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Ingat Pilipinas Pledge Event: bayan ko, ingat ko

Do you know that 20, 000 road accidents occured last year? That's according to the data of the Philippine National Police. Isn't that alarming? It is. And so it is proper that we do something about it. With this, I admire the effort of the private sector in starting an initiative to make make the Philippines a safer place.....

The Ingat Philippines Pledge Event is the biggest public display of the Filipino community's support for the advocacy aimed at turning the Philippines into a safe and effective nation. An Ingat pledge is a promise to adopt particular safety habits in order to turn safety into a way of life.

I had the privilege of  supporting this cause last November 27, 2010 at SM Mall of Asia.

bayan ko_ingat ko


John Lloyd Cruz keading the Ingat Pilipinas Pledge

The event was much talked about as it is the most extensive of its kind in the Philippines. It is also a gathering of the Ingat pilipinas coalition from the public and private sector such as the PNP-HPG ( Highway patrol Group) MMDA ( Metro Manila Development Authority), the department of labor and Employment ( DOLE) and its sub-agencies, the Bureau of Working Conditions (BWC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC) from the public sector.

On the part of the private sector, the coalition  members are SOPI ( Safety organization of the Philippines) and the leading headache relief brand Biogesic.

Ingat Pilipinas pledge


Thousands have already registered online at the Ingat Pilipinas website and notable personalities such as journalists Mike Enriquez and celebrity John Lloyd Cruz are stauch supporters of the advocay as well.



From the words of Nikki Godino of Biogesic, ""the collaboration of the organizations from the public and private sector proves that the issue of safety is everyones concern"" Sure is to me, and I am sure many of you also have this in mind.

As we continuously seek to be more progressive, we tend to put safety the least priority. It's about time we change things. Iba parin ang nag-iingat. Let's pledge to make the Philippines a better place.  It's true, bayan ko, Ingat ko.


if you haven't signed up yet, go here:


  1. definitely a better logo than the one dot made :)

  2. definitely a good advocacy. i also want the plans of the electric vehicle to turn EDSA into a green EDSA. sana dami susuporta dito.

  3. naks galing event photographer na din hehe.... so panu ingat... heheh :D

  4. Renz--- go . sign up, and encourage your friends to do the same. I think this is for a noble cause.

  5. Lawstude---dikaparin naka get over sa logo-slogan ng DOT.hahaha

  6. dong ho--- never heard of that pa pero sana nga ituloy. I will definitely support that just like this ingat pledge. tong mga ganito ang kailangan natin.

  7. Axl--please sign up--and tell your blogger friends too ha.

  8. INGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! haha sarap lang isigaw.


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