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my curtain call.......


It has been a year
renting in this place........

......a lot of things happened and a lot of things were learned and accomplished here. It served as my refuge for 15 months to be exact. A lot of bitter/sweet memories which will starting tomorrow will be part of the past.

I'm walking on.
Anyways, life is about moving forward.
Therefore, I'm looking ahead.


  1. happy moving to a new nest :D

  2. panibagong simula.. love eeet.

  3. tapos na ba ung mansion nyo?,it would be great to be on your own home..congrats!

  4. Lz----new nest--like that. I feel like a bird---lol

  5. ELAY---really hope to have a good start on this one.

  6. darkhorse---medyo nakakngarag din pero---hehe

  7. Dong---hehe--mansion---maliit lang na place na tama sa mag-asawa---wl na room for babies though---hehe

  8. DOng---sa mga bundok ng Binangonan--hehe

    Lerry---tagal nga e---nadelayed. [pero all's well the ends well ika nga.

  9. the good thing about endings is that we get to start all over again :) i wish you well mate. saan ka lipat? dun sa pinapagawa mong bahay? goodluck!

    tama ka, mate! Haha! Maxado lang akong assuming masyado! Hahaha!

  10. My wife and I will also be moving from our present abode in Makati to a new one in Pasig...

    Happy moving to a new nest :)

  11. mate---diko pinagawa yun---pabahay yun---hehe. uo-sa Binangonan

  12. dodong flores--odd---ako namn from Pasig to Binangonan---from the city jungle to the real jungle---hehe

  13. Past is past. Looking forward is one great thing about life. Hindi yun na-sstuck up ka sa isang lugar o sitwasyon. Kaya nga masaya ang buhay.

    So, when and where did you move out? Hopefully mas maging maganda sa bagong lilipatan... Kakaliipat ko lang din from London to the province area, and I'm loving the place. Hopefully it doesn't end there..

    Cheers mate! take care!

  14. i just hope na makapag move out na din ako sa bahay ko. three years na ako dito.

    have a nice adventure ahead of you sa bago mong nest!

  15. so, good luck nalang ha...

    tagal ko nawala dito ah...napano si pusang gala? bakit naging pusang kalye? hmmm...anyway, glad to be here again


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