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I know I have been posting a lot of juicy photos lately and I still got tons of them but some adult sites have been featuring my photos so I wanna stay away from it for the mean time----hmmm......say, for a few days???.lols. For now, I will be posting about food muna,like real food okay? So food blogging series activate!!!

First in line is UNION JACK TAVERN in Alabang. It is as thier Facebook page describes as “ an Authentic British Restaurant, A Gastro Pub, and A Real British Grocery All-In-One. Established to make foreigners and local guests experience Old Britain ambiance."
the pub @UNION JACK Tavern Alabang


If you happen to visit for the first time, there's no mistaking that it really is a Britisg resto/pub . Comfortable, dimly lighted with walls adorned with British symbols --painting, club jerseys and stuff with flat screen televisions showing football or rugby matches. There's even a big Union Jack flag there for emphasis. I guess British pubs are highly similar with Irish pubs coz it really reminded me of Murphy's in Makati. I know right, there's not much difference  in the culture of 2 countries and that includes the food and the brews. I am no expert. I am not going to pretend I am one. Just my thought.

Well I am not familiar with British food as well so I simply asked the waiter what their bestsellers are. She pointed me to the board where the specials of the day are written. I didn't bother to make it harder for us so I ordered what's written there. We had Baked Potato with Pork BBQ, cheddar cheese, sour cream and chives (325php) and Scottish pan Fried Beef with Creamy mushroom and Rosemary Potato ( 385php). 

For our drinks, we ordered Tetley's Draught Bitter (195php buy one take one), the Smoothflow one of the highest selling keg ale in the UK . It was already 4pm when we came and having beer during this time of the day is a bit off for me but well, everybody has spirits in their table so why not join the fun. Or so I tried. It went well on its own but when the food was served, it really didn't add up for me. I am just not used to it. nasanay masyado sa soda.lols
They have BIG servings. That's what I can say. Though rice is not included in the meal, the potato will make you full enough. I almost didn't finish my meal. The beef was tender and deliciously cooked. It was just a bit salty for me. That maybe normal for somebody like me with a sweet tooth. 
Scottish Pan Fried Beef
I like the Baked Potato Stuffed with Pork BBQ more. I love how the sour cream and chives adds to the creaminess of the potato. The Pork BBQ has a smoky flavor which i love. It's tender so you don't have to worry cutting the big chunks into pieces. That's it. No expert review from a picky food eater who knows nothing about cooking. It's just e saying that I liked the food. I still prefer rice course but trying this kind of food from time to time is something I wanna do. I suggest you try it too.
Baked Potato Stuffed with Pork BBQ
One good thing about this place is that they also have a small grocery where you can buy British goodies like chocolates , cheese, wines, spreads etc. We were to go to Alabang Town Center ( I kinda mssed ATC kasi) that day to watch Captain America so I didn't bother buying any and end up carrying bags other than the one I was holding. Next time nalang to buy Guiness Beer.
Union Jack Tavern is located in 2nd Level, Festival Supermall, 1770 Muntinlupa City.Just ask the guard for direction especially if you are not familiar with Festival Mall. The mall is big so the directory could be very confusing.Email or contact them at  :(02)850-3739 / 659-2311. They are open Monday to Sunday 6am to 11pm.

This is NOT a paid post. Defensive.lols


  1. tamabayan ko ang festival mall!!! hehehe, maraming tao sa tavern pag sundays hehehe

  2. I love the ambiance. It's so ... Foreign! LOL. :D

  3. omg i miss union jack whahahaha..... tama si bino uber dami pag sunday :D

  4. Hmm. Nice place. Yeah, it reminds me of Irish pubs. Anyway, I wonder if they air the Azkals' match live. What you think?

  5. maganda ang ambiance... alternative sa rice ang potatoes... :D

    malayo nga lang yung place, di pa ako nakakadating sa mall na yan.

  6. @Bino and Axl--kayo na ang tambayan ang festival. nasurprise ako.marami rin palang pumupunta don.hahaha

  7. @Michael--uo--good ambiance nga. for a change.:D

  8. Poot--yun lang, English naman sa Azkals diba? wag lang sigurong sabay sa isang major match sa UK.:D

    @Khanto--this is the time to try--largest mall ata to sa Pinas eh.ewan lang kung talo na sya ng SM North Edsa sa floor area ngyn.:D

  9. astig ng second photo. napapadalas ako sa alabang pero di ko pa to napuntahan.

  10. Union Jack Tavern is really the best place to hangout and dine with your friends and family! Foods are so delicious and served in big servings! and the beers...WHOA! i'm so amazed that they almost have everything i'm looking for. The staff are so accomodating, friendly, attentive, and bubbly,,,not to mention that they are all good looking!!! Union Jack Tavern..a place where you'll keep coming back for more!

  11. I hope this pub wouldn't be the same as the other pub somewhere in paranaque where some waitresses are trying to tell rubbish stories such as being "maltreated by their boyfriend/husband, working their ass-out to get out from poverty, single mummy and bubba's milk is expensive and the likes" to gain favors, money and probably fishing for love from foreign guest.


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