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Economic Projections 2008-2012

here is the link for complete list.....

1. Metro Manila, Philippines
$257 Billion, 5.90%

2. Jakarta, Indonesia
$253 Billion, 6.50%

3. Singapore, Singapore
$218 Billion, 3.60%

4. Bangkok, Thailand
$180 Billion, 4.80%

5. Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam
$98 Billion, 6.50%

6. Hanoi, Vietnam
$73 Billion, 6.60%

7. Bandung, Indonesia
$69 Billion, 6.70%

8. Yangon, Burma
$33 Billion, 4.80%

After knowing the results of the study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2007 about the 150 richest cities in the world by GDP in 2020 , I got really really frantic to know that Manila ranked 30th in the world and 1st in SOUTHEAST ASIA........give way Bangkok, KL and Singapore---Manila is here!!

I think we are on the right track. The economy posted a surprising 7.3% growth last year ---the highest in 31 years........

The economy is expected to suffer a setback this year after a slow pickup of only 5.2% in the 1st quarter of 2008 due to the troubled US economy and the trend of a global slowdown as well as record high prices of crude oil but I think the economy will be relatively better than some of our neighbors. It is expected to have a growth of 5.7% on the average from 2008-2012. Far better than the average for Thailand which is expected to grow at a rate of only 4.4% on the same period.

Here is the rank........

1. Vietnam------8%
2. Indonesia----5.9%
3. Malaysia-----5.8%
4. PHILIPPINES--5.7% (although I think we will beat market expectation and we could move past Malaysia and even Indonesia.....but not Vietnam-----now that's confidence!)
5. Singapore---4.7%
6. Thailand----4.4%

go team PHILIPPINES.....kaya natin to.
PILIPINAS umasenso ka!!!!!!


  1. wow....that's confidence, i like it. Malaysia and Singapore never get above 6. I think, i really think, Philippines will be an economic giant in the region, reminds me of Philippines in the sixties. CONGRATS !


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