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I am on energy saving mode these days.
I decided to do so so as not to exhaust
myself early during the year.
Therefore, there's not much to blog
except for a few bar hopping
sessions last week with my friends
from Singapore. Mabini, and Timog
to name a few places.

At the end of the day, everybody
goes home with a tired body but
with a grin in the face. I am not
complaining. I just miss traveling.

But since I have to save money early on,
I think it's better if I maintain a
low profile for the meantime.......


So, what keeps me busy these days
aside from work?

yep, yep yep. Time to be young again. So aside from Naruto, I am keeping myself full with BLEACH episodes. I just heard of it from friends and upon checking, I instantly fell in love with the character and the story. Well, it's long and I am not in the mood to elaborate on this one here so I might just leave the link for those people like me who never seem to grow old of these stuffs......

that's the site. Enjoy!!!!


  1. ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......

    adik din ako sa bleach....

    hahahahaha.. magdadownload lang ako ng torrents...

    well gud luck!

  2. woah! i didn't know you're also into anime! hehehe! nabalitaan ko nga tong bleach...sana may mahiraman ako ng dvd..hehe!

    keep safe, mate :)

  3. i love this anime so much! and of cz, read the manga as well.

    I got that pics as my Sean's wallpaper...LOL!

    Nothing wrong with watching this...hehehe!

  4. lolzz.. i haven't check the latest Naruto shippuuden now a day..I'll check out myself--my couzin told me about "bLeach..."

    I'll try it!

  5. aha, iba na pala pinag abalahan mo. just enjoy every moment.

  6. ako rin i'll never ever get tired of cartoons!!!!

  7. i didn't know professionals love animes as well. akala ko mga ka-age ko lang. haha...

    nice! nice!

  8. mahilig din ako sa anime. anime na porn haha

  9. nang matapos ako mag high school, di nako nahilig sa mga cartoons. huli kong kinaadikan eh fushigi yuugi pa ata. Tapos nun ala na.

    Pero di pa rin ako masyado nagmamature. hehehe

  10. astig nga ang bleach. recommend ko rin ang Death Note. hndi ko alam kung napanood mo na.

  11. Niel Camhalla ---wl e---naupuan ko camera ko---wask ang LCD so wl ako gana kumuha.hehe

    i am bleeding --torrents? parang bago yun a.

  12. lucas ---online nalang mate. ako online e.

    ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] ---yeah--nothin wrong but it really is a surprise to know Zara--

    anyways---welcome to the club.keke

  13. MysLykeMeeh --aba--nabigla ko---pati pala ikaw.keke

    REDLAN--uo. boring life. keke

  14. alex --pareho us lex---

    Allen Yuarata ---ginawa mo naman akong super tanda Allen. kaw ha

  15. Abou ---haha--hentai pala hilig u ha.

    gillboard ---so maybe you can try this one for a change.

  16. Phivos Nicolaides ---do you like it too?

    the donG ---ay dipa---masearch nga--thanks DOM

  17. cartoons??? di na ako nakakapanood ng cartoons ngayon... buti ka pa...

  18. i think i have already outgrown those stuffs but i still want to watch or try those things again.. reminds me of my childhood memories.. la lang... sana forever na lang akong bata! ^^

  19. Borneo Falcon ---do you do too Falcon?

    MarcoPaolo--nasa harap lang kasi me pc maghapon so download lang ng download.hehe

  20. cyndirellaz----kung pwede lang san---sama ako----panu ba maging vampire?keke

  21. Hindi ako ganun kafanatic ng Bleach... Naruto fan ako...

  22. Blogger Lionheart : Richard th---medyo parang mas maganda nga Naruto.

    Phivos Nicolaides--haha---now you know Tagalog.


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