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Land Attractions in Bolinao
as part of the

note: I have cut short my western Pangasinan Series a few weeks ago to prevent the umay effect and give way to new entries I am bringing a few back coz a similar reaction is now happening on my events. I hope my readers still note that this blog has evolved and it is more appropriately defined now as a photoblog of my travels and events and everything in between.....

BOLINAO FALLS is a series of Falls located in the central part of Bolinao Pangasinan. It is around 15-20 minutes away from town of which half would be traveled through rough road conditions. If you plan to include it in your itinerary, I highly suggest that you try to arrange it with your hotel/resort before going to Bolinao as it is even farther from where the accommodations are located in Patar area which is another 15-20 minutes away from town on another route. In short, it is somewhat out of way so most land tours would take you here first before going back to town and then eventually to Patar.


The way to the falls is kinda strange because you will not pass through hills or mountains. You will be surprised that such falls would exist in this area. The terrain is basically flat until the driver would tell you to get off the car and take a walk. It would appear to you then that there's a sudden lower portion out of nowhere where the falls runs through.

The way down is not very beautiful. There is a cemented stairway which will lead you to the falls which we noticed is already old and needs renovation. But once you get down the waterfalls itself, you will be surprised at how clear and clean the water is. We arrived here at around 10:30 am after eating breakfast in town and a short tour of the church, and public market. we were supposed to stay for only a few minutes because we had to check in at Puerto del Sol by 11:30 am in time for lunch but my colleagues were not able to resist the water and started stripping one by one......    



I was wearing jeans and shoes myself as I have no plans of taking a dip. But after a few minutes of taking photos, I also gave in to the temptation. Good thing I did, I got to appreciate the waterfalls more and the soothing cool water. This is something I never even thought of trying in Bohol sometime last year. Now I know better. While waterfalls are pleasant in the eyes, they could be more appreciated if you take a plunge.

Cai and Robbie-- picture perfect

pusangkalye in jeans and sneakers in the waterfalls. what?

During the photo sessions, our guide started telling stories of the LEGEND of Bolinao falls. I missed it but was later relayed to me by my friends. He spoke of Boli and Nao, Boli (woman ) saw Nao in this place and he immediately fell in love with him. Who knows what happened next. hahaha

Maybe a similar thing with the photo below?

Robbie and Cai making fun( Boli and Nao? lol)

I heard that the local government is planning to improve the way leading to waterfalls which might mean they have to close it to the public for a few months. So if you have plans of going to Bolinao, better have it planned as soon as possible. January is approaching and it is a good time to visit.

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  1. i'll be there sooon! wahahahahaha. ay malalim ba ung tubig? di ako marunong magswim eh hehehehe

  2. wow! inggit much! winner sana kung ND400+long exposure

  3. yun oh.. ang ganda nga mga shoot.. lalo na ung sa falls.... :D

  4. me and my officemates are planning to visit Bolinaonext year, we will definitely include this in our IT... thanks...

  5. the falls looks indeed inviting!
    can't blame you if you gave in to the temptation. bakit naman kasi naka jeans at sneakers? hehehe

  6. the falls looks indeed inviting!
    can't blame you if you gave in to the temptation. bakit naman kasi naka jeans at sneakers? hehehe

  7. I have never been to real-life falls and this seems amazing... very enticing to take a dip...

  8. Yup! and isa rin sa madalas kong napapansin it even is better seen personal than in pictures... Surely, masarap talaga magtampisaw! hehehehehhehe

  9. Bino--malalim don sa me binabagsakan ng tubig. pero don sa malapit sa batong tinutungtungan namin okay lang. don kami lahat nagkumpol kumpol. sarap ng tubig.

  10. Mel---awww. honga. chineck ko at nawala yung mga entries----sayang, mas sleek pamandin ang design ngyn---portfolio na ito!!!

  11. Axl Powerhouse--naimagine kita bigla na nagsiswimming dyan. parang sirena lang.hahaha

  12. Pinoy AdvenTurista--yun. try to stay in Puerto del Sol din para win na win ang experience. you will never regret it!!!

  13. Ian--uo--pero we have to admit. me mga falls na intimidating. nakakatakot lumublub. not this one

  14. Xprosaic--ay--para siu pala yung message ko kay Ian above.hahaha

  15. ardee sean---from Bataan to Bolinao. why not. lapit na nyan.

  16. Kahit pabalik-balik ako sa Pangasinan, hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa rin napupuntahan yan. Another good place in Pangasinan is the Tambobong beach area. Mahirap nga lang puntahan pero sulit kasi medyo tago yung lugar. :)

    Btw, I am a graduating student from UP Manila and blog hopping led me here. :) I was wondering if you could answer a survey I made regarding Filipino bloggers. This is for my thesis and answering will only take you a couple of minutes.


    Confidentiality will be of utmost priority. Answering my survey will be very much appreciated. Thanks! :)

  17. melovesflying --sure I will. pleasure is mind. btw---you occasionally go to Bolinao for the research facility of your school there ayt?

  18. Si Cai and Robbie ang bida sa post na ito hahaha! Kulet!

  19. Ang ganda pala talaga sa hometown ni Andoy na emo ngayon. Haha. Nakakainis yung falls, nakakaakit paghubadan at pagtampisawan. Haha.

  20. welcome back to travel blogging my friend! but i agree sa umay factor.. flooding ang bolinao series.. hehe

    jan ba naganap ang scandal mo? =)

  21. Ada-- honga.it's their time to shine naman.hahaha

  22. Ako si Yow--sinu si Andoy? diko kilala.hahaha

  23. Chyng---yung ang trademark ko. flooding.lol. dami kasi eh. balak ko icover ang specific areas. me 2 pa ngang susunod eh. yaan mo na. ang gusto ko kasi is kumbaga i-profile sila isa-isa. kasi after a few months matatabunana na to ang each blog post will be working on their own. para may pasearch ang mga tao kung sakali.

    I love Bolinao na eh. hehehe

  24. Sayang talaga sana tumagal pa tayo dun sa falls. Ang ganda ng Bolinao, sarap balikan.

  25. Bolinao Falls is just one of the many tourist destination that bolinao can offer,We have a list of beautiful sites in our website.Hope you can visit bolinao again and,BolinaoBusinessOnline will be sure to welcome you.

  26. During our visit we just wasted our time to go in Bolinao Falls. The locals said the Bolinao Falls 1 is closed to public and not that attractive from previous years. There are several mosses (lumot) on waters and if you still want to take a glance on falls 1 you have to take a risk so we decide not go there.

    Falls 2 is crowded though we just can say "pwede na".. Some mosses on the shallow parts that makes the rock slippery.
    We take a picture on it and it is true "maganda sa picture".
    Entrance is 20 pesos/person.. So if you have a group of 10+ advisable to get a cottage of 130 pesos and the entrance will be free of charge.
    Parking is 20 pesos, we paid the parking fee even we didn't got wet..

    The road is very rough. Not advisable to smaller vehicles like cars. Hopfully the local government pave a road to this spot.


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