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HOW TO CAPTURE CANDID MOMENTS with your nikon camera

I love my new 200 mm telephoto Nikkor lens. Now I can finally do what I have longed wish for---teleboso ala paparazzi. lol

Here are some of the candid moments I was able to snap during the Ultimate Disc Championship held at Nuvali Laguna last march 12,2011 . Feast your eyes and I will also give you tips on how to do it at the same time.
Ultimate players talking about their strategy
I came across this article on HOW TO CAPTURE CANDID MOMENTS WITH YOUR NIKON CAMERA and I wanna share them to you as well.

here are the things that you might want to consider:

1. Use a long zoom - a telephoto lens allows you to capture photos without going close to your subjects. Since the people are not aware that you are snapping those shots, they act naturally. My advice, use a 200mm telephoto lens or longer. In my case as a hobbyist with an entry level camera, I used 55-200mm 4-5.6G VR lens. If you can afford a 200mm lens of 2.8f , why not!!!!

2. Dont use flash---remember that you want to work as covert as possible. The flash will make you noticed so better work on the available light. If it is dark. Increase your ISO and set your aperture to the lowest possible value.

a spectator with his giant Sombrero (hat)

dogs and frisbee
lovers and dog lovers abound

3. Shoot as many frames as possible-- the more photos you take, the more chances of getting a perfect shot. You have to remember that your subjects movement is not in your control. Some keep moving so better shoot as many frames as possible.

 4. Your location or position is very important--- anticipate your subjects activity so that you can position yourself strategically and therefore secure good angles. If you are watching a basketball match for example and one team is obviously dominating the game, you might want to position yourself on the winning teams side.

RICH Herrera_ultimate
Richard Herrera posing for a photographers camera

derek ramsy and dog
Derek Ramsay with their dog ( Angelica Panganiban)

5. Capture people doing things---and therefore doing what they love the most. This means a lot of movements so if lighting is good, better use fast shutter speed so as to freeze the motion. If it is dark, follow the tips in # 2.

6. Photograph people with people – When you capture people in pairs or groups, you’ll capture a wide variety of facial expressions, emotions and responses.

talking dog
Angelica Panganinaban talking to her dog

the photographer and the man in giant hat
7. Play with perspective – Candid photography is off-beat, so don’t think you need to use formal, traditional methods of composition. Crouch down, get up high on a chair, shoot from a side angle, zoom in and out – these are all great ways to get unique, candid shots.
Ultimate fans in pink

The FIELDS Laguna is definitely becoming a sought about venue for may sports competitions in the country and it's amazing to see celebrities here every now and then.. If you are a sports photographer, you would definitely love to follow their activities and take advantage of it to hone your skills. I believe it also goes down to your subjects sometimes---yeah---find beautiful people. It

I heard that the WATER SPORTS FACILITY better than that of CamSur is about to open on April. Watch out for that!!!!!

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  1. tnx for the tip pare... magagamit ko na rin yung 200mm telephotolens inaamag na sa cabinet ko...hehehe

  2. naks! malaki na rin ung kanya. paparazzi mode ka na rin! hihi

  3. Magkano ba 'yan telephoto lens na 'yan at makabili ng lima? DYOK!

  4. sabi ng 2 ultimate players, hindi nman daw strategy ung pinaguusapan nila eh. Ikaw daw, kanina mo pa daw sila kinukuhaan ng pictures.. ahahaha :P

  5. hong yomon tologoh! may magandang lente na hehhehe

  6. so aso si Angelica Panganiban?


    her name should be placed after the word THEIR naman kuya.... hihihihi

  7. nice tips here anton! dapat lang makagawa ng ganitong entry dahil sa 18-200 lens na mas mahal pa sa body! haha. very cool photos.

  8. Ok naman pag may maganda na lens, pero kahit gaano kaganda ang lens, kung hindi din sasamahan ng creativity at imagination, sayang din.

    Nakakita na ako ng mga pics na, kuha lang sa inexpensive na camera pero ang ganda. yon ang naapreciate ko talaga. Kahit Canon or Nikon pa ang cam, it's the shooter. Sabi nga nila, it's the Indian, but the pana. :D

  9. thanks for the wonderful tips anton.. i learn a lot on that...
    aside from that paparazzi kung paparazzi nga ang dating ha heheh.. ang ganda talaga ni angel hehe :D

  10. Pwede pa comment ng mahaba?

    1. Congrats sa iyong feat, sa pagamit ng ganitong lens! Swak ang description mo "teleboso/paparazzi" hahaha. Nakakathrill siguro ng feeling na kumukuha ka ng pix ng ibang tao ng di nila alam - sabik din ako sa ganon. nakaka hiya kasi lumapit sa tao baka magalit kung makita nilang kinukunan mo sila. Pero sa ganitong lens eh easy nalang.. inget ako.

    2. Well plan ko na kung bibili ako SLR eh gusto ko yung body na may lens na rin 80-200 mm (70k+ sa canon shops or 50+k naman sa mga black market sa hidalgo or some E. stores). I think that lens is very versatile. Marami akong gustong tutukan if ever may ganyan na rin akong lens, candid photos why not, pero may iba pa akong gustong tutukan din.

    3. Ingatan mo pix mo dito kasi baka kunin ng mga local showbiz magazines at gamitin nila, contrevsial pa naman ang mga subjects mo si angel at si ako? *wink*

    Nice shots lakay!

    ps* lately ko lang nakita sa EXIF ng mga shots ko ang camera ko pala eh 86 mm lang ata. Pano kung 200 mm na di ba? Naexcite ako para syo.. Congrats ulit!

  11. i love to read tips like this.. nag sisimula na kong magaral ng phtography hehehe. anu bang mgandang ca para sa baguhang tulad ko?


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