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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PHILIPPINE VOLCANOES singing Lupang Hinirang

I have always wanted to see audience with the Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team long before the controversial billboard in Edsa came. The wave created by the Azkals has the definitely hit the good blogger in me. Being a social media influence, I can affect things and I want to use it to advance the cause of sports in the Philippines. Glad the Jeman of http://www.orangemagazinetv.com/ called me yesterday morning to join him covering the training session of the PHILIPPINE VOLCANOES at the British School of Manila where I videoed some members singing Lupang Hinirang.

In this video, Justin Coveney, Rupert Zappia and Kenneth Stern sing the Philippine National Anthem so as to show that they know their Lupang Hinirang. I can't remember how we ended up taking a video of them singing but I recall Justin being very makulit over the issue of nationality. Rupert Zappia jokingly said "they can't expose all their talents so they will just sing the first line" Justin later on admitted that they can't sing the full version because there's a portion where the words have to be pronounced fast so they get tongue tied.lol
Volcanoes singing Lupang Hinirang

As prominent sports tv host Dyan Castillejo twitted yesterday a few hours after her coverage of the training session......
 by pusangkalye22
Amusing indeed.Just like the 3 volcanoes singing the National anthem in this video.
More scoops and photos in the coming days!!!!
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  1. naks, after azkals at dragon boat team, volcanoes naman! astig ng pinoy athletes! pinoy at heart hehehe

  2. Galing! Dapat di mo na inexpose na di nila alam lahat. haha. :)

  3. mukhang gumagaling ang mga Pinoy sa larangan ng Sport ngayong taon... Sumisikat na ang Pinoy Sport sa mundo.

  4. gives all rise a new meaning :)

  5. wow..thats awesome.....nice to see the volcanoes are getting the attention they deserve...they have been winning for years now and are barely noticed......and they are as hot as the azkals...though they are bulkier and huskier

  6. ayos ng pinoy.. itinataas talaga ang bandila ng Pinas.. astig!!!

  7. Uo--pero diko pa nameet ang dragon boat team.wanna meet them din.

    mel--okay lang yan.nahirapan lang dw kasi sila pronounce . British and Australian accent most of them kasi.:D

  8. EngrMoks--thanks partly to half Pinoys who are coming back and forming teams to represent the country. Syempre me mgfa home grown din like the Phil Dragon Boat team na talaga namang maipagmamalaki natin.

    basta ---half blood o hindi. basta for the honor of our country.100% support natin dyan.:D

  9. @khanto--open sa bahay.dali.:D

    @Xander--tama. and we can do our share to help by promoting their cause.:D

  10. Lawstude--tama!!!

    anonymous--uo. they have been working silently talaga. yeah, they have been winning long before the Azkals did.ngyn lang napapansin. Thse guys prioritize winning and doing it over publicity.

  11. Naks naman :) Ikaw na! Haha!

    I want to meet them... They look nice kasi sa mga videos at talagang magagaling sa mga games nila!

    Anyways, natuwa ako sa video ng Lupang Hinirang... At least may alam sila sa Lupang Hinirang... Haha!

  12. Mangyan Blogger--nasa Mindoro ka kasi eh.sayang.lols. they are really nice in person.:D

  13. hahaha.. nabasa ko comment ko.. nakasama na akom sa eb with Bino last February.. at anong klaseng binyag ang gagawin mo sa akin? bwahaha..

    astig ng mga lalaki sa pic.. gusto ko ganyan kaganda katawan ko.. hahaha.. parnag pumuputok na bulkan lang haha

  14. Ikaw na! Sana may kamrah lang mey para ma-video-han ko naman iyong aso namin na kumakanta ... LOL! :D

  15. nkita k n dn ung buong team ngppractice ng lupang hinirang as in buong kanta...ang cute nla pakingggan..hehe

  16. pinoys are really one of a kind! Mabuhay tayong mga Pinoy :)

  17. You already the BFF of Dyan! Hihi. Pakantahin mo ako ng Lupang Hinirang mag-isa, mali-mali lyrics. LOL.

  18. nice post! well done pre.

    galing ng pinoy!

  19. I haven't been able to watch the video because of my slow internet connection.. But I got the idea that these volcanoes thingy is a group of athletes or climbers or something.. and that their voices are cute.. hehe.. :)

  20. haha nice video. i didnt know it was used for anything. 2nd verse to come soon ;)


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