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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

TINIPAK RIVER Camping Guide #Daraitan #Tanay #Rizal

Summer is in full swing and it's very frustrating to see Facebook feeds of your friends on the beach in skimpy bikinis or swimming trunks while you are stuck at home wishing you could also hashtag #kissedbythesun but you can't because you failed to book any flights. Hashtag #nganga 

But before you throw your tablet on the wall out of frustration, know that you can still have that summer getaway without the need to fly. Sure, many bloggers have written about beaches around Metro Manila. Google mo lang. Also, kung gipit naman talaga sa oras or budget, there are also a few spots where you can camp para masabi naman na dika #summerbokya.hahahahaha.

Tinipak River in Tanay Rizal is one good example. Hope this travel Guide will be of help.

Location: Tanay Rizal approx travel time from MNL : 3.5 hours (incl. short hike)
Group Size: 2 pax or more ( the more the merrier and cheaper)
Approx Budget: 1,000 php/ pax (group of 2 and above)

Tinipak River Daraitan Tanay Rizal


How To Get To Daraitan 

-- Ride Fx in front of Starmall in Shaw.
-- 1.5 hours to Tanay town. Fare, 120 pesos.
-- Grab a tricycle in Tanay town to Daraitan. 500 pesos 1-way. 1.5 hours
-- 30 minute hike to and along the liver to your desired camp site.

The ride from Tanay town proper to Daraitan Tanay is quite long because,
The steep climb from town to Sampaloc.
The after Sampaloc, 70% of the road is rough, as in rough.

Friday, April 10, 2015

CHUB'S DINER Cagayan De Oro: Big Servings, Good Presentation, So so Taste

I think quota nako sa mga diners after a similar dissatisfaction with Bigg's Diner which is homegrown in Naga. If there are similarities with these diners, it would be
1. Hip interior
2. Nice food presentation
3. Looks delicious in pictures
4. So so taste.

It's fast food with a little upgrade.

I hope I am not angering many students with this post because this diner is just across Xavier University Gym and I think it is popular among students as evident in the pictures posted in the restaurant especially with this Chub's Challenge they have going on with the foot-high burger challenge where you get to have it for free if you finish it for 15 minutes, plus, you get a t-shirt too, and bragging rights for the achievement. hahaha

CHUB'S DINER Cagayan De Oro

Monday, April 6, 2015

AMELIE HOTEL MANILA: A Boutique Hotel located in the Old Bohemian District of Malate you will Love

Seeing the area of Malate and Ermita decay a few years back saddened me. But if you visit the place now, you notice businesses flourish again. Pubs, retail spaces and dining spots abound. The night streets are alive again. Add to this, a handful of new hotels have opened in recent years cashing in on the increased tourist arrival in what is the historical core of the Philippine capital.

One of these accommodations is Amelie Hotel--- a boutique hotel with a character that is true to the rich heritage of the city of Manila. A hotel that both backpackers and business travelers will love.

It is located just a few blocks from Robinsons Ermita so it is easy to spot.
The hotel offers 70 rooms designed not just for aesthetics but for utmost convenience.


Intimate, stylish and warm

First, the lobby. Intimate, stylish and warm. One can easily notice the unique furniture that match the modern yet classy vibe of the hotel. The reception area is small but beautifully lit with a touch of simplicity. The receptionists calm, collected and quick on the job. One can also easily notice the local vibe at the lobby elevator entrance with an image of Manila City Hall as well as old colonial buildings incorporated on the wall design. The hallways are clean, carpeted and well lighted.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Idiot's Guide to TANGRAM Silent Events Headphones

I have to admit, I wasn't instantly convinced about this product. TANGRAM Silent Events Headphones what? If you could look into the progression of my thoughts, it went from --- "what the hell is a silent events headphone" to "oh! It looks interesting, let's give it a try" to "nah! I am not so impressed" to "ok, let's give it another go" to "I am starting to love this" to "now I am convinced!" to "My readers have to know about this Tangram Silent Events Headphones!".

I am lucky I was invited to Malasimbo 2015 to have a first hand experience of how the thing works.
First, please read: --What the Hell is #MALASIMBO FESTIVAL?

TANGRAM Silent Events Headphones

Sunday, March 29, 2015

#Tangram SILENT DISCO at Malasimbo Festival 2015 @Tangram_ph

Silent disco. Really? Yes. But wait, by silent I don't mean people imagining music and dancing with only that in their head. That's crazy. By silent I mean you can play your favorite songs and party and still not bother other people. The trick, Silent Events Headphones.

And thanks to Tangram Silent Events Headphones that is now possible in the Philippines.
http://www.tangram.com.ph/ .The concept of partying is about to become even more hip and funky and silent. Silent is the new load!

