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Monday, April 19, 2010

the Magic Lagoon

We came across this wonderful place while on our way to the main beach in Subic after Ocean Advenure. They call it magic Lagoon. It's a bar and grill restaurant with a twist.


Monday, April 12, 2010

OCEAN PARK SUBIC: the Dolphin Show, the High Dive and the sea lion

......thought of trying some establishments in Clark the other Saturday since it's the only interesting place I can think of in Pampanga, well, not quite coz I realized there's not much to see or do in this former Navy base aside from a lunch out in Fontana perhaps which I didn't feel like doing.

Come on, it's summer. I have to drag myself to the beach or anything close to it. Time to get some tan----as if di pako mukhang Ita.lol

We got as far as Subic. Destination Ocean adventure. 

ocean adventure april 3 236

Sunday, April 4, 2010

holy week in Pampanga: #MALELDO 2010

Holy week in the Philippines is the only time of the year when shopping malls are closed, when atm's are offline and when the transit system is out of operation from Maundy Thursday till Easter Sunday. If you don't have cable tv, you might end up agonizing over old films played over local channels.

 I usually spend this time with my family in Pangasinan but a 6-hour ride is just excruciating so Teresa and I ended up in Pampanga to meet our friend Ariel.

Maleldo 2010.
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