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It is actually one of my goals this year, to see my photographs printed in publications--newspapers, tabloids, especially magazines. Some of my friends have been admonishing me to contribute articles to travel magazines but I am just too lazy to actually do it. I still have a few months to muster some courage and confidence tob realize that. Would be awesome seeing your stories and pictures circulated in print all over the country ayt?

Just a few small successes these past few weeks though, while I am still waiting for my copy of another work published in an in-flight magazine, I just wanna share this photo I took during the anniversary party of Digital Photographer Philippines last month which was included in August's issue of the DPP magazine on the IN FOCUS section.
In black and white: L-R , Ches Tirso, Jan Go De Villeres, Ms Pilar Tuazon, Mark Oliquino and Alek Lopez of YOPHO

The photo is a simple snapshot of some members of Young Photographers Club of the Philippines with Ms Pilar Tuazon of DPP. While there's nothing very artistic about it and I am not even included in the photo (coz I was the one who snapped it) I am very proud that my name is published on the lower right corner of the picture. See the black and white picture? Yeah, that's my shot. hehehe
PHOTO CREDITS: Albert Cudal of Young Photographers Club of the Philippines (YOPHO)

How did it happen? My group (YOPHO) has an existing thread in the DPP website. We are very active there and members continuously share their latest photography in that thread. It was there that the DPP team found my photo and they contacted me to contribute subject for selection. We in YOPHO were very happy when Albert Cudal, one of our members broke the news a few days ago about the photo making the cut. 

It might be a simple snapshot by for us its reason enough to celebrate. This is a recognition of our group's active presence in the photography scene and it is for me an honor to have my name printed in the publication. Small achievements like this one keeps me motivated in my resolve to advance my skills in photography. It translates to me as a little tap on the back. It's like saying  "doing good so far---keep it up". I will definitely do so.....
PS: Congratulations Jun Carlo of YOPHO. His work was also published in the August issue, and take note, FULL SPREAD!!!


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