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CAPONES IN MY HEART : the golden grass, the lighthouse, the beach, the rock formations

When people invite me to destination I have been before, I usually say no. There are many more places to see in the country and I prefer trying new ones given the limited time and budget. I guess not all the time. CAPONES is one of the exemptions.

The first time I was here was the time of innocence. I didn't know the existence of Anawangin and Nagsasa. When somebody commented in my blog entry of Capones before about Anawangin cove, I simply didn't allow myself to be noticed. So I made the resolve to go back, see the 2 coves myself and compare them to Capones.

Sorry if I jump into the verdict early on---CAPONES is CAPONES. To my surprise, it is still for me the best among the three destinations. Teresa and my 2 blogger friends from Cebu--Ed and Doi agreed with me. Sorry Nagsasa and Anawangin--CAPONES is still #1 in my heart!!!

The reasons?

Capones viewed from the North ( San Miguel)
Capones viewed from the South ( notice the crocodile shape?)
Capones on the southern part (dock to the lighthouse)

stairway to the lighthouse
Capones jumpshot
Adaphobic jumpshot amidst the golden grassland

goldenGRASS of Capones
blue and gold

the lighthouse as seen from the boat

the lighthouse decayed by time, beautiful nonetheless

on top of the lighthouse

me, my wife and travel bloggers doi and ed on top of the lighthouse

view from the lighthouse

amazing rock formations and sandy beach

pose pose lang (walang basagan ng trip.:D)
the Southern beach front


I guess the photos were enough to prove to you that this is undoubtedly the best among the 3 destinations. I know that each is unique in its own right. But Capones still outshines the charm of Anawangin and the peaceful refuge that is Nagsasa. This island is multi faceted. It has both rough and gentle side. 

You can climb the hill, marvel at its lighthouse, pose at its golden grass, dive in its warm water, stroll in its slopes, climb its cliffs or simply sun bathe in its white sand. For these many reasons, CAPONES will surely capture your heart!!!!!

Capones-Nagsasa-Anawanging TRINITY


  1. ang ganda ng golden grassland!!! never been there. sana this summer. thanks for sharing anton :)

  2. okay, so all i can is...

    ang ganda ng dagat blue na blue!!!!

    thanks for sharing


  3. capones is where i met dong ho for the first time and we have been travelin' eversince. hope to travel with you soon :)

  4. ganda ng jumpshot with the golden grass. :D panalo!!!!

    may entry ka ba with budgets and costs sa pagpunta ng capones?

  5. Nice lighthouse. Astig siguro yung view doon.

  6. wow...ganda talaga, but i do hope sir you could visit also silangan and talesayin cove....i think those two coves are better than anawangin & nagasasa, because i've seen the changes of anawangin and nagsasa, from nature tripping to become open to the tourist....^_^ could check my entry for anawangin, i posted the latest cost in renting boat to those island and coves that mandated by the government of San Antonio...^_^

  7. di ako makapagdecide sa anong number 1 sa kin kasi di pa ko nakakapunta dyan hehehe.

    ot: Nameet ko na si Kosa

  8. The Beach is calling me, ang ganda ng grassland, masarap mag picnic dyan! Hehehe! =)

  9. guys---I used cpl that time kaya mas blue yung blue.hehehe

  10. ang ganda ganda naman..haaay envy much kailan kaya magiging travel blog yung bahay ko?hehehe

  11. Hello,

    Papaano ba ang mag-ayos ng tour dito, igan? Meron bang pro na nag-aayos nito, may impormasyon ba sa dept of tourism sa mga lugar na ito at kung papaano marating?


  12. Capones is really worth going to. The rock formations, the lighthouse, the ruins, the talahib-lined pathway, and the beach.

    "Sorry Nagsasa and Anawangin--CAPONES is still #1 in my heart!!!" <-- I couldn't agree more with you in this. Nagsasa and Anawangin pales in comparison with mystical Capones. :)

  13. Hindi ko kinayang akyatin ang lighthouse, maalog kasi, feeling ko masisira siya. Hehe

    Pero sabi nung drayber ng van na inarkila namin, haunted daw yung lighthouse.

  14. Been to Capones last wk.... tlgang mgnda xa....dq npansin n me lythaus run ah he he... we just spent an half hour kc dun s pg aakalang ms mgnda s anawangin...1st tym mkpunta eh...laking dsapointment q ng pgdating ng anawangin...... DQ pgpplit kgndahan ng capones!!!!

  15. Been to Capones last week.....staying 4 an half hour duon msasabi Kong mgnda tlga xA..1st tym mkpnta dun ...kya klaq ms mgnda s anawangin...laking dsmaya q n Mali pla AQ jeje...wla man klingkingan ng capones ang anawangin....balak q bumalik next WK,..Tara....:)

  16. Pwede ba ikutin yung island ng hindi sumasakay ng boat?

    1. if you are thinking of going around the island via shoreline, nope, pero pwede ka umakyat baba ng burol. ^^


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