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Young Photographers Philippines ( YoPHO)

The Young Photographers Philippines (YoPho) is a non-profit organization composed of students, young professionals, artists and media people whose main objective is to pursue their Passion for Photography and to mold the next generation of Filipino photographers. 

YOPHO is a group started in the Nikon thread of digital photographers Philippines with the title "Nikon users below 25". It has now evolved to include non-nikon users and with the age limit extended to twenties and below.This is the next generation of digital photographers in the making. Taken from the words of Franz Lopez, one of the admins, "Its not just a plain hobby. for Money? for Fame? its more than that. it's for Passion."

find us in facebook....

With initially a few members, they had their first EB and photowalk on May 16, 2009 in Intramuros Manila  attended by Aina Rosales, Andie Madamba, Bea Litao, Bruce Angeles, GJ Labasug, Jerome Cruz, Mae Navarro, Nico Servando, Rennell Salumbreand and Yem Castro.

 from left: Yem Castro, Franz Lopez and Ian-- some of the pioneers of YOPHO

showing GJ in extreme of the admins

The average age of it's members is 23. You even see 19 year-olds across the spectrum. All photo enthusiasts and very passionate about it. Some are now slowly making names in the field. One year on, more than a hundred people have signed up to join.Although some are no longer active and the final membership list is still in the process of refinement, this means countless EB's and photowalks.

courtesy of Franz Lopez


And just to prove how serious this group is, they even organized the first ever tournament type photography event in the world as a prototype for the upcoming first ever Summer Photocamp in the country. This only a few months after their first year anniversary. It's learning while enjoying at it's best.


the awards night of extreme photo challenge @Astoria Plaza last June

be sure to watch this~~
I joined more than a month ago and was actually surprised to be the oldest in the bunch. I don't wanna care much about the age factor even if it is often the subject of jokes in our endless skype group chats. All I know is that I am enjoying the process of learning photography and that this group is just perfect for that cause.The members are fun to be with and you really learn a lot from them. They are very warm, and as long as you are enthusiastic to learn, you will be utmost welcome to join.


group photo  in front of Binondo Church--by Franz Lopez

After signing up, it takes 2 photowalks/EB's before you could be put on probationary status after which you will be an official member. Last Saturday was my 2nd. It was the send off party of EUGENE, one of the members, who will be moving to the US.


 pizza party @ yellowcab MOA


 during the Phil Motor show, WTC Pasy August 21, 2010
If you are interested to join, follow us in facebook or you can sign up in  DPP and join our forum.Be sure to leave your details.  There, you can learn some of the tricks of dslr use and join the discussion.

photo credits:
Franz Lopez
Yem Castro
Bobbit Lim
Jason Gregorio

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  1. i wish i can buy dslr na para maka join sa group before i turn 30 hehehe

  2. buhayprincesa---kelan kaba magiging 30?haha

  3. kudos to this group! this will definitely encourage more young photographers.

  4. KUMAGCOW ---kilala mo ba YOPHO? kasi yung model mo na nakita ko last time---naging model din nila.

  5. dong ho ---a breeding ground for young photographers for sure Dom.

  6. Mervin--ito na yun. sabay sa RB ng mga bloggers. buti nalang MOA pareho.

  7. Sumali kaya ako? What you think?

  8. pwede b sumali jan khit walang dslr? may nakita akong mgndang member eh. ahihihihi

  9. Yes pusangkalye, I know some of them.. kasi Yopho and Digital Katipuneros have some common members

  10. glentot--- why not? unless gusto ma na talagang utapon yang camera mo. beware though, most members are nikon babies. kidding

  11. kikilabotz--manyakis ka talaga Marvin. ibang group nalang samahan mo. don ka nalang sa pokpok club. bwahaha. peace

  12. KUMAGCOW---so, are you a member of DK John?

  13. ang gaganda ng mga photos. iniisip ko tuloy sana dslr na lang binili ko at hindi ps3. hehehe

