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echo valley and the hanging coffins

.....when I had a chat with Dianne, the granddaughter of the owner of Sagada resthouse, she said that one of the best time to visit Sagada is during pyesta ng patay ( All Saints Day) coz they celebrate it in a strange way there. Instead of using candles, they use's crazy she early as 3pm, people are already lining up in the church to get their logs blessed before they proceed to the cemetery. And the moment they start firing those woods, the whole place becomes dark of smoke. Bonfire and gimick ng mga tao dito.....

And of coarse, during the old days, people didn't put their dead in the cemetery, they are placed in wooden coffins in fetal position and are hidden in areas like caves or cliffs, and so the hanging coffins of echo valley is another famous destination in Sagada.

It's near the town center, so no need for a guide or ride. All you need to do is locate the church.....
the cemetery on the way to Echo Valley

Saint Mary's church of Sagada.... 


getting ready for the group jump in the church ground... 

sagada church
parang sa Koreanovela lang......

......past the church is the cemetery. We learned from the guide that you don't have to pay for the space here to have your dead buried.Probably the only Catholic Cemetery free of charge in the Philippines.   And if I may say so, one of the most picturesque cemetery in the country.....

those trees seem to be watching over the dead....

the group carefully listening to our guides lecture....

Further down the cemetery is ECHO Valley, here, you can scream all you want and could really hear your echo when you do so, thus its called such.

the trail to echo valley....

wonder why it's called echo valley?

Along the way, you can see several coffins under the rocks....


a little more climb on the opposite hill and you will see the famous hanging coffins.....

naka-hang nga...... 

see the chair...that's where the dead person was seated before he was placed in the coffin....

If you noticed, Justine was not in the group photo. He was told by his girlfriend not to have pictures in the place, and he abided fearfully. hehe. Since we went here straight from Bomod-ok falls, we were already starved. Had lunch in the only resto in Sagada offering Korean food. Owned by a Filipino though so the versions of their Korean food is not as authentic as that of Manila...and it took eternity to serve. Ganun talaga dito siguro sa Sagada, wala pakong nakitang resto na nasatisfy ako sa service nila. Even sa log cabin patagalan din.....

After lunch, we checked some souvenirs down the road and from there parted ways coz our new buddies had to go spelunking with Aps....we took our time in the afternoon to relax and enjoy nearby establishments like the Ganduyan Museum and Sagada Weaving 

Ms Christina, the owner and curator of Ganduyan Museum lecturing a group of visitors...

old Igorot baskets..... 

such rich collection....

We were actually surprised to find out that such rich collection is privately owed. Had the chance to have a small talk with Ms Christina ( who is by the way a cancer survivor) and she said the government denied her of assistance several times and is willing to cooperate with her only until she decides to sell the whole place....and so she has given up and decided to just maintain the place on her own.

with Ms Christina..... 
 Our last stop for the day was Sagada Weaving, just a few meters from the municipal hall. We checked their stuffs and they are quite expensive. If you plan to buy in bulk be sure to go there during your first day as they are to be ordered. We later found out the reason behind the high prices.....

when you see these weavers in'll get to admire them and understand why..... 
Teresa pretending to know how to weave..... 
Indeed, your Sagada experience will never be complete without learning more about the way of life he...Sagada is not just about beautiful cliffs, waterfalls, caves, and terraces. It's about the people who you will admire for creating such a wonderful place on earth---one which is a fusion of man and nature....


  1. waahhh. nakakainggit k talga kuya anton ..ang dami dami m n napuntahan. hehe

  2. kikilabotz ---sama ka kasi sakin/samin...hehe

  3. Still remains to be the #1 Adventure Place that I'd been to. Namiss ko yung Sagada, binasa ko ulit yung blog ko. hihi

    Anong comment mo sa English ni Ms.Aben?

  4. parang ang saya ng weaving... may nabuo naman kayo?

    tsaka onga, mang-aya ka naman.. sama ako!!!

  5. Chyng---e YM ko nalang sayo comment ko ha. para
    at talaga namang ganun---I also made this blog so that one babasahin ako. hehe

  6. gillboard---umupo lang kami nyan---kunwa-kunwarian

  7. ayun oh! haneep! nag buwis buhay pose ka din ba diyan? ahahaha! at anu naman sinigaw mo sa valley aber? haha! malamang ganto noh? gwapo ako ko ko ko ko (echo yan! hahaha!)

