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the umbrella connection......


sunblocks are really selling like hot cakes
these days.......

Filipinos hate getting dark but what can we do.
What are our world class beaches for if not
to enjoy them?
That's why we can't help but take advantage
of the summer despite the scare of getting

In that case, umbrellas are indeed
very helpful.


here are some umbrella shots in the Hundred Islands....

With Teresa and our friend Gema

a closer look........

With Teresa's family.....

a closer look.........

I love the last picture---we should have bought a larger umbrella. Her mom looks like a mother quail in the beach with the rest of the chicks around......

hope you enjoyed it......


  1. wala bang mga cottages?
    you should have gone there early in the morning or late in the afternoon to keep yourselves from the extreme heat of the sun...

  2. meron namn na---kaso punuan---pero me nakuha namn kami----

    subrang init nung dumating kami kasi lunchtime.....

  3. very ironic! sana hinintay nila kahit 4pm bago sila magbilad sa araw! di na naman siguro nakaka-itim yun.

  4. i love bringing umbrellas too! kahit san pa ko mapadpad, a must yan! di ako maputi eh! harhar

  5. I hate bringing umbrellas.. mapaulan o araw. although ayoko ring nabibilad sa araw. mas gudtokong nababasa sa ulan, pag pauwi na ha, hehe

    Nice shots.. totoo sinabi mo about Teresa's mom.. ang daming inahin. haha!

    Mukhang nag-enjoy din kayo jan..

  6. Funny coz I miss seeing a person wearing a brella under the sun. It's a no-no in here. Weird, ryt?

  7. Curbside Puppet ---nakakaitim kaya---anu kaba Bajie.

    Chyng---same thing---kailangan parin ng umbrella----hehe

  8. Dylan Dimaubusan---at panu yun? anu dinadala u? raincoat? keke

    KRIS JASPER ---what do people usually use there?

  9. saya nga naman. astig ng malaking payong. ilang tao din ang makikinabang doon.

    hirap sa summer ngayon dahil sobrang init tapos bigla na ang uulan.

  10. the donG--uo nga--mukhang maaga ang summer ngyng year na to---sayang---dipa ko solve.

  11. i love the pics! hehehe . . . thnx for adding me in your followings . . .

  12. Millionaire@age20---sorry I was not able to comment yet I guess---keke

  13. hello! how'r u?

    indeed those are world class beaches! it's time to enjoy the summer and get tanned! hehe.

  14. matatapos na ang summer hindi pa din ako pumupunta ng beach! haaay

  15. eunice ---yep---too bad though that i has been raining a lot these past few days----looks like rainy season will start early this year.....

    wanderingcommuter---buti namn pala at naka-2 nako---pero bitin parin ako---hehe


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