A place to rest, play, have fun and create strong bonds. This is where relationships are built, where one learns the importance of camaraderie, team work, and communication. The camp provides a holistic approach for personality development and offers different team building modules for students, corporate and individuals looking for new heights of adventure and extensive learning.

Camp Tipolo Adventureland offers not only outdoor activities. Fun, learning and excitement combined. Swing like Tarzan in Tarzan Jump or test your balance in Balancing Logs. Be brave in Mud Slide, or reminisce your childhood while playing Mud Crawl.

Camp Tipolo Adventureland
Loreland Farm Resort Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City, Philippines
Phone: +632 570 2532, +632 695 1965
Mobile: +63 917 544 4432; +63 928 627 8897
Email: reservations @bienvenidotours.com

Monday, March 14, 2016

10 Reasons Why LULJETTA'S HANGING GARDENS AND SPA Could Be Your Ultimate Romantic Summer Spa and Wellness Destination

We may be off to a slow start but there is no mistaking that summer is finally here.  Everybody's restless for a summer escape.  While that also means Valentines is be over, the long summer in the Philippines offers a great opportunity to deepen your bond with your romantic partners, even friends and families. And there is a place you can achieve this less than one hour from Manila. Set in the mountain resort of Antipolo with a commanding view of Laguna De Bay and Metro Manila is Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa.

Here are 10 Reasons Why LULJETTAS HANGING GARDENS AND SPA could be your "Ultimate Romantic Summer Wellness and Spa Destination".


1. The "First and Only Hanging Garden and Spa in the Philippines" + Proximity from Metro Manila

And no wonder why this place is well searched. It is not only because it looks beautiful in pictures. It is a lot nicer in person and the experience you get when here is an experience you will cherish for years. It claims to be the "First Hanging Garden and Spa in the Philippines". I never heard of a similar place. Should there be one soon, Luljettas sure has set a very high standard to reckon. It is also unbeatable when it comes to location.

Going Here:
-From Edsa or C5, go straight Ortigas Ave leading to Rizal Province.
-Pass through the rotunda in Tikling, Taytay Rizal and up to Antipolo.
-In Antipolo, turn right past Hamaka Park. Take the road that leads to Teresa Rizal and notice the Provincial Capitol on your left.
-Look for Unciano Hospital on your right and turn right at the corner after the hospital. Follow the signs that will lead you to Loreland Farm Resort.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bakih Noodles and Hot Fresh Tea at BO TAN Bubble Tea and Cafe Makati

We discovered this place during our staycation at Red Planed Hotel Amorsolo. I like Red Planet Amorsolo because it is only a few minutes stroll to the popular shopping and dining place that is Greenbelt but the challenge of staying here is the lack of quality dining options. On a weeknight, there is a great chance of ending up in a fast food chain or burger outlet. Good thing right across the hotel is West of Ayala Condominium, underground that is BO TAN Bubble Tea and Cafe.

The first impression I got when we got here is "are we in the Philippines?". Be transported in a China or Taiwan-like atmosphere, not so much because of the interior but because of the crowd. We were the only locals here on our first visit. Maybe other were also Filipinos but everybody seemed Chinese-looking.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

RED PLANET HOTEL Amorsolo: A Fusion of Five-Star Hotel Amenities and the Chick feel of a Designer Hostel

I wrote separate reviews on Tune Ortigas and Tune Ermita before and I spoke highly of the two. I think the Tune brand in the Philippines is unbeatable in its budget category. Five-star bed, power shower, pay add-ons that you only need to.customize your budget. Now, the Tune we love is rebranded into RED PLANET HOTELS PHILIPPINES retaining all the features we all loved but just got even better with Red Planet Amorsolo (the 2nd Red Planet Hotel in Makati) being the pilot hotel for the pleasant additions they offer. Aside for the ones I mentioned above and tested hospitality, Red Planet bears an image of a high-end hostel. 


By hostel I mean an even warm and hip ambiance that is reflective of the diverse visitors it gets from all over the world. Travelers who are thirsty of adventure and of indulging into the local culture. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

OSMEÑA PEAK: Chocolate Hills-ish, Baguio-ish, Pulag-ish Mountain Range in Dalaguete Cebu

Cebu Province is peculiar to many islands in the Philippines --mountains in the middle and low lying areas in the coastal sections. If you look at the map of Cebu, you will notice that the road system and towns are also along the coast. This topography makes Cebu a wonderland of land formations, mountain rages, waterfalls and beaches. Tried two waterfalls in our Southern Cebu trip last year, Kawasan with its clear waters and Tumalog Falls with it fairy tale-ish feel. And before we headed back to Cebu City, we dropped by another on-the-rise destination in this amazing island province --- Osmeña Peak.

1-GOPR0075 (2)
Osmeña Peak with my friend John Earl ^^

Osmeña Peak is located in the town of Dalaguete which is 2-3 hours away South from Cebu City and 1 hour from Oslob where we had the wonderful experience of swimming with giant Whale Sharks.

Ask how was it possinle for us to go to Kawasan Falls, Oslob, do whale shark watching, visit Tumalog Falls, drop by Osmeña Peak and be back to Cebu City in a day? Thanks to our friend John Earl who has a car and is very careful with his driving, it became possible. But if you are taking public transportation, going to Osmeña Peak is also pretty easy. Just;
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