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ã salute to the graduates of ABIS......


I am finally back in manila ----
My stay in my little hometown
was truly rewarding. I was able
to have quality time and sleep.
Made me realize a lot of things
including my seemingly
selfish approach to life these
past few weeks. Yes, I was so guilty
for being self-absorbed.


..........I didn't even notice that things have unfolded very fast- or maybe I realized that I everybody around me is alive except me. This blog became boring for quite sometime because the owner got bored with himself and his life----in short---there was nothing to write about........

Then again, allow me to pull this one up. before I post about the latest places I've been to, allow me to take the chance (although quite delayed) to congratulate all the graduate's of my former school---ANDRES BONIFACIO INTEGRATED SCHOOL.

yes---twás their graduation last April 2
Too bad I was not able to attend because of damn work.
I miss my students.
And to be honest--I miss actual classroom teaching,
the interaction and all the problems and joys
that goes with it.......

Some of the photos I grabbed in Friendster. keke

This is my salute to all their efforts.
I suddenly miss being a student. Ahhh---I miss a lot of things.......

....and congratulations to all the teachers too for a job well done.

And to all the graduates, I hope your dreams take you... to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known.


  1. Maligayang bati sa lahat ng mga ito! Sila tumingin tunay mabuti!

    P/S : Is that true? I tried to write "Congratulations to all of them! They looked really good!"

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. wee! homecoming!

    ang you're home! buti nakita mo na blog ko. natupad ang pangarap kong caleruega!

  4. Congratulations to all the graduates!!!

    Parang naninibago ako at sinisisi mo ang work... hehehe

  5. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] --nice try Zara---nice try---so---you really want to learn Tagalog ey?
    ,maybe it would be better if you say it this way---

    Maligayang bati sa lahat sa inyo.
    Maganda mga kuha nyo. keke

  6. Chyng---ganda talaga saa Caleruega--lalo sa early morning.

    gillboard --haha---we all feel that way sometimes.sumubra ba?keke

  7. ...seemingly
    selfish approach to life these
    past few weeks. Yes, I was so guilty
    for being self-absorbed.

    hays...may tendency talaga tayong maging self-absorbed and selfish. but i guess what's important is we're aware of it to know what to do...

    congrats to the graduates! gusto kong maging teacher someday. iba pa rin talaga kapag sa klase noh?

  8. lucas--- cge maging teacher kanalang ha---wag military nurse---safer ang teaching.keke

  9. Congratulations sa mga gradutes ninyo!

  10. Hehehe..

    Thanks for corrected it for me..

    Salamat. =)

  11. Blogger Lionheart : Richard ---time na para makapag-adventure narin sila--ayt?

    ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] ---Salamat din--keke

  12. hahaha! pwede namang hindi ako magpadestino sa mga giyera eh..hehe! i'm planning to build up my credentials para maging clinical instructor... hehe!

    very good realization, :) it all comes down to choice.

    mukhang maganda tlga ang epekto kapag nakapagunwind ano?

    blessed be, mate...

  13. graduation! argh!! hahaha congrats congrats sa mga bagong nagsipagtapos this year!

  14. napadaan lang kuya ton! Musta summer?

  15. Wow glad you're back! Congrats to all the graduates of ABIS!

  16. lucas-che---clinical instructor---better. keke

    Fjordan Allego ---malapit kanarin diba?

  17. Allen Yuarata ---ito--maitim na---keke

    Dennis Villegas --thanks Denis---touch ako---hu hu hu


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