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the world stopped yesterday......


or so I thought,
not because of the
post-OBAMA inauguration fever
but because it's my
28th BIRTHDAY!!!!

I am to me the most important person in the world and nobody can argue with that. Did I sound too egocentric there? We'll I believe in individual pursuit of happiness. What am I saying? well, spare me this one. It's my birthday remember?

( 2 of the most important people in my life: Marvin and Teresa)

(clockwise... my best friend Marvin of Blue Marvine and Teresa, kuya JC and Jun, Ryan and Joseph )

It was supposed to be a quiet one. I didn't feel like letting the world know at first, just within 1st degree close friends and my housemates of coarse, but I failed to keep it. Aside from being friendly, I don't know how to control myself. So I started to skype people. The first victims were former colleagues in ORTIGAS.

(fr. left.... Scarlette, Gleiza, me, Mailyn, Daisy, Chris and Cyril)

( fr., Chris, Marco, Josh and Raffy )

Good thing I did, being around these people is just FUN and the laughter they have is SIMPLY CONTAGIOUS.......

I couldn't stop one of them from CAMWHORING.keke

that's Chris above---being omnipresent in the photo's.
And below is Chris.....before and!



.....too bad everybody got work the next day, some as early as 5am so we had call it quits at around 2am---for the rest of my housemates and Teresa, we tried to drown ourselves with San Mig light until 4am.

Oh---least I forget, I shared the day with my housemate JUN (in red) who apparently was born in the same day, month and year as I do. That's rare for flatmates isn't it?

It was a birthday blast!!!


BTW, I would like to say THANKS a lot to Ariel Pagaduan, my housemate who was kind enough to have volunteered his time, doing the cooking and even the groceries. His carbonara is superb and is reminiscent of that of a 1st class restaurant. Thanks Sebastian.......

photos: courtesy of Scarlette.thanks Sca.


  1. prang yung chris yung me bday


    heberdey uli!!!

    2 years n lng 30 k n YAY!

  2. happy birthday bro. many more to come.

  3. sarap ng food grabe!

    inuman kami kaya heto dusa sa pantal... huhuhu...

    pero ok lng...

    saya naman...



  4. Niel Camhalla---salamat Niel.

    alex--wag mo nako remind lex, Kundi remind din kita. keke

  5. Abou ---salamat Bai.

    ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] --may God bless you too Zara.

  6. Lawstude ---uo sana 100 years pa. hehe

    gillboard ---thanks man.

  7. marvz----don't worry---prepare ako wine next time---baka dikana allergic sa wine----mapili lang siguro yang dugo u---totyal

  8. Happy Happy Birthday! Wow, quite a blast! So many beautiful faces, especially you and your GF!

    I wish that all your wishes be granted! God bless you!!!

  9. hehehehe. looks like you had fun! hapibirthday pusa! :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. hanep ang title,very striking..
    happy birthday friend.saya-saya naman!..Good bless a goodluck.

  12. uy birthday mo pala kahapon. belated happy birthday Anton! i hope hindiako ang last na bumati. more blessings to come and more freinds to treasure!

  13. Dennis Villegas---haha---I prefer the description, average looking-thanks

    gentle ---fun fun fun it is---salamat

  14. buti na lang dumaan ako...

    habol ako..hapi beerday din sayo...uuuu

  15. Happy Birthday!

    I wish you happiness, wealth and good health!


    One year celebration din ba yan?


  16. Whoa~ Happy 28th Birthday Pusang~ looks like a fun gathering of people there :) Oh~ i know a lot of Jan babies turning 28 this year! LOL i just realized that~

    Have a wonderful 28th~ LOL i just have to repeat 28 [again] just to make you [and everyone] aware of the number~ hahahaha don't kill me~

  17. I stopped the rain and melt with you! Happy b-day dre! sana nandyan kami pra nabusog mo kami - juk! wish you all the happiness in ur

  18. Happy Birthday! Parang ansarap ng handa mo...

    Wishu more gala, and more ipon!

  19. Happy Birthday! :) Wishing you the best!

  20. Borneo Falcon ---wow, thanks for calling me mate.

    aquamarine --the world stopped....or so I thought. keke

  21. REDLAN---di naman . I don't mind. Happy for your greeting. salamat---salamat.

    KRIS JASPER ---one year celebration? kaw talaga Kris---diko kaya yun.keke

  22. Fable Frog ---this is a very big surprise Frog. you made me happy today. thanks

    darkhorse---makata ka talaga---sayang nga e. keke

  23. Curbside Puppet ---salamat Puppet---I missed you here....

    Chyng--uo--gala at ipon. parang di contradictory no? keke

  24. it was indeed a birthday blast! belated happy birthday! it's good to know that you really have friends who are there to celebrate it with you.


  25. belated happy birthday! mukhang naging masaya ka naman ^^ pero may nakalimutan ka ata.. nakalimutan mo akong padalhan ng cake! T_T

  26. MarcoPaolo--thanks Pao

    uglykidjoey --appreciate it.

  27. cyndirellaz ---haha--layo ng HK no. keke

    the donG --yes , friends make me happy. haha

  28. belated happy birthday. thanks for the comment on my blog. like yours too. yeah, we same the same passion for making GALA! hehehe. GOD bless your endeavors always.

  29. happy birthday, mate! nakita ko sa email ko birthday mo nga daw! hehe!

    28??? batang bata pa! hehehe!

    i wish you good health and success towards your goals.

    more bdays to come! whoooo!


  30. olan --looks like I found a new mate---welcome here.

    lucas --mate naman ---wl namang ganunan. malapit na nga ko umabot 30 e, batang bata---anu kaba!!!hehe

  31. ui, belated Happy birthday guid...!
    more Power in lyf and lurve, God Bless u olweiz,
    har har...

    may 6 lives ka pa...hahaha

    la lang.

  32. life starts at 30 minsan ang 40 pa eh :)

  33. Antoine Greg--haha--6 lives. sana nga.

    lucas--tignan nating kung totoo mate---guess I still have to wait 2 years.haha

  34. waaaah! i didn't know it's your birthday pala! Happy birthday kuya ton!

  35. rodangeles --ay. salamat po.

    Allen Yuarata--uo. okay lang---bday ko nga-thanks.

  36. wahh missed to greet you on time, but better late than never kaya HAPP BDAY!!!!

  37. akala kung anung ibig sabihin ng title mo, very striking ah, haha!

    Belated Happy Birthday! a many many many more blessed, fruitful, prosperous, joyous year for you.
    God bless!

  38. by the way, you can post your chatbox comment here


  39. sendzki ---uo---salamat ng marami--

    Dylan Dimaubusan --striking ba---haha---la lang thanks

  40. PUSANG Gala happy happy Birthday sa ayo kahit huli na lahat na yata ng klase ng bati nabati na ng iba. lol's ang sa akin same lng din keep the Pieces will always fit hehehehe...

  41. wow! belated happy birthday ton! pa-cheeseburger ka naman dyan! hehehe.. wish you wellness in everything my dear! vi-a-v! ;)

  42. Bertday mo pala. Maligayang bati sa iyong kaarawan! Ang saya naman. An daming tao and lots of happy faces!

    28 ka na pala, di halata! :) Treat mo naman kami dyan. Haha. Kahit sa banchetta lang!

  43. Oh.. late ako ng bati.

    Pero gaya ni ai-ai naniniwala ako sa kasabihang save the best for last. Dahil huli man daw at magaling, huli pa rin. Hehehe.

    Happy birthday tonyo! Magkaedad lang pala tayo. Though nauna ka lang na ipinanganak.

    balitaan nalang pag sino naunang ikasal. haha


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