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WFTO ASIA : i am a 100% guilt free shopper

When I heard of World Fair Trade Organization Asia (WFTO-Asia) and their campaign for guilt-free shopping, I suddenly remembered a line from my favorite author Andrew Matthews about healthy self love.He said, “a healthy self-love means we have no compulsion to justify to ourselves or others why we take vacations, why we sleep late, why we buy new shoes, why we spoil ourselves from time to time. We feel comfortable doing things which add quality and beauty to life.”

And so I thought WFTO stands for shop-till-you-drop-and-don't-feel-guilty-about-it campaign. After all I believe in capitalism and free market economy, you know, when people are confident spending their money, it creates liquidity and therefore employment. I was wrong. WFTO-Asia's call for guiltless free shopping is not just about shopping perse.

pusangkalye is a 100% guiltless free shopper

The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) is the global representative body of over 350 organizations committed to 100% Fair Trade. It is the only global network whose members represent the Fair Trade chain from production to sale.It is commitment to eradicate poverty through sustainable economic development; pioneering social and environmental policy and practice and continual reinvestment in marginalized artisans, farmers and producer communities in some of the most fragile places on earth. What could be nicer than that?

free trade

I was really impressed the moment I learned about this. I talked to the organizers of the event and I found out that WFTO is actually very famous in other countries especially in the UK where consumers there really look for the guiltless free shopper logo before they consider buying something. Who woudn't do so if you know this groups call for Fair Trade.


  • Increase awareness of fair trade principles and practices among producers and consumers at grassroots, national and regional levels.
  •  Strengthen cooperation among fair trade groups in the region towards cultivating domestic and regional market linkages and networks
  • Create an impact on and influence policymakers at the regional level on trade policies which will stimulate South-South trading activities
  •  Promote cooperation among member-organizations in the areas of skills development, technology transfer, and access to information
  • Expand membership to all countries in the region.pusangkalye-1-2607
Cathy Untalan in stripes


1. Create opportunities for disadvantaged producers which aims to reduce poverty
2. There should be transparency and accountability
3. Payment of a Fair Price
4. Fair trading practices
5. No forced and child labor
6. Gender equality and non-discrimination
7. Safe and healthy working conditions
8. Capacity building through skills development
9. Environmental conservation
10. Promotion of Fair trade & education.


And so it is important that we let the word out and promote the advocacy. People owe to know that there is such a thing as WORLD FAIR TRADE ORGANIZATION and we should envision the world of 100% guiltless free shopping. That's what exactly happened last May 14 at the Grand Atrium of Shangrila Mall when the 100% Guiltless Free Shopping ambassadors were introduced to the public.


some of the WFTO ambassadors. Patty Laurel (center) and  Joaquin Valdes (right)


Yes, we can be a 100% Guilt Free Shopper. We consumers have the power to BEAT POVERTY, BEAT CLIMATE CHANGE, BEAT EXPLOITATION, BEAT DISCRIMINATION & BEAT IGNORANCE by SWITCHING to Fair Trade.

I really wish they could come up with a universal mark soon so that it would be easier for us consumers  to pinpoint WFTO brands. This is such a feel-good movement. More power to you guys!!!


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