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For most of us, we love because we want to be complete.Maybe because we were created that way, to be     needy of a better half to compliment us.  And so it is fair to say that we love because we seek to be happy.

For me though, the best reason why we do so should be because we have so much love in ourselves that we want to share it. Why am I speaking of love?Because I know that love is the topic of discussion during Christmas season--either due to the plenty or lack of it. And so it goes that we wish for the people of importance to us to find the happiness we share to them purposeful. I am therefore wishing, not for myself but for the person most important to me. I wish my wife well. This blog entry is for her.......

nokia c7

Ever since losing her cellphone a few months ago, she was forced to buy an ordinary phone as a replacement and had to  persevere with it since then. Months passed and she realized that her desire to buy a new phone keeps being pushed back. December is no exemption as it is a month when breadwinners like  us have to think of our family members first before ourselves. She knows her priority and I admire her. But I still can't help but notice her frustration from time to time for a new phone. And so I thought of joining this Nuffnang contest for the 1st time---for my better half. Yes, MY CHRISTMAS WISH THIS YEAR: A NOKIA C7 ----FOR MY WIFE.

nokia c6

nuffnang philippines

WHY A NOKIA C7 is perfect for her?

This phone comes with a vivid 3.5" high-resolution display which is perfect for her busy lifestyle.The problem with some touch phone these days is that they have small screens. The tendency therefore is that the keys are too crowded and texting becomes too complicated especially if you have big fingers and is always on the move. My wife has both. D:

She is a public school teacher, and believe it or not, teachers are becoming more and more connected these days. She deserves all the functionality she can get to keep in touch with her students. Nokia C7 is the perfect choice. My wife is a facebook addict like me so the integrated social network in this phone will keep her smiling all day especially that she can monitor my tweets and shoutouts.And because she can directly post pictures from the home screen, she will definitely love this one.

nokiac7 phone

I owe it to my wife for working so hard. She commutes everyday from Binangonan Rizal to Mandaluyong City. She sometimes complain about the long ride. With Nokia C7's games and wide selection of applications, I am sure she will not notice the time spent on  rigorous commute. On top of that, she can listen to music and even watch national geographic, CNN, BBC and many mo9re channels with webTV. Wow, this phone is perfect for her.


This is my wish, A Nokia C7 and a happy Christmas for my beloved wife..........



  1. Goodluck, talagang bagay na bagay ang c7 sa wife mo.

  2. Good Luck po kuya Pusang Kalye! ^^, Sana manalo ka po! God bless


  3. Wow. Akala ko para talaga sayo. Ang sweet at ang ganda ng phone. Bilin na yan. Game. Haha

  4. Kayang-kaya mo naman bumili nyan eh so GO!

  5. you can do it, kuya!

    first time ko pong dumaan sa blog mo :)

    and, that is very sweet and kind of you, wishing that phone to your wife rather than to yourself.... wow,

    your very generous, :)

    god bless and merry Christmas! :)

  6. The reason for this is simple: money and fame have historically been a less powerful motivator for creative types than the prospect of receiving oral sex

  7. sus, ibili na kasi as xmas gift. haha
    diba yan ung sinale ng nokia lately?

  8. sus, ibili na kasi as xmas gift. haha
    diba yan ung sinale ng nokia lately?

  9. ang sweet naman!
    pwede namang ibili na lang eh kahit di manalo sa contest... pero malay u makuha di ba? gandang gift yan this christmas!
    good luck pow...:-)

  10. whaha goodluck sayo aking kablog at kaphotography.... sana makuha mo yan para sa iyong wifey :D
    have a great day :D
    see yah around :D

  11. goodluck anton!!!! hope you win this!!

    at ang pretty ni tere sa pic emote kung emote

  12. You know I also entered this contest. But I hope that you win the Nokia C7 for your wife. She deserves it! :)

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