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PUKA BEACH : the virgin side of Boracay

Aside from the beauty of Alta Vista de Boracay, this is one of the reasons why I wanted to stay in the famous hotel---PUKA Beach. It's my favorite spot in the island. I fell in love with in 2007. Perhaps my insecurity during that time worked in a strange way. Four years ago, I felt so naive and shy I thought long beach and all its goergeous, hot-looking people is not for me. I found refuge in the remote, more virgin side of Bora. It was here where a friend and his family picnicked for hours. It was here where I stopped being mindful of myself and my insecurities and simply enjoy the sun, and the beautiful view of Romblon on the other side.

It was this virgin side of Bora which I sought to experience again. When we checked out in Alta Vista Monday, I asked the shuttle to take us here directly. In less than 10 minutes, we were in Puka Beach with our luggage. Yeah, I brought my stroller in Puka beach, took out a piece of cloth and stayed under the shade of some tropical shrubs of which I don't even know the name.......
PUKA BEACH : the virgin side of Boracay 

We were taken to a spot somewhere in the middle of Puka beach through a route exclusive to some resorts including Alta Vista. There are cottages for hotel guests to use but me and my wife decided to stay in the shrubs. I want it to feel like the old days. The picnic-ky feeling gives me pleasure....It was 12 noon, no dark cloud to spoil the fun---for photography, for sunbathing, for feeling-alive-moments!!!!
I didn't notice the C-shaped sandbar in the central part of Puka beach in the summer of 2007 so I reckon that the sand area in the beach changes depending on the season. The sand is constant of course except that the tide and  sea current reshapes it. Puka Beach is known for it Puka shells, that said, expect that the sand is not that fine and white compared to that in long beach area but still white compared to most beaches in the Philippine. What I am saying is, the sand in the long beach is one of the best in the world, so Puka beach's sand would pale in comparison but ruggedness of that of Puka Beach fits the overall appeal of the place.

I love snorkeling in Puka. I love swimming and feeling the warm water in my face and rolling over its sand. I can do all of that without feeling too conscious about the people around me. If being happy means being self-consumed, this is it.If I may add, Puka is the place where the good sights are, nature-wise or people-wise. Here, if you are lucky, you might even encounter one or two women going topless as they try to achieve a perfect tan. 

For me though, Puka beach is my little favorite spot in this beautiful island. This virgin side of Boracay is where I can strip to my underwear, leave all insecurities behind and simply enjoy beach-ing around. :D



  1. virgin na virgin nga ah. parang di napupuntahan ang ganda!

  2. kiung maka-virgin ka naman Bino!1anu ba tinutulkoy mo --yung beach o yung sa 1st picture?hahaha

    dimopaba natry ang PUKA beach?????

  3. pano mo nalaman na virgin? hahah.. pero mukha nmang virgin na virgin.. gusto ko yan itry :P

  4. Ganda pala sa Puka beach.

    Ka-level ko ang virginity nya.

    Choz! :)

  5. Ang sarap lang siguro magkandaripas diyan ng takbo ng walang kahit anong saplot ... Paano ba pumunta diyan ng ma-try?!?! LOL. :D

  6. Wow!!! paano pumunta dun?! magbabakasyon ako sa Bora soon, parang gusto ko iexperience maging virgin ulet sa Puka Beach. ahahaha.

  7. just take the tricycle from long beach to Puka beach---100-150 ang pamasahe. Yun bukana ng public entrance di masyadong have to walk pa going west sa bandang gitna yang part na yan.:D

  8. kaya pala favorite mo kasi unexplored pa (virgin?) infairness ang ganda din ng sunset dyan at kung swerteng ikaw lang nasa island pwede ka na nga magtatakbo in your birthday suit ;)

  9. Super inggit! We cancelled our Bora trip kc...


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