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own an elegant 2011 Thunderbird Resorts Planner

Looks like I am all set for the new year. Last week, Thunderbird Resorts Philippines sent me a package which contains one of the most elegant planners I have seen. The Thunderbird Resort 2011 planner.

The Limited Edition Thunderbird Resorts 2011 Planner.

Thunderbird Resort 2011 planner

2011 planner thunderbird resort

This planner speaks of the environment and the importance of saving it. It's printed on recycled paper.You get insightful tips on how to help on your own little way.It has postcards too!!!!

While it usually is given only to clients, you can now have the chance to own one......

planner 2011


Thunderbird is giving out Two (2) Planners. Here’s how to win:


 Note: Only comments from followers with valid links will be considered as valid.
  • Winners will be announced on December 29, 2010. An email will be sent to the Winners which will include instructions on how to claim the prize.
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and you might own one.


  1. whahah gusto ko nito... ang ganda sobra :D
    pafollow nga :D

  2. Panalo sa ganda! kaya saliiii na!


  3. Axl Powerhouse Production-- anu. sumali ka na ba? di na masama diba? good way to start 2011.

  4. redlan--it is. parang ayaw ko nga sulatan eh?

  5. topexpress---anu , sumali kana ba Tope? papa parcel daw sayo dyan sa Canada.hahaha

  6. Elaine Mae

    :) bka swertihin.. ang ganda ng journal.. i want one !!!/3lain3ma3


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