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I won IMAX tickets.......


note: I re posted this article originally made 08-25-08
because after winning the bet, it was just yesterday
that I claimed my price. It has been a long wait,
because the only full length movies in the IMAX
lately are SUPERMAN returns and Batman Begins. Since Josh
and I already already watched both. We thought we could
wait for the next big thing. We ran out of patience so we
settled for SUPERMAN instead. Still fun seeing it in a
3 storey screen and with portions of it in 3D.

Okay, our
athletes didn't win
but I did......
not medals though
but these>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Yeah, Imax tickets.
Lucky to have a friend who always oppose me just for the sake of opposing. You see, I have long predicted that China will be the overall champ this year after a strong showing in Sydney 2004 but he didn't believe me. So I forced him to bet on it. It started with 1000 pesos. Then he changed his mind after a short nap. Good thing I managed to salvage 2 imax movie tickets after crying foul. kkk.Unfortunately, he will go with me to SM-Mall of ASIA SAN MIGUEL COCA COLA IMAX THEATER this weekend. Anyways, since we always debate on certain ideas, I might win another bet, maybe this time a concert ticket will do.kkk


The ticket was 300 pesos. I thought it was originally 350 so I was surprised. When we got inside, it was no surprise after all. There were only a very few of us in a very big place, mostly in the center. I made a headcount and the number is 42, no more, no less, with foreigners comprising almost half that number. I donno why. Maybe because it was the last full show? Yeah,9:30. I really hope it was because of that reason......

Well, this is the only IMAX theater in the Philippines. It would break my heart if it would go bankrupt and eventually close. Heavy promotion is needed. We cannot afford to lose this one....


  1. congratulations! i miss watching movies at imax. this is indeed a nice price! as leviuqse is asking, what movie will you watch?

    btw, i think it was in greece 2004.

  2. Thanks guys----nice question though, WALL-E? mukhang diko pa alam. I will check with the theater tomorrow. AS of this moment on Batman was there. I already watched it so I think watching it the 2nd time is not a good idea. Anyways, it could be re-scheduled naman.kkk

  3. its Athens 2004 actually.

    I wonder where the 2016 will going to be. I am guessing either Buenor Aires if not Paris.

  4. Buenos Aires canceled it's bid.
    TOKYO, Rio de Janiero, Madrid and CHICAGO were the only remaining candidate cities. the winner will be announced on 2009.....

    I am expecting though that it will be South Americas turn come 2016. That's way far from here.....

  5. congratz...

    sino ba yang friend mo na yan?


    malay mo makipagpustaan din ako...

    manalo pa ako...

  6. i've never been inside imax, but i want to someday

    i avoid MOA, too far from me and too big :(

  7. Lucky you. I never watch an IMAX before. There was once I went to IMAX but something malfunctioned that day and we got refunded

  8. ayos sa bet ah! haha. yung mga kasama ko nanuod imax last week. superman and dark knight yata yung showing. kinain ko nalang sa food court tas pwesto sa may skating rink. ayon, mukang movie na rin with all the ice and glides. hehe

  9. Marvz---c josh. ang kumag na si Josh. who would oppose an idea for the sake of opposing and opposing alone.

    Tutubi---san na uli area u? try it, it's worth it.

  10. Falcon--oh, that's bad. Where is this? How much is imax in your area? here, its equivalent to $6.50.

    Islander---di ka mahilig sa sine?sayang naman. kaisa-isang imax yansa PINAS JP. Nag-ice skate kaba?

  11. thanks sa comment sa blog ko. true, minsan nalulungkot din ako ng walang dahilan. parang empty. pero kabisado ko na yun kung bakit, kulang ako sa Diyos.

    nweis, di pa ko nakanood sa iMax. :'(

    and btw, pareho kame plaid shorts ng fren mo!

  12. I love watching 3D films in IMAX.

    Sayang nga naman kung magclose ang IMAX jan.

  13. Chyngt---what are you waiting for. Promote natin imax. Kesa magsara. Nakapunta ka Disney, dika makapunta moa db? ayan, yehey, punta na sila nukas....

    ako rin, lagi---lam ko yun ang dahilan kayang parang me kulang.

    BTW---yung sa left ba na girl? sya GF ko.keke

  14. Kris---wag naman po sanang mag-close. Panu kung nagkaroon ng magandang movie na imax ready, we will feel so bad and sad talaga na wala nang imax sa PINAS.

  15. congrats! buti ka pa nga may IMAX. Dito sa Cambodia, ni sine na english wala! i miss watching movies on the big screen na... huhuhu

  16. Kuya Loven----I guess you can't have it all.keke


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