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CHRISTMAS 2010: An intimate celebration of two families

I came to realize just this year that Christmas in East Asian Countries particularly Japan and South Korea is for lovers. In the Philippines though, it's more of a family affair. For the past 29, there has never been a Christmas that me and my wife never spent with our immediate families.

my wife and her sister on our way to their house....

It has been our dilemma though for the the past 11 years as to where to spend Christmas eve, with my then fiancee for 10 year's family or my family. Since our houses are just a few kilometers apart, we have always managed to stay in one house together then jump to the other before midnight strikes. Still a hard decision to make year after year.

This 2010 was a bit different. Since my sister decided to spend xmas in Ilocos Norte with her in-laws. Along with her is my niece and another sibling and my older brother was stuck in Manila due to work leaving only four of us back home, we decided to combine both families and celebrate noche buena together.


Its was our first time to do this. Go to another house and celebrate with another family. It turned out to be a very good experience. Me and my wife are very happy knowing that our parents get along well. Weddings are really a union of two families and its nice to know that long after the ceremonies are over, both families are still in good relationship. Christmas for me is really about family and intimacy.......

Our moms enjoyed  cooking together while our fathers chatted over alcohol. Teresa and i were busy assisting them and making sure the kids also had a good time.

I was grilling barbecue while the rest dance to the beat of christmas medleys when I snapped this photo....

 We make it a point to brave 6 hours of bus ride, additional 30 minutes by tricycle and another 45minutes by boat just to get home. We do it not just for our parents but for the kids as well. After all, Christmas is for them. We make it a point that we spend quality time with them. Prepare some games so as to keep them awake till midnight and make Christmas the most memorable time of the year for them.

happy kids
 Christmas is about kids....

I sometimes think that it takes so much effort and financial resources to go back to our hometown just to spend the holidays with our love ones.But with families as caring as ours and a place as lovely and peaceful as Anda, I think of the entire experience as more of a vacation.

I thought Christmas in the countryside is really special because its more intimate. And that's how I want to spend every Christmas of every year. No matter how simple it maybe, it's best spent with your family.......



  1. i agree,

    and no matter how simple naman is the celebration, still, it turns out to be the best.....

    saka walang pakelamanan dapat, pasko naten to eh, ehehehe

  2. I always wish I have a far-away home province to go home to on holidays such as Christmas. Merry Christmas too Anton and family.

  3. such a great move. ill definitely try to do this when ill have my own family.

    now i miss anda.

    Merry Christmas Anton!

  4. I spent christmas in Japan when I was 19 and honestly, masaya pa rin ang pasko sa pinas kasama ang pamily

  5. im glad u had a meaningful and happy christmas with both of your families beside you.. ;))

    loveeeeee the photos.. reminds of childhood memories.. christmases i spent with my grandparents in Nueva Ecija. :D

    lumipat ako ng bahay anton.. ahihihi!

  6. katuwa naman!
    happy me sa'yo 1st christmas u yan na mas malaki ang family mo.
    sana next year may chikiting n kayo.

  7. Ang saya ng pasko. Dumadayo. Merry Christmas Sir. :)

  8. have a belated Christmas and wonderful new year men... :D

  9. Good to know that you enjoyed your Christmas sir.
    ako din super enjoy,
    dahil bata pa ako,
    ang Pasko ay para sa AMIN :]

  10. no matter who you are, o anong hobby mo, united tayo as one pag pasko. nothing's lovelier than being a home with family =)

  11. i envy you anton. my mom is in the u.s. while my dad already has another family. but me and my remaining siblings see to it to spend christmas and new year at our hoetown. tapos, webcam na lang sa mom at brother ko in the states.

    have a great year ahead of you.


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