So how does it work?
All you need are enough pairs of wireless headphones for all attendees and a transmitter to stream your audio. The system is user-friendly and can be operated by anyone. Any kind of audio player such as iPods, laptops, DJ mixers or smart phones can easily be connected to the transmitter.

Music source >>> transmitter >>> headphones>>>party!  Simple.

 Silent Disco at Malasimbo 2015 via #TangramPH

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


For years I have been asking, what the hell is Malasimbo Festival? I understand it is a celebration of art and music but one cannot really completely grasp what it is about until a first-hand experience. And I finally tried it this year having been invited by Tangram Silent Events Headphones for media coverage. And I can finally say, Malasimbo is a hell of a festival that you should put on your yearly calendar.

The event is centered in Puerto Galera, a resort town in Oriental Mindoro just three hours South of Metro Manila.

Malasimbo used to be a one-weekend event.
This year saw the introduction of two-weekend festivities with the first March 6-8 for Music and Arts and the second March 13-15 for Lights & Dance. I was there on the 2nd week and this post summarizes my experience and observations during Malasimbo Festival 2015.

@Malasimbo Festival 2015

About Malasimbo Festival
The festival blends traditional & contemporary arts & culture together with music performances while working towards the protection & sustainability of the environment.

The festival is held outdoors in a grass terraced amphitheater at the foot of Mount Malasimbo overlooking Puerto Galera Bay, a member of "The Most Beautiful Bays in the World" club. source

Email: info@malasimbofestival.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Malasimbofestival
Light and Sound

Monday, March 23, 2015

PUNTA DE FABIAN Baras Rizal: Creating Connections that are Built to Last

Note: This is a press release from Punta de Fabian
I have experienced staying at Punta de Fabian on two separate occasions and I can personally attest to the contents of this PR post.

The road that leads to the resort is winding and exciting, revealing hills that cling on the edge of Rizal’s mountains, providing a spectacular view of Laguna de Bay. On a hilltop at the heart of Baras is Punta de Fabian, an elegant escape from the usual city vibe just a few hours away from Manila.

From a distance, this three-hectare resort appears to be a paradise that emerged from its surroundings with its Filipino-Zen style. The lakefront suites are laid out to take advantage not just of the view of the lake, but of the locale’s majestic sunsets. Airy and built for optimum natural light, Punta de Fabian makes for an excellent place for both indoor and outdoor affairs.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

GetGadget Shop One Day Trade Off Promo on March 31

Note: This is a PR post.

Thinking of upgrading to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus? This is now your chance to enjoy in the palm of your hands a brand new but very affordable unit!

GetGadget Shop, the Philippines most trusted online gadget store is offering its first trade off promotion on March 31, 2015. Open for all iPhone 4s, 5, 5s and 5c unit with GB memory sizes, all gadgets for trading will be assessed to determine exact amount of discount. Once the seller has agreed on the actual value of the unit assessed by a GetGadget Shop trade officer, a cash check will be given as a mode of payment for the chosen unit.

What’s more, interested traders can pre-reserve via GetGadget Shop Facebook fan page by sending a message with name, unit, model, GB size and preferred color. A trade in officer will send a reply within 24 hours to confirm order reservation.
iPhone 6, 16gb (P30,380) 64gb (P35,490) and 128gb (P38,490)
GetGadget Shop One Day Trade Off Promo 

SAMPALOC INN: Your Budget Accommodation in Tanay

Upper Tanay in Rizal Province is developing. And with it's Tagaytay-like weather and scenic location at the foot of Sierra Madre Mountain Range and natural attractions, it has seen a spike in high-end specialty accommodations like that of Ten Cents to Heaven and Martessem Mountain Resort to name a few. But if you are looking for an affordable place to stay when you are here, Sampaloc Inn is the answer.

Sampaloc Inn Tanay Rizal

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

CAMIGUIN TRAVEL GUIDE: Itinerary, Budget + Attractions and Tour Contacts

If you are flying to Camiguin in time for the peak season which according to our guide starts April, I hope this travel guide can help you out. We flew in early February so we got to enjoy Camiguin without having to compete for space. As a result, chill chill lang.

In many cases, we were like "where is everybody?" We were the first to arrive in Katibasan Falls and the place was all for us for a while, alone in the church ruins, alone in Sto. Nino Hot Spring (lakas maka exclusive) and alone for a few hours in Mantigue Island. Saya-saya lang!

Manila >>Cagayan De Oro (Laguindingan) >> Balingoan Port >>Camiguin

enjoying myself in white island Camiguin
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