  14. gillboard---ps3. iba naman yun. next na dslr. hehehe

  15. Before anything else, gusto ko lang magpasalamat ulit sa yo parekoy for the book. I already received it this morning (mga 30 mins ago). I will read it after my internet and blog hopping session this morning. Salamat ng marami ^_^

    Huwaw, I wish I could join the group too. Kaso, wala akong DSLR lols. I know, yan ang main weapon nyo jan xD

    Astig yung photo sa front ng Binondo Church. Yung edited version na may blue and red balls of light sa mga kamay nila ^_^

  16. fiel-kun--glad you already have it. hope maging bible mo rin yan like I do. About the pics...yeah---you need to be a dslr user at least. para ma-maximize mo talaga learning~~~~

  17. nice! pwede mag-apply na model? lol! biro lang :))


  18. TDB---why not??hahaha. just contact our

  19. Sounds like an awesome group and nice photos as well!

  20. parang sobrang saya nyo sa mga larawan! =)

    ..thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment on my post. you're welcome to frequent it. stay tuned as i bring my blog to penang malaysia soon.

  21. Charles Bjørnsen Ravndal ---yeah. ang cool nga nila and full of talents and energy. mga bata pa kasi.

  22. docgelo---yeah. that's how they are. very passionate kasi talaga sa photography. that's the good part. they know how to enjoy it.

  23. ayun oh! myembro na ng isang organisasyon haha!

    drawing ka! tse!

  24. princess_dyanie--what do you mean drawing? di ko magets.haha

  25. ang slowvakia namen haha! drawing kapag may sinabi pero di tinutupad. kumbaga nagsulat sa tubig na may langis. tse. nagets mo na? haha!

  26. hi...daddy anton este kuya anton =) thanks for featuring yopho =) your followers feel free to join...kahit alang camera kahit digicam lhng okie lhng yun as long as you have the passion and wanted to learn and enjoy photography.. everyone is welcome.. =)

  27. wow so happening out there ya :) wish to join you guys later when i go to the philippines again after my studies!

  28. princess_dyanie---naintindihan ko na unti but I still can't comprehend why you said the whole thing. hmmmp

  29. Anonymous--I know it's you Yem.....

    ""kahit alang camera kahit digicam lhng okie lhng yun as long as you have the passion and wanted to learn and enjoy photography.. everyone is welcome..""""

    ---and I don't know this. surprise, surprise.

    to have it from one of the admins of YOPHO though is reason enough to celebrate. thanks for caring to read my blog and even leaving a very warm message.cheers~~~~

  30. fufu --yeah. I even thought it would be this Sept Fufu, but I guess you have to stay in Brazil till next year yeah? hope to see you then,,.....

  31. Renell Salumbre sounds familiar. I think he's from UST.. hmm..

  32. klomster--many Yopho members are from UST...are you also Thomasian?

  33. Sana may time ako to join. I had my DSLR and just read some books regarding photography. Mas okay kung may real persons na magshashare ng nalalaman. Pag may time na ako, I wish I could join.

  34. i want a dslr!


    hay... kelan kaya

  35. CaptainRunner~---why not? subrang busy. cut ka muna sa mga marathons mo. or shoot while running.hehe

  36. Abou--I had so many 2nd thoughts before. now I know I should have started earlier. takes you to a different level, a different experience, a different world. jump in

  37. I joined yopho with the simple pretext of finding photowalk buddies but I realized that's there's more to this group than that. A diverse bunch with so much passion in the craft, lots of fresh ideas and a promising future ahead. Best of all, they know how to have fun. Photography is their life but they know how to have life in between each click of the shutter.

  38. YoPHO members might be interested to join the Meralco Digital Photo Contest. Capture an "Ang liwanag ng bukas" moment and get a chance to win as much as P10,000. Details of the contest can be found in the TechKNOWlogy Facebook page -

  39. YoPho looks like fun! :) Pasali! Hahaha!


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