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FOOD TRIP WEEKEND : pizza hut, DQ, crepes and cream and a friend


Plan A : hike and camp overnight at Talim Island
Plan B : Spa and Massage 
Plan C: Malling and Shopping

Plan A and B failed.Unfortunately. I am so frustrated with the supposed camping in Talim Island as the budget there is only 500 per head given its proximity to Manila. Take note, booze already included in that amount. But everybody's busy so I cancelled it.

I had no choice therefore but give malling and shopping a chance.Lazy Lazy day at the mall. Turned out that it's gonna be a FOOD TRIP weekend with my wife which started in Pizza Hut Robinsons Galleria.


Good thing its summer. The hot weather guarantees easier way of burning those extra calories. We managed to finish this family size stuffed crust pizza. Eating as if there's no tomorrow. hahaha.

We didn't order any dessert because she has another thing in mind. About DQ's mango-cheesecake? I tell you, she is really a certified addict for it. Despite being stuffed, she still managed to finish 16oz of her favorite ice cream. Now you know why she looks healthy ayt? lol


After lunch, we decided to look around for bargains. My wife finally found what she needed after a few hours of looking around. This is even tiring than climbing Mt. Pinatubo.:D

Afterwards, we met with our friend Marvin in Shangrila Mall. The plan was to watch a movie. We were torn between 3 titles-- Catch Me I'm Falling., Battle Los Angeles and I AM NUMBER 4. Marvin wanted to watch the local movie, I was torn between battle Los Angeles and I AM NUMBER 4. But Since the latter is not showing in Shagrila, we decided to move to Megamall. Since Teresa is neutral, it was me who made the final decision again. Marvin hated it but he doesn't have a choice---always like that. hahaha

Crepes and cream

I AM NUMBER 4 may not be the perfect 10 movie but I loved it. Feels like TWILIGHT Saga to me. I love the fact that its a film about aliens with supernatural powers but the focus is on the human aspect of the main character (number 4) who is being hunted by another group of Aliens. Not so much action/ fight scenes, just enough so as to prevent graphic and special effects overload. 

I am not good at movie reviews but yeah, I kinda miss watching cinema. The last time was I can't remember when. Kinda miss just sitting there, paying attention for an hour or so and just staying focused on something.

Since I already mentioned that Marvin was again kinda frustrated with me about the choice of movie to watch, I decided to treat him in Crepes & Cream. 
O Oreo Sundae ( top) berry in love sundae (above)

I ordered deserts for the 3 of us. Banna Split Sundae, Berry in Love, O Oreo and milkshakes. It was a little awkward moment though. Marvin and Teresa were busy on their gadgets while I was consumed taking pictures. when I joined them, I still felt that there's something going on. Not that there's a big problem or anything but I feel that there is a little air of unease as to how to start the conversation with Marvin and catch up on what is happening in our lives. Good thing the deserts loosened our tongue a bit.

I am a blogger and I am online most of the time so Marvin gets to monitor what I do on the most part. But since moving to Binangonan Rizal from Pasig, we rarely get to see each other and go out. Twice a month is rare for somebody who used to work with you in the same school you know. Having said that, I could sense that there are already little walls building up, the line of communication is not as open as it was before, small grudges etc. It is not as it was before.

Maybe things changed. Or maybe we changed? Or maybe we are still the same but other things had to change but the other person refused to change and wanted to maintain the status quo. Whatever the reason is, Teresa and I are glad we got the chance to go out with a friend again. A friend we miss but we feel like we could lose anytime.......

Well this is not supposed to be an emo post. It's supposed to be about food ayt? Well, I hope I could redeem the topic when I say that  food bring people together. After all, good food ends with good talk..:D



  1. ay sayang hindi natuloy ung trip niyo. may next time pa naman. hihi

    as usual kakagutom nanaman mga food pics mo. hmf. hihi

  2. sad naman about the "wall" thing...may mga friends kasi na kahit di kayo magkita ng mga 10 years (exaggeration) eh 'pag nagkita naman kayo eh parang kahapon lang kayo magkasama...malamang bibihira na talaga ngayon yung ganun...may mga uncomfortable silences na siguro kayo..sad sad sad..:c

  3. inaantay ko pa naman ung post ng camping. sayang di natuloy. anyway, ayos naman ang food trip nyo. sarap ng dq. :D. regarding naman sa friendship, minsan may mga ganun talagang pangyayari na sa sobrang tagal na di magkita, di mo namamalayan na parang may nagbago. well based on experience un hehehehehe

  4. oh man, i had goosebumps.
    last weekend, my friends and I bond at Pizza Hut, and got dessert - Mango Cheesecake ice cream cake.

    Scary! hahahha

  5. yung dq nio ba yung mango cheesecake?

    sarap ng food trip :D

  6. Nakakamiss magbasa. Yun lang. Haha,

    Eh bakit naman kasi mawawala ang friendship? Siya ba ang naging awkward? Pano ba? Haha. Gala ka talaga Sir Anton.

  7. wow... this post is so mouthwatering! :0

  8. @blissfulguro---natuwa ako sa term mo na ""uncomfortable silences"":D

  9. ayyiiee parang date ninyo na yan ni wifey eh hehe...
    ang sarap ng mga food.. i miss DQ na talaga... tas may nakita pa kung sundae strawberry... graving!!
    yun nga lang di natulou yun plan A at B buti na lang may C..
    ok lang yan maybe not in the right time naks may ganun oh.. hehehe
    in the friendship naman.. marami talaga nagbabago ika nga nila lahat ng bagay sa paligid ay nagbabago ang salitang pagbabago lang ang di nagbabago!

  10. YUMMYYYY!!! Wahhh... nakakagutom naman!!! =(

  11. na biglang matataranta ang utak mo 'pag tahimik kayong dalawa at iniisip mo na agad kung ano ba dapat ang sasabihin o pag-uusapan versus may kasama ka na pareho kayong tahimik pero kampante utak at damdamin mo..;p

  12. bat puro pagkain pinagpopost mo? gutom na gutom na gutom na guom na ako! hahaha.

    lol about malling being more challenging than climbing mt. pinatubo. hahaha


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