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Wanna say thank you to Bill, my student from South Korea and his mom for sending me and Josh a bunch of goods last week.....


Bill in Jeju Island

 I actually didn't like them to send anything but after weeks of persuasion, I finally gave in. Now we have a bunch or ramien and kim to deal with. hehe

goodies from Korea

A taste of Korean generosity...

Included are keyholders with Sang-pyeong-tong-bo, a Korean brass coin that was in circulation during the Choseon dynasty period. cool

Korean goods

.......and I was even granted my request for a Magnetic memo holder which will be added to my collection. There were originally 6 as it is a set but Josh had to take the 3 of them. sigh

Korean goods
(upper left side) Magnetic memo holder
....Samulnori, the king and the bride

He was supposed to send coca-cola in can as he is aware that I have such but I reprimanded him not to. The last attempt by another student to send me a box of coke and pepsi products from South Korea was not successful for reasons I don't know. 

고마워 Bill for the gifts. And please say salamat again to your mom.....


  1. cool! parang gusto ko rin nung key holder from the Choseon dynasty. hehe!

  2. LUCAS....hehe--gustio nga akong bigyang ng kwentas pero di ako nasuot ng kwentas e. di bagay.lol

  3. naks! jejejejeje ako rin mahilig bumili ng magnets sa mga lugar na napuntahan ko na... jejejeje

  4. I am Xprosaic---uo nga--narealize ko na mas maganda---kasi mas handy at magaan.

  5. Hmmm generous talaga sila (speaking rom experience).... Thay value people, especially teachers, a lot.

  6. glentot---uo. yun talaga. mataas respeto nila sa teachers.....marami rin kurips. swertehan lang, hehe

  7. awesome gifts. a filipino hospitality earning back korean gratitude. cool.

  8. ang cute ng Korea dolls! tara, Jeju island tayo? Ü

  9. lawstude---hmmm. well said. tama yan. hehe

  10. Chyng ---anu kaba---ang mahal kaya sa Jeju Island....hehe

  11. Very nice! Pengeng ramen noodles! hehe..I've experience their hospitality and generosity as well nung nasa BAguio ako..sobrang bait ng mga Koreans..

    Jeju Island, pangarap kong makapunta dun.. :D


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