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an interview with PGT semi-finalist JET BARRUN

Tonight will be theGRAND FINALS of Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) Season 3 and I am already soooo excited to see it. Last week, many of our hearts were broken when we had to say goodbye to some of the contestants who made it far enough for the semi-finals but failed short of the qualification of the people and the judges. One of which was JET BARRUN, the 22 year-old singer from Pateros.

If you can remember, Jet or Jetti B as her friends call her almost made it to the Finals until Ms. Kris Aquino picked the other contestant on the basis that the other performers talent was more Nationalistic. I had the chance to interview JET BARRUN via phone and I wanna share to my readers what she had to say......
 PGT semi-finalist JET BARRUN


Why do you want to pursue a singing career?
Is this for financial reasons or because it's something that you want by heart?

I loved singing since I was four and it is what I would want to do until I’m old. It’s my passion.

People including me were shocked when we heard you quit your job to pursue
your singing. Do you have any regrets about that now?

I would've regretted it more if I did not quit my job for PGT. If haven’t done that, I wouldn’t have experienced being one of the semi-finalists. It was so worth it! The experience itself is worth it!

PGT is a good avenue for me to promote myself as many Filipinos watch and enjoy such a show.

How has your experience in PGT changed your life and your perception.
Because of PGT, more people appreciated and recognized my talent, which is my main goal. I couldn’t believe that people I do not know would have that much faith in me. Some would even say that I inspire them to never give up which is truly humbling.

What's the most important lesson you learned during the PGT experience?
You just have to enjoy every opportunity or moment given to you. Make the most out of it.

Who were you closest among all the contestants of PGT?
I was closest to the “bekis” of TechnoJazz. We auditioned on the same day and supported each other ever since. I love them and I think they are really talented!

Who among the judges do you admire the most?
What was the most memorable moment you had during the competition?

The performance itself was the most memorable because it was my first time to sing and dance both at the same time… Even my relatives and friends don’t see me doing that which is why they were surprised, too. PGT made it happen for me and I’m grateful for it.
How did you feel about being eliminated and what is your reaction to the
reason why the other contestant was chosen by the judges over you?

Of course, I was saddened that I did not make it to the finals. But I have to respect the judges’ decision. All my competitors are talented and each one deserves the slot. Im just glad that I savored every moment and enjoyed my performance! That for me is the most important thing.

How do you deal with setbacks like being eliminated in a talent contest?
When I was younger, I would really be depressed. But as I age, I learned how to cope with it by staying positive and trusting my God to be in control. In time, I know that He will grant the desires of my heart. Also, it helps that many people express how much they appreciate my talent, making me not lose confidence and faith.

What are your plans after being eliminated last week?
I guess I would just grab every opportunity given to me and leave everything to God’s will.

Other than singing, what other skill(s) are you good at?
I can dance a little bit. I can write songs (if im in the mood. Haha!)


What can you tell Filipinos as to what offer to the local music scene.
In other words, why would Filipinos continue to support Jet Barrun?
Being successful in the entertainment industry is really hard but I am dedicated to honing my skills even further and prove that dreams can come true.
I am one of the believers of this Young Woman's talent. When I saw her audition on PGT, I though she will go a long way. And being a semi-finalist is indeed an achievement in itself. I am sure brighter things are up ahead. I haven't met her in person but I made sure I got to talk to her on the phone as I wanted to know her feelings about being eliminated. It was clear to me from the tone of her voice that she doesn't feel any grudge against the decision of the judges although she admits she felt sad about it. It's natural. She's warm and still very humble despite her achievements.What is important is that she is determined in her resolve to pursue her dream of becoming a singer.

I am happy when she told me she is starting to get a lot of offers in terms of gigs.As I said, she got what it takes and we will surely see more of her talent!!!!


  1. wow, lucky you to have an interview with ms barrun.. anyways, as for me i was so amazed when she strut herself on the semifinals.. honestly, i wasn't expecting her to be that. she was so appealing and enjoying the stage. i believe she gave a powerful performance but as the judges have said they also based their decisions from being Nationalistic. And I hope this grand finals, they get to pick the one that will show us the Filipino pride.

  2. Aw, hindi ako nanonood ng PGT e. Parang may pagka-biased lang iyong reason ni Kris sa pagpili, sa tingin ko lang, talent dapat ang tiningnan, hindi kung may pagka-nationalistic ba o hindi. Parang unfair para sa babaeng ito. :|

  3. Good to hear from this PGT.

    This is a filipino pride.

  4. di ako nanonood pgt kasi nasa work ako pag yan ang palabas.

    ganda nia. un lang. hehehe. di ko ma-play vid dito e.

  5. All U have to day is that na-aamaze talaga ako ke anton, he's chasing after these celebreties into a next level! I like it.

  6. funny how my friends work for PGT but I never watch a single episode. Only snippets on Youtube. lol.

    Though di ko trip yung nanalo.

  7. Ok lang kahit di siya nanalo. Maganda naman siya and she can really sing. Win or lose she's still a winner for me.


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