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last shooting day photos and movie review: MY NEIGHBOR'S WIFE

Finally got the time to watch a movie last night. Been dying to see MY NEIGHBOR"S WIFE finally. I was nervous coz I really wished the movie would turn out fine. After all, I was one of the bloggers who heavily promoted it. And through my photos, I teased and excited many people. Last night was the judgement day. My wife and I went to SM Taytay to see it ourselves....

I will be posting photos of the film during it's last day of shooting in St. Therese Church Resorts World while going along with my verdict on the movie.

last shooting day photos: MY NEIGHBOR'S WIFE

being lazy, I take credits from for the summary:

Bullet (Jake Cuenca) and Aaron (Dennis Trillo) are bestfriends and yet, both seem to live completely opposite lives. Bullet is married to Jasmine (Carla Abellana), has a kid and a thriving bar business. Bullet hides a secret though. As much as his life seems to be perfect on the outside, it really isn't. Bullet is a womanizer and it is eating up his relationship towards his family. Aaron on the other hand while also married to Cielo (Lovi Poe) is struggling to make ends meet. He has completely abandoned becoming a doctor and has yet to find a successful business venture.


Even with all these struggles, both Aaron and Cielo still manage to remain faithful to each other. One night, when Aaron gets mad at Cielo for buying a luxury bag, Cielo decides to cool off somewhere. As fate would have it, Bullet sees her and both drown out their problems with alcohol. While drunk, they commit infidelity. The four friends are soon thrust into a complicated situation in which friendships and relationships are tested to the brink.

For me, the issue of infidelity was the start of the whole conflict but more on the difficult process of FORGIVING  somebody. The one night mistake became a complicated thing because while (Giselle) Lovi Poe and (Bullet) Jake Cuenca decided to go keep their respective relationships, the two,(Aaron) Dennis Trillio and (Jasmine)Carla Abellana had  trouble forgiving and forgetting. That despite sincere changes in Bullet and Giselle and proving that daily.

For me, I know how it feels like trying to prove your innocence to another person and how hard it is thinking that despite all the effort, the other person doesn't believe you. I think at some point in our lives ( not just because of a love conflict) we experience proving our innocence and it is certainly a very difficult thing to do. Yes, I was able to relate to the story on a personal and emotional level.:D

My wife and I both liked the story and the conflicts that arises. I personally thought it was kinda platonic. I am not sure where the story peaked. For sure all the characters in the story have flaw. I find Aaron very annoying though as it was him who messed up big time later on with his vengeance. Carla Abellana's acting was commendable. I was really impressed although her character didn't allow her to do more as I know she could have shown more should the role asked for it. Her sex scene with Dennis Trillo was good but kinda bitin. Lovi Poe was the one who shown versatility in her acting. I love Lovi Poe!!!!!It's her character that I love the most. Jake Cuenca's role was challenging at first but it kinda became boring for me later on.

As a person who made a lot of mistakes in life, I am one who believes in MOVING FORWARD. Life after all is determined on how we moving on. That's the best way to do it. Keeping all the hurt and excess baggage in life would only kill you.
So there, the story is good but somethings off for me. I think it is about the transitions between scenes that made me feel awkward. I also believe the soundtrack and sound effects is a major life support of a movie and I felt that aspect was a bit weak. My wife also remarked that the storyline is actually good but the script is weak. No lines are remarkable enough to quote or remember afterwards. 

I think the movie is not a flop but its too safe to impress the discriminating Filipino viewing. A lot of local movies has set the bar high and My Neighbors Wife was not able to put up the fight. The actors are no doubt very good in their respective roles. I commend all of them. Special mention as well to Dimple Romana who had a pivotal role in the film. At the end of the day, it's not the actors to blame. I think it's more on the script and the post production which drag the movie to it's final so so state.....

If there's one thing to be excited about, maybe the girls would love to see the butt scene of Jake Cuenca and his steamy sex scene with Lovi Poe. My rating for the movie? 6/10 although my wife gave it an 8......


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