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Subic's Charm..........


after spending a day
in Bataan, Subic Olongapo
was the next stop.....

The visit to SBMA
at night sure was
a fun experience.
We spent most of our time
in the beach front,
laying on the sand,
chatting and just
letting time pass.....


.....just like the good old days.
Been to Subic a couple of times but twas my first time to step on it's sand. Although not so fine, it still is a favorite destination for weekend travelers, most of which are families from Manila. It's not a surprise therefore to see a couple of cars on the beach itself, and of coarse a lot of couples dating. keke

At one point I thought I was in Siloso beach Singapore, I am not sure if those lifts are much of an eyesore to others as they are to me. I didn't notice them a year ago.

Then again, it's still is very relaxing fixing yourself there and watching the the sun sit in the hills of Zambales......


  1. i love the first picture, the skies are splendid...

    at nakapag-post ka rin! sugurin na ba natin smartbro???

  2. thanks for leaving the beautiful quote. Such warm pictures of beauty I need to see to remind me..its not cold there as it is here in this old Nebraska town.

  3. alex --parang nangyari tuloy basta me napost lang ako---wl ako masyado gana talaga dahil sa connection. Organize kaya tayo ng welga lex, cgurado maraming sasama.

    Ivy--yes, it's warm here and it's good. I've never been to the Northern hemisphere and I have never experienced cold weather or snow and since I am a melodramatic person, living in cold places would seem to be a bad idea. It would only nurse my dpression if I become depressed....

  4. nandun nga kami nung third week of november. sarap tumambay harap ang mga bundok. ok din sa gabi dahil may mga banda.

  5. the dong---uo, me ilaw sa beach tapos me band din nung pumunta kami tapos mga inihaw na pagkain sa tabi ng kalsada. lavit

  6. Yeah, subic is one of the nicest place in our shores, ;)

  7. dazedblu*--cguro kasi accessible and there are a lot of activities there....

  8. Oh my-- loved those pictures, totally captivating!

    Never been to Subic...! But at least I could stare at it through ur pictures....!

    Ganda--really! So who was ur date???


  9. SUBIC!!!

    i miss this place...
    Zambalez is a wonderful place. Been there 5 years ago (pa).. tagal na pala!!..

    nice nice!


  10. may problem ka rin ba sa connection ng smartbro, haha! same here.. especially during daytime!

    sama ko sa union! lolz


  11. Mys Lyke Meeh --syempre I dated my girl. I just can't give up on her that easy. keke

    dylan dimaubusan--hay naku---pati mga friends ko....cge, gawa kaya tayo ng Unyon?
    bloggers vs smart.....contrahin natin mga advertising efforts nila. ewan lang.

  12. Ganda naman, everytime pumupunta ako dito sa blog mo pakiramdam ko tourista ako (refreshing!) - dami pics at mgaganda pa! ikaw ba yun nakaupo may kasamanag chikas?

  13. korek, bakasyon mode kahit sa blog-hopping lang.

    so far, where is your favorite among all the places youve been (particularly sa beach)?


    Bawal picturan ang special kids, kaya mommies lang ang may pictures! Kaw talaga.. hehe

  14. uy, namiss ko bigla ang subic... huli ko punta dun, college pa ata ako... parang gusto ko pumunta dun sa ocean adventure ba yun... is it still open?

  15. @PUSANG-gala


    ikaw ang leader, hehe.;)

  16. Nice. We don't have beach at my hometown.

  17. there's always something with the "sky meets water" thingy that appeals to me.

  18. date at the seashore??that's very romantic to the sun as it sets in the west,love it!this post reminds me of something.. hay!!!
    nice post friend..waaah, i miss being at the beach!

  19. wow, ganda dyan sa subic
    nakarating na din ako dyan
    daming kano na pagala gala at papansin.. hehehehe

  20. Those nice beaches, are they near your home? How nice to always travel to these places for relaxation.

  21. im also a beach lover but i think i dont often go as you do... wla kasi akong constant buddies. hehehe

    subic is one of the nearest in the metro...

    love it.

  22. darkhorse --nope. kinuhanan ko lang yang mga yan. keke. masyadong nang cheesy pag kami. haha

    Chyng ---ewan ko ba pero iba naging epekto sakin ng CAPONES talaga---parang natalo pa BORA....pagdating sa feel-good- moment ha.

  23. gillboard ---diko pa po natry yun e. so di ko lam. hehe

    dylan dimaubusan --gawin ba akong leader---parang gusto ko tuloy backout kagad. keke

  24. Borneo Falcon ---hmmm....they're available in every corner of the Philippines. haha

    KRIS JASPER --ako rin, tapos mas ibang level pa dating sakin pag me bundok pang kasma---parang 3D kung baga sa pelikula.

  25. aquamarine --anu kaya yung naalala u? hmmm...

    ~~m$. DoNNA~~ --unti nalang sila ngyn...mga Koreans na marami. they are anywhere....

  26. eunice --the nearest beach from Manila is around 1 and a half hour drive by car Eunice.....

    Bry --maybe it's time to find one??? watyatink?

  27. meow~
    hi antonio the cat! ;)
    nice photos you have there!! but how come..most of them are kinda 'stretched'?

  28. oo ako nga yun. hehe. shy ako humarap eh. hahaha.

  29. JoShMaRie ---wow!!!I'm out of words---salamat.


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