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Friday, October 9, 2009

the refreshing side of Cebu .......

Since I realized that this blog is the easiest way to explain the annals of my daily life so I will shift to english again for the sake of my students in Korea who ask me the same question every Monday, "what did you do last weekend"? Pakita nalang ang blog for illustration. hehe

As I said, we eventually got tired of going around downtown with our bags so we opted to look for a place to leave them. Sugbutel near pier 4 seems to be a good idea for backpackers but not for the likes of us who don't know how to travel light. How can you travel light if you know you will be away for 3 days?

We took the jeepney to SM then to Ayala, then to Capitol building.......

capitolyo cebu
the provincial capitol of Cebu

capitol building

very elegant facade.....

Our Inn, Verbena Capitol Suites is just 25 meters away from the Capitol building so it's not hard to find. We had to leave 7am for Bohol the next day so I didn't fancy on an expensive hotel.

We took a nap for 2 hours and then set off to see the Taoist Temple uptown.....

the gate to the parking lot....

stairs to the main chapel


simply photogenic......

It's only 7 pesos away via Jeepney. Just ask the driver to drop you in the junction going to the Taoist temple and there are people there who will offer their motorbike for the uphill ride. 10 pesos per head to the gate of the village. From there, you have to walk for say 900 meters. There's no entrance fee here but the guard is a bit annoying as he would always remind people to keep their voice down without realizing that he is already screaming in the process. Rinig na ng buong Cebu ang boses nya.lol

Picture taking is allowed but not inside the chapels and no tripods allowed. I can't get the point in that. Wala tuloy couple picture. hehe

Taoist Temple- Cebu

feeling ko nasa Beijing ako--lol

Taoist Temple- Cebu

kanya -kanya muna--hehe

Taoist Temple- Cebu

humirit din....
Taoist Temple- Cebu

walang kasawa-sawa......

Taoist Temple- Cebu

ito naman parang nasa HK lang.....

I've never been inside a Chinese/ Taoist temple before so this is something exciting for me. We didn't notice the time and it was already dusk when we finished. We decided to go back to the city center in AYALA Mall.

This no doubt is one of the best things that Cebu recently have. As my former boardmate Ryan who is from Cebu said, better than GREENBELT. I kinda agree.
Ayala Mall-Cebu

sorry though if my camera can only handle this much...

Ayala Mall-Cebu

to the center of the park...

I really feel thankfull that we have AYALA MALLS in the country , or else, we have to settle for the boring facades and generic architecture that SM could offer. This is really a breath of fresh air for Cebu which is a city of contrast. Old and new.

Ayala Mall-Cebu

This place is romanticat dipa over-crowded so mararamdaman mo place.

Ayala Mall-Cebu

even the entrance is grand.....

Ayala Mall-Cebu

ayan na...nagsimula na ang cheeziness...lol

Ayala Mall-Cebu

me fountain pa sa background--parang nasa Luneta lang.

After buying a new shirt for the next days photo shoot (hehe) we took a taxi to larsian, the famous larsian na kung saan mangangamoy usok ka talaga ng barbeque at kung anu anu pang inihaw sa ayaw mo at sa gusto. I found the place festive. Parang pyesta lagi or birthday. hehe. It's only 50 pesos away from Ayala and a few steps away from Fuente Osmena.

Fuente Osmena at the heart of Cebu

We scrolled around the circle pero nakakatakot. Madilim. Not romantic at all. unless you want a horror/suspence kinda love story. Even the main avenue is dark. Maybe to emphasize the Capitol building which is brightly lit. That is , kung makarating ka sa capitol building ng buhay. hehe

capitol building at night

We decided to look for an internet cafe instead. And that's what I discovered. Interet cafe's are rare in Cebu. Or maybe in the area. Pero city center na to e pero me isa lang e-net cafe along capitol drive at 10 lang computers nila so it's full. We found another one upon turning left in G. Garcia. Dirin ako nakapag-upload ng pics kasi wala silang card reader. OMG.

After reading some emails, we retired for the night. Panglao Island will be next. See you there.


  1. buti pa kayo, pagala gala lang... sigh

  2. gillboard---tagal na kasi e---tigang na tigang na.lol

  3. Very fabuloush ang Ayala Cebu. Kaso yung stores sa loob, it's so Glorietta only. hihi

    Nice ang Taoist no? Nilakad nyo yun palabas? Layo! Nwey, Very photogenic!

  4. Chyng--at least soo Glorieta not soo SM--hehe

  5. Teknisyan----salamat. yun lang--hehe

  6. this is one of my dream destinations. Cebu.

    The capitol looks so grand. I love it.

    Mukhang enjoy ang bakasyon ah! Nice!

  7. Never been to the Taoist Temple. Wish I could visit there when I happen to go to Cebu :D

  8. Allen---kung historic places hanap mo---Cebu is simply the best---pero medyo napapabayaan na yung mga places of interest
    pakiramdam ko lang---it's like they are paying more attention of development---should be a fusion of both---that's what Cebu is best at....

  9. Paolo---kelan ba ang punta natin sa Cebu?

  10. I miss Cebu that's why I will be visiting this weekend! LOL. The last time I went there was New Year 2009. Ganda ng Ayala Center noh? When I first saw it, I thought of Greenbelt agad. When you visit Cebu next time, try Casa Escano. It's near Capitol din. I wrote about it in my site. Their amenities, facilities and service are excellent, not to mention the food too! :-)

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