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FERSAL HOTEL Annapolis: cheap but decent accommodation in the Metro

I actually don't like to use the word cheap when it comes to accommodations coz it's sometimes associated with places where you forget your sanity for pleasure. I am referring to motels. I am not sure if that mentality is only in the Philippines but the concept of motels in our country is definitely tarnished. While I see a slow shift away from that perception, I still don't see myself going to one. Not till I have no other choice. Yes, I have never been inside a motel. And that prospect is now more remote after I discovered a cheap but decent accommodation in Metro Manila ---FERSAL HOTEL.

Sunday is usually family day but Pole Cats Manila invited me to watch their 2nd anniversary show in the city of Manila on Sunday night. Good thing the organizers gave me two (2) complimentary tickets so I can bring my wife. When I called her, she thought its a good idea.But she prefers staying in Metro Manila instead of going back Saturday night to our home in Binangonan and back to Manila again on Sunday morning. I need to understand, she commutes to work in Mandaluyong from Monday to Saturday. To include the weekends would be such a pain. The next challenge is find an affordable place to stay.I don't want to spend 4,000+ pesos for an overnight accommodation. I am no rich man.

FERSAL HOTEL Annapolis: cheap but decent accommodation in the Metro
I had two events last Saturday, the first one was in Makati and the other in Sta. Mesa so I am glad there's a Fersal branch in Annapolis Cubao.

Fersal Hotel Group began in 1987, as FERSAL International Corporation, a property development and management company with the mindset of building homes at the heart of the city. In 1994, the first Fersal Tourist Inn opened in Annapolis, Cubao, offering affordable accommodations for travelers, balikbayans, families and businesspeople.

In the years to come, the Fersal Tourist Inn has grown to six locations all over Metro Manila. From P. Tuazon, Cubao, to Diliman Quezon City, Makati and Manila, Fersal Tourist Inn has provided guests with comfortable accommodations with an emphasis on value for money.

I was not familiar in the area so I actually walked from Aurora corner Annapolis Street. I can take the taxi but it's just around 1.5 kilometers away from the main street so what the heck. Tricycles are available in Aurora corner but I still walked. I wanted to explore a bit. I need to tell my readers ways to get there aside from "take the cab and tell the driver to take you to Fersal Annapolis". hehehe. I realized that its a little off road. If you feel like commuting, say, take the bus via edsa, you can drop by New York Street. It's just a few meters walk from there to the corner of Annapolis Street where it's just 2 blocks away. See map below
FERSAL INN_Annapolis Cubao
FERSAL Annapolis Cubao in red mark
I immediately checked for rates and available rooms. The reception area is small but intimate. I noticed some cars parked in front and saw other guests coming. Most of them families so I had the feeling this is an apartment and I am just visiting a friend. I found out later on while chatting with the guard that it used to be an apartment indeed turned into a hotel. That explains the homey feeling.
entrance lobby----small but homey.

Now let's check the rooms. I requested to look around before deciding. Here goes. Rates start at 1,100php to 1,500php. We were lucky because they offer 10% discount until December. We opted for the De Luxe Single Room for 1,350php. Rates vary depending on branch but are all good for 24hours.I like that. We checked in 6pm so we have the option to check out 6pm the next day. Unlike in Hotels, even if you check in 12 midnight, you still have to leave 12 noon the next day. We went out briefly at night to buy some stuff along Aurora Blvd then slept the the comfortably till 9am the next day in time for the complimentary breakfast which is served until 9:30am.
Standard Single-- 1,100php
De Luxe :Double bed ----1,500php
De Luxe Single ---1,500php
I like the rooms here because they are clean. I know they are from the smell itself. This is not a 5-star Hotel but the price of 1,350php or 1,500php is already a good deal for your money. Especially if you are planning to stay for 24 hours.

I am also particular with the crowd. You can tell by the looks of people going in and out of a particular accommodation what kind of people are in the place. Again, I am not playing moral whatsoever. I simply enjoy staying away from trouble. That's all.
And oh, Gemma, our friend who just got back from Australia happens to be in Cubao that day so she thought of spending time with us. She and her sister also checked in after doing some shopping. And syempre, she and Teresa spent hours chatting again. Girl talk. Buti me free wifi, I was busy tweeting naman at the lobby.:D

I sometimes wish someone would take away all the internet access from me. When at home I am always connected via DSL or wifi. When outside, I always look for hot spots. I sometimes want to get away and not be found, but in most cases you can't help but stay connected. Not just to get the latest scoops but in case you need important emails and notifications to check. To stay offline or go online,  at least there is an option.

We had breakfast, stayed in the lobby for a few more minutes then went back to our room again. I took a nap until 1pm and checked out at around 2pm for late lunch in Gateway Mall before proceeding to the concert venue. We had a pleasant stay in Fersal Inn Annapolis Cubao.  I am sure I will be back.
tweet tweet at the Cafe 

Fersal Hotels are present in 6 locations in Metro Manila including.

Malakas QC
Kalayaan, Diliman QC
P. Tuazon Cubao and
Annapolis Cubao where we stayed.

Fersal Hotel for me is an affordabale yet decent place to stay. Practical accomodation withot sacrificing comfort and quality. I would love to try other branches some other time, especially their boutique hotel, Hotel Elizabeth Baguio which has won Baguio’s Hotel of the Year for three consecutive years. I also heard they are opening another Hotel Elizabeth in Cebu. :D

Cheap but decent accommodation in the Metro? you know where to go.
+632 911 2161


  1. maganda at malinis. nice.

    tama ka, dito sa pinas pag sinabi motel, parang on the negative side ang nasa isipan e.

  2. Pretty neat rooms and in fair, accessible! :) Hi Anton!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. It looks neat and clean! Pwede na!

    Pero ang solusyon sa problema: Bumili ka na ng kotse. hehe

    btw, bipolar ako. Babalik na ko sa dati kong blog. kasi nadiscover kong di gumagana html widgets sa free wordpress. haha. fail!

  4. In fairness, not bad nga. Ang nice na niya.

  5. ikaw na!

    i think it's because filipinos weren't really acquainted with the word motel and hostel, if you'd think about it, it's not really as popular like in america where businessmen and people who goes on vacation take their temp residence in motels or hostels...if you look at it kase, pag sinabi mong "mag motel na lang tayo" iba ang pumapasok sa utak ng mga tao. my ex-husband even thought i was kidding when i said that we should just stay at a motel (P250/per stay pa yata nuon), because we couldn't get a ride home tapos sobrang grabe pa ng ulan...sabi nga ni Google ang motel ay: A motel (motor hotel) is a hotel which is for a short stay.

    hmp, haba na ng comment ko ha...

  6. ganda nga for a cheap hotel ito. kita din kasi sa linis ng loob at hallway.

  7. kamusta naman at ang layo pala ng nilakad mo hahahah

  8. Akala ko Annapolis Street sa Greenhills hehe pero oks to ah. Mai-recommend nga

  9. For its price and location, not bad at all, mukhang malinis at mas ok pa sa maraming hotels na napuntahan within that price range.

  10. panu po kapag 12hrs. lang? magkanu?


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