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EN ROUTE: pusangkalye's 2010 travel destinations in pictures

 I realized that my travels were limited this year. Compared to other travel bloggers I could be considered as a home buddy. I was not able to go anywhere until the end of April 2010 due to preparations for my wedding which was a major financial burden. But I have no regrets. Less travel this year would mean more places to see in 2011. One more thing, 2010 has become a mix of events, photography and personal blogging and I couldn't be more happy thinking that I was able to balance leisure, work and personal achievements in my relationships as a married man.

1. Banaue and Hungduan Rice Terraces


2. Sagada


3. Coral Beach Batangas 

Coral Beach ClubcoralDSC_1879

4. Puerto Prinsesa Palawan



mangroveforestpusangkalye-1-85starfish_island_hondabayhonda_bay_islandhonda bay_23

5. Alaminos-Hundred Islands


6. Bolinao Pangasinan

Bolinao Rock formation


I failed to mention our side trip last March during the Lenten Season when we visited our friend in Pampanga. Thanks to him, we finally got to see the famous dramatization of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in Clavary.The setting, Barngay Cutud Pampanga. The event, Maleldo 2010. It was frightening to watch. At least for me.

We also went to Subic's Ocean Adventure. All photos were courtesy of his NIKON d3000 camera.

ocean adventure april 3 495
ocean adventure april 3 606

I hope to travel more this year and practice more on landscape photography. While going to off beaten places is a major challenge, I don't see anything wrong with visiting famous travel destinations in our country. My main goal now is to take good photos of the places I go to. In the first place, it is every travel bloggers responsibility to give justice to the places they visit by taking quality pictures. I thought of engaging into travel blogging 2 years ago coz I wanna help in promoting key travel destinations in the Philippines. And so I tried to improve in photography. I am not saying that I am now good at it, I still feel that I still have a lot to learn and I am willing to do so. After all, I don't want to do more harm than good to the beleaguered tourism industry of this country.

To all travel bloggers out there, more fun and exciting travels to all of us in 2011.......



  1. 3 pa lang diyan ang napuntahan.. thrice sa sagada.. mag fourth pa hopefully first quarter next year.. ;))

    happy new year anton!

  2. paborito ko ung Sagada! although maliit lang ung lugar hindi ako nabobored pasyalan

  3. As always amazing shots... I especially like the Palawan and Banaue shots... very magazine cover worthy! Though most of your 2010 travels is around the country, most are key destinations to the country that I have never been and wishes to visit. May the coming year take you to more places to travel! Happy 2011!

  4. if your goal is to take better photos, then congrats dahil you have achieved it!

    kita mo naman, kitang kita ang improvement.. early this year, pareho tayong noob sa dslr. ngay0n, promising na ang mga photos mo! ikaw na!!! =)

  5. these are superb pictures....i cant find any glitch sir! bow down clap hands...ahehe

    mabuti kapa nga atleast it seems you still have time and money to visit those places...ako? manila lang ang napuntahan ko this year...nothing new...

    i really wish I can travel that much too next year......basta travel gagawan ng paraan...ahehe

    happy new year sir!

  6. Yan ang tunay na diwa ng travel blogger. I wish I can travel like that too. Palipat lipat na lang ng sasakyan sa pagpasyal at hindi na puro mall. Haha. happy New year. :)

  7. ganda talaga ng palawan shots mo. astig ng kulay! ;)

    more more photo/travel opportunities for you kuya! :D

    btw, isa ka sa nag-influence sa akin para gawing semi-photoblog ang site ko. thanks sa inspiration kuya! :D

  8. No so bad sir. Ang dami mo din napuntahan at ang gaganda naman ng pictures. I hope to read more travel stories from you next year!
    Happy New Year sir!
    May award ako sa yo. basa na lang po sa blog ko :]

  9. nakakainggit! hehe

    ga2nda pa ng shots,

    i hope you'd be able to travel more in 2011....

    God Bless po, and Happy New Year! :)

  10. wwhahah ikaw na talaga.. wala na... manalo ka ba.. hehe kidding aside... ang ganda ng mga kuha ha... sabi ko naman sayo apply ka sa Travel Asia as a photographer eh heheh "D

    isa sa mga bucket list ko andito ung rice terraces lupit mo....imba ka...

    have a great and wonderful new year sayo tsong..
    thanks for being part of my 2010

    salamat sa kwentuhan sa YM about photography!!

  11. Wala pa miski isa jan ang napupuntahan ko po.. kuya? anu po gamit mong camera???


  12. I'm one with you in saying we should try our best as travel bloggers in capturing images that do justice to the destinations we visit. Our creativity is as boundless as the horizon far yonder - go travel more and have a happy new year!

  13. More travel pa this 2011! hehehehhe happy new year pusangkalye! hehehhehe

  14. wow naman ang gaganda ng mga pictures lalo na yung mga pics sa palawan..haay kailan kaya ako makakapagtravel na parang tulad mo kuya?inggit much!tsk

  15. wow nakakainggit naman! dream destinations ko ang rice terraces at palawan!

  16. Anu ka ba, don't say na "major financial burden" yung wedding mo. Kasi tingnan mo naman ang result dba? You have someone to grow old with. Maswerte ka at nakita mo sya. Wag ka nga jan haha!

    Hay nakows dapat anjan na din ako sa post na yan eh kaso nag drawing ka dun sa legazpi market ahahaha!! :))

    Happy New Year Antoniooow! Ako lang ang tumatawag sa yo nyan! :D

  17. Yun oh! Ayos ng 2010 mo! Soaring high talaga! hehehehhehe... Happy new year sa iyo!

  18. witwiw! oo landscape photog! ganda ng mga shots mo e ;)


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