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the impulsive buyer hits again........


Never had a digital
camera in my life.
It's either I borrow
or I use the old one, a canon

It runs on
films which in itself is expensive
not to mention the developing.
And since it is not digital,
I cannot upload easily so
I still have to scan them for posting,
very good if you want to waste time.

So I said enough. And since Teresa and I will go to Singapore on the 20th, we decided to buy a digital camera finally. Really a late bloomer. kkk. And since our budget is basically streached, we grabbed the cheapest for the best quality possible. It's a G.E G2 camera.

Strange coz in the Philippines we would think GE is a refrigerator, right? Well, got news for you, they are venturing in all electronic items daw according to the sales clerk. And since it's relatively new, it's basically cheaper. Introductory price whatever. I had it for Php 9,995 or $ 222. A bit cheap I guess for 8Megapixels and a 4X optical zoom. Also comes with a free 1Gig memory card but you could insert 4 Gig if you want. I don't know if this is a good buy. To be honest, I didn't read any user reviews on this product.

Looks like the impulsive buyer in me struck again. Nways, it has a 1 year warranty so I might as well take advantage of that.....


  1. Beware...travelling can be so addicting.

    Brace yourselves. Your feet will be aching for more places to wander into.

    There won't be enough places to satisfy your wanderlust...

    Enjoy Singapore! :)

  2. yeap id really love to travel. if only i have the money and time. hm.. its really nice to have your own camera. :)

  3. I'm not very good in this but I heard built in focus (zoom) are not recommended..hope you think twice!

    and I would personally recommend Canon. Canon provides the best lens. But I only know about this after I have got my Kodak. Huhu..

  4. Nyek! You know what, I opted to buy me a really cheap MP4 because 1-it has camera built in, 2-it also has a slot for memory card, therefore I can use my memory card reader whenever I would want to upload pictures over the net...and the resolution is okay the fact that I wouldn't want to grow fungus saving up for a real digital camera LMAO! 3-I can also play music and do camwhoring at the same time, ehehehehe!

  5. Haha, ganun pala yun XD
    Nice travel travel na lang huh.

  6. wow! astig! hays gusto ko ng high tech na camera. frustrated photographer kasi ako... ayun...

    wow. punta ka ng singapore???!!! coolness... ayan, maadik ka kakapicture! hehehe!

    GE? oo nga... nasa delos santos med ako yesterday at ang kanilang bone densitometry GE din ang tatak. hehehe! wala lang!

    thanks again so much for the comment. uhmm...derecho ako keyboard para madali mag-edit. at isa pa ang pangit kong magsulat. i cant even read my own penmanship.hahaha! hindi ko napanuod yun..hahahahaha!

    enjoy your trip! :)

  7. actually, there is a G.E. Bank.

    and when in singapore, don't forget to try their chili crabs.

  8. cool.

    anw, 8MP, and with that screen, I'd say that's a good buy.

    saying that, I really have no clue. If I buy something I dont listen to what other people say. Bad, but that's me. lol.

  9. getting ready for your trip huh? cool!

    if i have a choice, i'll stick to CANON.. love your own! haha

    ex-CANON employee

  10. Jake---Odd but true. havent set food in Singapore yet but I am already thinking of HK and Macao.kkk

    Camille---thanks for the comment. Yeah, hope our wallet allow us to go further.

    Liz---the clerk said otherwise. She said retractable zoom lenses are more sensitive. Hmmmm. I donno

  11. Marissa----what is that?
    Ley---time to give ourselves a break.

    Ron---pati pala bone densitometry machine. Guess matagal na yan diko lang alam.kekeke

  12. Curbside puppet---- Yeah, I know G.E bank. Thanks for the advice.

    Kris---I guess I am not the only impulsive buyer here. haha

    Alex---para pag nag-Corrigedor tayo me pang-shot din ako diba?kekeke

    Chyng----guess I have to love my own GE cam now. kw ha, ganda mga kuha nyo Macao.

  13. Naks naman at pupunta ka sa Singapore this 20th and you're gonna buy a brandnew cam pa! Yey! Pasalubong ha! Hihihi! And buy the cam first before you tour around the place so you can camwhore every there and then.. ;)

  14. enjoy your stay in singapore...come to HK then side trip to macau...enjoy click'n!..have a great Singapore get-away!..Godbless

  15. mag post ka ng test shots ng brand new camera mo! im telling you, photography can be addicting... and jake is right, traveling especially!

    while you're at it, bisita ka na dito sa cambodia! $69 lang papunta dito by jeststar asia! hehehe!

  16. Bena---really like your camwhore expressions...Behave ako. bantay sarado.kkk. thanks

    Leri----yeah----I am planning Hongkong next year. Maybe mid next year if everything goes accdng to plan....and Macao.kkk. Wish me luck

  17. Kuya Joven----dono kung me time pa---alanganin kasi . Maybe some other time. lapit narin naman yan Vietnam diba? Curious din me Vietnam....


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