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INFLUENTIAL BLOGGER 2011 : 2nd batch of nominations

Here's my 2nd batch of nominations for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011. I understand that one can only nominate 10 blogs so this will be my last. Too bad coz I have a lot of blogs in mind. To all those who I have not nominated, my apologies. For now, here's my final list.

emerging blog_the lostboy

1.Lloyd Lostboy --is a Wandering Wonder Kid from MNL. Professional Jetsetter and Backpacker. Blogger Wannabe. Boyfriend Material. Traveled in a number of cities looking for love. Also scoping out for the best attractions, best meals, and best lodging. Life is one long vacation! >> ok na ba yan or you want a mor serious one haha

emerging blog_the journalistic view
2.The Journalistic View is the author's bridge in pursuing a noble advocacy of informing the public of current events which may affect our daily lives and sharing unbiased views on sizzling issues thus giving people a wider perspective. The author always believe what Thomas Jefferson once said, "An informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will."--A blog By Divine Caraecle

3.MY PAINTED LIPS--this blog is more than just a beauty/ cosmetics blog. It's all about lipstick, yes, but it is also about being and being pretty. Having four kids (while breastfeeding the youngest) without a helper, maintaining more than 10 blogs is not an easy task. It's very exhausting and I am not complaining. The thing is, with the many things that I needed to do, I also have to set aside a time for myself. And with all the things that needed to be done, it's like next to impossible. I found my me time through lipstick. I enjoy applying lipstick to my face.. and seeing how this shade or that transforms me from being a mommy to being a woman.

Lipstick is a main stay cosmetics in almost every woman's kikay kit, and it is also one of the most overlooked cosmetics (getting lipstick shades that is not compatible with the skin etc..). I hope with this blog, I will be able to influence other moms (and woman as well) to try out experimenting with lipstick and how this little stick can make a big difference. 

4.THE BACKPACKMAN--This blog details the travel of the blogger Anciro Romana. He features almost every place that he has visited in his journey to discover the beauty of Philippine Islands.

emerging blog_girl_kuripot

One of my personal favorites. This is the blog where you find all the hottest travel related, tips, news and giveaways. I always feel envious whenever I open this blog coz I want to join the contests but I always stop myself from doing so. Damn. One of these days I will. hahaha

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  1. Natawa ako sa una. "Boyfriend material" talaga eh noh? LOL

  2. -congrats and goodluck sa choice mo. :D


  3. here comes the annual awards for influential blogger. good luck to those nominated.

  4. @Michelle But I am a boyfriend material. :)

  5. Nasan ba ako? Travel blogger din ako, di na nga lang nakabalik sa blogging. Hahahaha.

  6. @Yow--adik ka kasi.nangawit na yung bird sa tagal mo magblog.hahaha

  7. This one's for you, Anton!!! Thank you so much. You made me go for it hahaha.


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