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Monday, December 8, 2008

Bataan churches......


I have always thought
the if we have something to be
proud of in the Philippines,
one of them would be our churches....

And the churches in Bataan are of
no exemption.

This one's in BALANGA where we stayed and where we got the chance to scroll during the night.

This one's in a community somewhere in PILAR. I saw it at around 11pm well lighted. I was tempted to take pictures but hessitated to stop the driver on our way to Balanga City town proper. Too bad the lights were already off at around 1am. Missed opportunity. So this shot was taken the next morning.

On our way to Subic, I managed to take a few shots while on the bus. Therefore, I don't know their names. keke. Then again, I think they still deserve the limelight....

......a beautiful church obstructed by too many electric wires. Hate those wires, they have become too messy over the years.

And this one is quite a surprise, it looks new, simple yet annoyingly beautiful.........

Then we were off to Subic for an overnight stay in Teresa's grandparents. See you there.......


  1. Nice churches you got there. I also plan to post churches at my place but most of the churches here are of modern design

  2. wow! ang ganda talaga.. we should be proud dahil mayaman tayo sa mga ganitong architectural designs!

  3. parang nagi guilty ako kapag nakakakita ng church pictures he he

  4. Being colonized by the Spaniards for so many years, architectural designs on constructions and buildings specially Catholic churches were introduced. The Philippines embraced the culture and espoused the rythm. Up to now, these structures can be seen throughout the country.
    We should treasure them by promoting them as tourist's spots around the world.

    Great photographs you got here!

  5. Borneo Falcon --I also wish to see older churches in the Philippines. we got a couple here listed as world heritage sites...

    cyndirellaz--we are unique in Asia.

  6. Abou--bakit naman?

    Mike Avenue --tama. that makes us unique in Asia.

  7. gusto ko yung unang simbahan... parang pwede ka magshoot ng horror film... pero maganda pa rin...

  8. i like the one in balanga. i like it's overall features. i wonder how beautiful it can be inside.

    those wires... they're everywhere. even the churches in manila. even though how beautiful our churches can be but with those wires, they ruin its facade. i hope the department of tourism will be able to highlight this problem.

  9. MarcoPaolo --Thanks Marco.

    gillboard --ginawa u namang hunted yung simbahan.kaw talaga

  10. the donG --nice point Dom---matawagan nga natin ang D.O.T. whatyatink?

  11. The last three photos was the Church from my hometown (Hermosa). The church is finally nearing completion after years of re-construction. The old one was destroyed during the December 1999 earthquake.

  12. ako rin nagandahan ng balanga. pinakamaganda sa lahat ng pics.

  13. ya my friends who went to Philippines says the same thing~ "the churches are AMAZING!"

  14. Nina--ay HERRMOSA pala yan. Sa bus ko lang kasi po kuha yan. kaya pala mukhang bago. must have been a long and painful reconstruction.....

    REDLAN--was well lit at night.

  15. Hmnn...Ganda!

    Who's the architect? Hmn, sana lahat ng kaluluwang pumasok dito eh kagaya ng kagandahan na nakikita ko sa picture!

    Hehe---!Imposible ba?

  16. as usual, you captured very nice pictures and showing the world how beautiful the Philippines ...good job my friend

  17. Mys Lyke Meeh--yun lang--diko na alam ang architect nyan.keke

    amiable amy --kuha lang sa bus yan ha ng isang aliping sagigilid.....keke

  18. nga pala pusang gala invite ka namin sa flickirista exhibit sa Dec15 sa Trinoma 5:30pm just in case you're interested.

  19. the donG--dyahe naman sked---dikasi ako pwede ng weekdays. weekends lang talaga me nakakagala e. Monday yung 15 ayt? so, you will be part of the exhibitors? 1 day event lang ba yun?

    Fable Frog --we got a couple of really old churches here and big ones too you know.....

  20. wow.. nice pictures.. Are you the ones who took all these??

    hummmm.. impressive..! hehe..

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. ganda talaga ng mga simbahan sa 'ten kosa...

    gud for u to have visited some...

    meow! meow!

  23. pusa dito ako nakatira sa bataan. kelan ka nandito? bakit wala ang church namin from bagac? LOL

  24. Royalty Ambisyoso--opo, ako po. salamat.

    mavs --dinga lang ako pumasok. baka masunog ako. keke

  25. prinsesamusang --akala ko taga Manila ka? November 29-30 kami dyan. umakyat pa nga kami Mt Samat e. check my post.

    ganda dyan grabe. But Balanga is the farthest that we went. Lampas paba Balanga sa inyo?

    kinuhanan ko lang sa daan yung 2 sa huling simbahan.

  26. the last church you featured.. looks beautiful, i agree.

    sweet to look at...looks like done by Lego. Nice.

  27. aba!

    taga dito po ako sa bataan. at simbahan po namin ang una.

    yun po ang cathedral.

    at teka guilboard, di naman mukhang pang horror. dapat makita mo talaga ng personal! hehe. :)

  28. grabe. galaero ka na ngayon ha. haha. have you read my previous post about our getaway plan? ini-suggest ko yung mt. samat kasi nakita ko pics mo. pano pumunta? hehe

  29. What a beautiful blog with so many interesting posts!!

  30. pusang-gala, no problem. hindi ako exhibitor bale si allan aka lantaw ang nag invite sa akin. kasama sa exhibit ang kuha yung isa nyang kuha. hanggang 17 ata ang exhibit.

  31. wow, another place i should already consider going! great post anton. i surely missed this site!

  32. KRIS JASPER--looks like we really have similar taste.keke

    lego ka dyan Kris. haha

    Jay --mukhang marami ang mga bloggers from bataan dito a....so, taga Balanga ka?

  33. Allen Yuarata --Bataan Bus from Cubao to Balanga--for 200 pesos. then dyip nalang 18 pesos to cabog-cabog. Then yun na. Nasa paanana ka na ng bundok. Sundan nu lang yung road na ginawa para lang don. Ganun. 3 hours lang naman paakyat kung di kayo mabagal. keke

  34. Phivos Nicolaides--thank you very much sir. Coming from you---it's a flattery. I'm honored.

    the donG--nakupo---til Wednesday lang. Best rerds Dom---you really run with the big guys. Sabi ko naman sayo saka mo na akop yayain. I'm not yet ready. keke

  35. the spool artist --busybusyhan kasi Kuya Loven. I appreciate you more kasi alam ko kung ganu ka ka-busy.

  36. beautiful pictures! i'm missing them all
    keep it up!

  37. Ivy ---thanks Josh. appreciate it.


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