  8. wow, sagada... i wanna see the hanging coffins myself there... i heard mainland china has such hanging coffins too...oh you make me wanna go to sagada...

  9. princess_dyanie---sinubukan ko yun kaso di nag-echo so sinabi ko nalang--meow!!!!!

  10. fufu ---really? what part of China mate? Sagada is paradise on earth---from the town---if you move out in any directions, you simply see beauty anywhere.....

  11. nakakatuwa at nice pektyurs..naeengganyo na tlaga ako pumunta ng sagada wahahaha!!! saya!!!

  12. Sendo ---LAYO NGA LANG SA vISAYAS---12 HOURS FROM Manila....6 hours na zigzag na walang patid from baguio.

  13. ang galing! talagang pupuntahan k ito...masyado ako na-enganyo ng mga kuwento mo at larawan!

    ganda ng mga pictures.anong dslr ang gamit mo bro? kakainggit talaga heheh..very sharp at very vivid ang mga photos!

  14. Dennis Villegas---alo Denis--naku, mag-emo ba. me pagka-emo kapala? hehe. nikon d3000 gamit ko. entry level ng nikon dslr.

  15. I saw these hanging coffins featured in the Born to Be Wild last Wednesday.
    Marami na rin pala talagang foreign tourists na pumupunta diyan...

    Nice photos. Ang ganda lahat ng pagkakuha...

    I definitely would love to visit this place one of these days...

  16. i like the idea like you're just in a koreanovela. you could have done a short clip of them. lol.

    ganda talaga ng sagada.

  17. ang ganda nung sementeryo pati simbahan! gusto ko jan ako mamamatay. hahaha.

  18. Grabe, sobrang swerte nyo ng wife mo at nagkaroon kayo ng chance na ma-explore ang kagandahan ng Sagada parekoy.

    Hands down ako sa mga magnificent shots mo... ang ganda talaga sa Sagada.

  19. yikes.. kakatakot naman... can't imagine staying on that place late at night

  20. by the way thanks for visiting me in my blog.

  21. dodong flores---born to be wild is a foreign program diba kuya dodong? mas marami daw foreign tourists dati....ngyn grabe ang influx ng mga locals.....nareverse na.

  22. dom---uo, ang photogenic kasi nila e. how I wish photogenic din wala kasing video tong camera ko e. next time. hehe

  23. Allen---oi. saka mo na sabihin yan. bata ka pa. hehe

  24. fiel-kun---hnads down talaga ha. thanks

  25. bluedreamer27---ikaw ba naman mag-overnight sa sementeryo. anu kaba. lol. salamat din

  26. hinde ba nakakatakot makita yung coffins hehe..

    add kita sa blog roll ko ah

  27. buhayprinsesa--honestly, hindi. para ka lang tumitingin sa kahoy.unless, mag-imagine ka ng kung

  28. antonyow! haha! local show lang yung born to be wild. sa gma7 yun. wow ikaw na ang mayaman! entry level lang sayo ang nikon d3000? eh di ako na nga ang purita! haha!

  29. princess_dyanie---ikaw talaga....e yun ang tawag ng Nikon sa camera nila e. wala akong magagawa.hehe

  30. AStig ang trip na ito! I love the pics at amazed ako sa mga hanging coffins...literally naka-hang talaga hehehe...creepy yan tingnan pag bandang dapit hapon na or pag madilim na...

    pupuntahan ko iyan pag may time ako...

  31. haha.. uu nga no... kala ko kasi parang movie lang LOL...

    anyways,, ito yung main blog ko tol

  32. Jag---uo--pero wag namang dalawin yan ng hapon u gumagabi na kasi kung dika mana mamatay sa takot, mamatay ka sa hulog sa bangin papunta don.hehe

  33. bluedreamer27---a okay--thanks. check ko.

  34. Someday, I'll check it myself! waahh! (inggit!) haha! :D

  35. mishi---when you go there with your bf, you will discover more of yourselves....

  36. Hindi, Born to be Wild is a local program from GMA7, Hehehe :) It is aired late at night every Wednesday. It is one of my favorite local TV program about ecological concern, forest conservation, endangered marine life, etc.

  37. Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!


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