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NIKON Philippines Brand Ambassadors

Amazing, amazing. I am sure nikon users all over the Philippines are celebrating!!!Columbia Digital Star Corp(CDSC),the exclusive distributor of Nikon cameras in the country has finally came up with a team of Professional Nikon users.What took you so long?Although some Nikon users might not know all of them. It's about time we meet the Nikon Pros!!!!

Nikon Pros are Nikon Philippines top caliber photographers who use the Nikon System to brace their professions.I for one admit that I am not aware there are many big guns using the brand.This is really cool. And since it's official, we can now make claims that we have good names in our ranks. Who doesn't know Manny Librodo, Xander Angeles or Niko Villegas right? And there are 16 of them in the list.

NIKON Philippines Brand Ambassadors

NIKON Pro Philippines includes:
  1.  Xander Angeles
  2. Manny Librodo
  3. Boboy Librodo
  4. Kai Huang
  5. Park Cruz
  6. Mark Terrence Sy
  7. Ku Manahan
  8. Paul ticson
  9. Daniel Tan
  10. Niko Villegas
  11. Ted madamba
  12. Raymund Cruz
  13. Rico Blanco
  14. Joe Galian
  15. Ricky ladia
  16. Lito Sy

I have reservations on the video itself but I am more focused on who is in it.Now canon is not the only brand who can claim that their dslr's are trusted by professionals. We too have many in our list.It's time Nikon's presence is felt stronger in the Philippines. I like it when Celebrity Nikon user Rico Blanco said Nikon is his diary. I also feel the same with my Nikon dslr.

Yeah. I shoot with Nikon too!!!!
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  1. Sana ginandahan naman ng Nikon Philippines ang background ng video. Super VIP kaya tong mga Photographers na to :)

    Honestly, hindi ako brand conscious sa camera. Lagi ko nga sinasabi sa mga friends ko, I just happen to own a Naikon. Pero kung nagkataon Canon ako... same same lang :)

  2. ako---subrang brand consious.dami ko tuloy prejudices least yun impt.happy ka sa gear mo so you might as well flaunt it.:D

  3. kuya, can you help me choose on what camera to use in taking pictures? i'm thinking of buying a DSLR but i don't know what brand is the best and else, i'm only using my sony cybershot digicam...since it is much handy as of now.

  4. pinanood ko video pero diko naintindihan wal kasi sounds hehehe pero mukang interesting ah panoorin ko nalang uli pag may sounds na

  5. ZehnRe--diko na mabilang ang mga naconvince ko to go NIKON dslr.and nobody regretted. Same with me, going dslr opened a lot of opportunities--and happy moments too. Kung gusto mo entry level lang the NIKON d3100 is an amazing camera to start with.

  6. Event lover--at bakit walang sound?hahaha.ang adik lang.:D

  7. blocked ang vid sa opis. wakokokok.

    like rah, di ako brand consyus. price consyus kasi ako. ahaha

  8. mabuhay ang nikon ussers!!! hehehe

  9. khanto---i hate your office.hahaha.joke

    Bino---alam ko--ikaw na niregaluhan ng nikon dslr diba?hehehe

  10. I like my sensei's in the video, Xander Angeles and Niko Villegas! FTW!

  11. @Kumagcow--ikaw na ang nag-aral mismo sa kanila!!edge of light!!!mohol mohol.hehehe

  12. like q din magkaroon ng DSLR cam someday, wla pang budget as of now hayst.. sony cybershot 12.1mp pa din gamit ko.. di q pa din alam what brand pipiliin q.. ahmnn, isipin mabuti pag may pambili na aq.. hehe:)

  13. lady firehawk--go Nikon and you will never go wrong.highly recommended ko yan!!!


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