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the greatest Miracle in the world.......

“It may be praiseworthy
and noble to sacrifice
your life to a cause or
a business or the happiness
of others, but if you are miserable
and unfulfilled in that lifestyle,
and know it,
then to remain in it is
a hypocrisy…”

---this and more in the book by OG MANDINO.

I am not highly religious. I consider myself a Christian but I am not very active. This is something that I am not proud of nor too ashamed to admit.I have my own struggles in the pursuit of personal happiness. I feel that it's unfair if I always turn to abstract explanations from the bible every time I have questions or problems.It's just surreal. What I'm trying to say that I fell indifferent about books which are too dogmatic.

When I saw the title of this one, I got some hesitations. Until I noticed the lines......"as it reveals exciting new secrets for your personal happiness and success". Why not? Who doesn't want to be happy?
It is a fact'
that before
physically dying,
man dies an earlier death.......
when he gives up on his dreams,
when his mind runs out
of fresh ideas,
and when his heart
hardens in bitterness...........


Simon, the protagonist in the story, beautifully said it this way "to give them a new sense of hope and direction, and help them return from their living death … which to me is the greatest miracle in the world.’”

I can't agree more.
We all need help sometimes.
If I may add,
there are great lessons
in this book no matter
what your religious beliefs are,
or even if you just
don’t buy into religion at all.



  1. the miracle....

    its how we defined those i guessed...^0^

  2. MARVZ---haba ng message.panalo.

    ZARA-- it really is a miracle if a person could pull himself out of a meaningless life.

  3. the search for true happiness is indeed a personal journey just like how. same goes with relationship with God. it has always been a struggle and each and everyone of us strives to be good people...

    taking what he said into account, we can say that there are many dead people walking around already. zombies. and bringing these people into live is truly an achievement. besides Jesus is the only one who could resurrect the dead...and perhaps fill our hollow hearts...


    thanks, mate :) nakakaiyak naman! hehehe!

  4. i've read one of his earlier works called The World's Greatest Salesman and it got me hooked! He is definitely a genius in combining faith and philosophy in his work!

  5. Og Mandino...

    ang mahal ng books nia ha, di naman hard bound or anything pero pricey compared to how the books look. hehe

    i'm also hooked with one of his books. yung his family died of war before he returned to them. OMG tlga. time is everything.

  6. i have friends who also read og's books but i never tried to read one. cant really find time to read books nowadays but i'll definitely consider reading this book in the coming months as you have recommended.

  7. i've heard some raving reviews about this guy, i'll buy his book nga

    recommend ko sa'yo "being happy" ni andrew matthews it's sooo good it changed my life...

    now i'm annoyingly positive haha

  8. RON---tm, personal journey.

    Kuya Loven---combining faith and philosophy, yes. Do you consider him similar to Paolo Coelho?

    I have to read that greatest Salesman thing I guess......

  9. Chyng---I'm lucky enough to have a board mate who lends me books, this is one of those books he has. Anu title nyang particular book na yan Chyng?

  10. the DONG---mahirap nga naman na magbasa if you are always on the go. Ns bahay lang me lately so I was able to forcfe myself to read a couple of times. Kung nasa galaan ako kahit anung book pa yan, sorry din. Can't combine the 2 na di gaya dati nung aral pako that I can lose myself in a crowd.....

  11. Alex---I wanna be annoyingly positive din.haha. gusto ko yan gusto ko yan......

  12. i think i need this book..


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