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something missing

I can't say i stopped believing. I still know inside that there should be one omnipotent being which explains why this amazing universe exists. But I cut my bond with God long time ago when I started blaming Him for all the struggles I've been to..........

.....the humbling experiences I had these past few months made me realize that there is something missing in my life that's why the peace and happiness I am searching for has been so elusive.

the majestic interior of Taytay church

 the many churchgoers in Taytay Rizal

....and so I am trying to connect to Him again. My faith is still weak but now there is an urge and willingness in me to  reaffirm my relationship with Him. Everybody needs help. In this life, I need His help........


  1. "For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever!"2 Cor.4:17(NLT)

    i hope these words of God will enlighten you. its never too late, He did not forsake you, He is just waiting for you! BE STRONG IN THE LORD...

    tamang-tama,malapit na holy week.pagnilay-nilayan mo yan ha?..God bless

  2. there you are ............ you're back!
    WELCOME! "HE missed you too"

  3. Lerry---salamat nang marami---dati send ka ng mga ganyan. honestly---diko masyadong pi9nagtutuuunan ng pansin. salamat talga

  4. rodangeles---- I guess so, it's just that I have a lot of misconceotions about blaming him for my troubles. I should have known that those are my choices and I can only blame myself....

  5. Akala ko ikakasal ka na... jijijijijiji

  6. I am Xprosaic ---malapit na rin..hehe

  7. What a great resource!

  8. very good!
    and yes, HE surely missed you too! ♥

  9. Chyng--- yan siguro ang secret mo Chyng that's why you are bubbling with positive energy. thanks

  10. God Is Good All The Time!
    Just keep the faith : )


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