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ASWANG 2011 MOVIE: anu ang mas matimbang, pag-ibig o pangangailangan?

LOVI POE is such a hot a item, to date, she has the most movies for a single actress in 2011. After the sensational flick My Neighbors Wife comes another cameo role for her in the 2011 movie ASWANG under Regal Entertainment. And she was paired with another hot commodity, PAULO AVELINO who has recently transferred to the Kapamilya Network.

I was invited yesterday in the press conference of the movie at Imperial Palace QC and I got to see Lovi again and finally meet Paulo Avelino. They answered question from the entertainment press who were very excited to throw queries especially to Lovi Poe who is no doubt one of the favorites of Mother Lily and the lead actor Paulo Avelino as this is his first lead role in a movie.

For me, I came as a fan and not as a media person.I came to listen, to watch, take photos and be amazed.hahaha.The photos below were taken during the presscon yesterday.
The movie was set in a quiet little village suddenly ravaged by strange creatures referred to by the locals as ABWAK. These supernaturals have the ability to move underground or transform into animals, abduct people and feed on them.Lovi Poe is one of the ABWAK's and she's regarded as a significant member of their race. She's portrayed as a lovely and seemingly innocent in her human form yet equally dangerous in her true form.

Paulo Avelino is an agent sent to the town to kill these creatures. The two met and fell in love with each other. That's where the story heats up as Lovi Poe was perplexed at what is more important to her, LOVE or NEED? Such is ASWANG 2011 MOVIE: anu ang mas matimbang, pag-ibig o pangangailangan?
During the presscon, Mother Lily admitted she has complete trust in the talent of Lovi Poe. She said that the moment she saw Lovi in the elevator she already knew she will be BIG someday. True enough. As for Paulo Avelino, the movie producer said that if she were 30 years younger, she would want Paulo as her boyfriend.ikaw na mother!!!hahaha
The questions thrown at the two main casts were too safe to extract any information as to how ASWANG 2011 Movie will be different from the previous Aswang installments.One thing I know though is that Regal is well known for this genre. That means we have to watch out for what's in store for us. The fact that it was directed by a famous Indie Film director Jerrold Tarog means we are up for a ride. 

If I may add, the fact though that Lovi Poe and Paulo Avelino are the main characters ,akes me excited. This is a new team up. A sizzling one for sure. I am sure many are as excited as I am. 

Release Date :November 2, 2011
Genre :Horror
Studio :Regal Films
Starring :Marc Abaya, Precious Lara Quigaman, Joem Bascon, Nina Jose, Albie Casino, Jillian Ward, Paulo Avelino and Lovi Poe
Directed By :Jerrold Tarog
Written By :Aloy Adlawan

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  1. Ganda talaga ni Lovi Poe. Mahal ko na siya. LOL!

  2. iba ka na talaga anton! pwede ka na sa the buzz hehehe

  3. I'm so proud of my Baby Lovi ... LOL! :D

  4. ang dami talagang fans ni Lovi Poe dito ha!!!hehehe

  5. wow backstage pass in movie presscon... nice!

  6. tiyak nadale na iyan ni Ronald Singson...

  7. Naks! Yan ang gusto ko sa Pusang Kalye! Kahit sino, dinikitan, lalo na ng mga magagandalang dilag na tulad ni Lovi ahahahah

  8. Naks! Eto ka na naman. Stalker lang? hahah! love the 3rd pic. Ganda ni lovi dun infairnez.

  9. i must agree bino's comment here. pwede ka na nga sa showbiz industry.

  10. ibang klase.... nakakasama ka na sa presscon... wowowwwow.

    next time baka may ID ka na ng press. ahahaha

  11. Swerte mo bro..Solenn and Lovi Poe.


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