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Monday, July 26, 2010

Young Photographers Philippines ( YoPHO)

The Young Photographers Philippines (YoPho) is a non-profit organization composed of students, young professionals, artists and media people whose main objective is to pursue their Passion for Photography and to mold the next generation of Filipino photographers. 

YOPHO is a group started in the Nikon thread of digital photographers Philippines with the title "Nikon users below 25". It has now evolved to include non-nikon users and with the age limit extended to twenties and below.This is the next generation of digital photographers in the making. Taken from the words of Franz Lopez, one of the admins, "Its not just a plain hobby. for Money? for Fame? its more than that. it's for Passion."

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Monday, July 19, 2010


note: 3 people guessed my contest trivia last time. GOYO, Feil Khun and Ardee Sean. I picked the winner via draw by lots. LOCATION: Binangonan Rizal.And the book goes to...drum roll --- Fiel-Kun. congratulations!!

I am growing weary of this alternating sunny and rainy weather with matching humidity beyond tolerable levels, my most hated time of the year when you don't know what to expect. Di nalang umulan kung umulan. Been hitching for a retreat.

Good thing my friend offered her condo in Coral Beach Club Batangas.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

2nd blog anniversary contest......

........yes. This post is for a contest. My blog turned 2 today. In as much as I try to be discreet about it, I think being able to blog for 2 years is an achievement. We are talking of dog years here where 1 year for them is equivalent to 10.5 for us. I am a very impatient and restless person. I easily bore myself as reflected in my endless change in career. But it seems that blogging is something that I can enjoy doing for years to come.

As a sign of my gratitude for all those people who shared my stories, I am launching this simple contest.

Just guess where this place is. ( DongHo Style). You simply have to mention the town and that's it. If more than 1 person gets the correct answer, I will pick from among them through raffle. Deadline for submission will be Friday this week, July 16 and the winner will be announced on the 19th-Monday ( as I will be out of town this coming weekend.)
somewhere out there....

Monday, July 5, 2010

Digital Photographer Philippines 4th anniversary

erBonifacio High Street literally became a photographer's haven last Saturday as Digital Photographer Philippines celebrated it's 4th anniversary with a whole day of Free Workshops from the country's top photographers as well as live judging and after party.

never seen as many megazooms my entire life.....

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