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Mexican themed CASA IBIZA Resort Antipolo

It pays to have rich friends.A month ago, our friend Gemma who was in Autralia that time sent us an email about the the Metrodeal group buying site's promo on CASA IBIZA Resort and Events Place Antipolo. I knew about the place all along and has been planning to try it since we also live in another GA community, Saint Monique Valais Binangonan. We immediately booked for the 50% off offer costing us Php 3,999 for an overnight stay for six (6). Gemma handled the payments. All I said was yes. As I said, it pays to have rich friends.hahaha

CASA IBIZA Resort and Events Place is located in Dalig-2 Antipolo Rizal. It took us 12 minutes by tricycle from Antipolo Church for 50pesos. Since many people bought coupons from MetroDeal, all Saturdays of November till January are already booked. We decided to check in Sunday, November 23 instead......
Mexican inspired CASA IBIZA  Resort Antipolo
CASA Ibiza
Check in time was 2pm. We rested a while, ate mirienda then went out to check the resort. Casa Ibiza is know for events, notably, weddings. The GAZEBO and Haven are a perfect venue for such.

GAZEBO and Haven ---too bad I am already married coz I imagined myself getting married here. Really a nice place to tie a knot with your lover.:D
wedding @casa ibiza
spacious space for wedding and party receptions....
OASIS --looks like a holding a reception area to hotel guests? Think again, I guess reception area for events guests ,yes. I am not sure. At least it is always open for camera whores like us who loves posing all over the place and admiring it colorful walls at tiles and looking outside almost 360 degrees with its large glass doors.

Hotel guests are asked to register in a small reception room behind the first unit from the gate.It's comfy but small,and should you have to wait for your room to be available similar to  our experience, you could stay in the wifi room near the reception/admin room  which is also small (fits not more than 10 I reckon).It's the only place with wifi other than the admin room. I don't know if it was an isolated case when we were there but the wifi connection was sooooo slow I wasn't even able to connect to any of my social networks.I'm so impatient I simple gave up.

each guest occupant can use the cabanas which are big enough to hold a family. There are only a few of them but they are strategically located around the pools. There are 2 pools--one for adults and one for kids with the deepest part 5feet. The water was clean when we were there. It's a small resort with only a few units as I mentioned so the crowding is not a problem.
casa ibisa antipolo


There's nothing much to say about it but I like the wooden accent. There are Japanese style table ( I donno how to call them) adorning the walkway where you can squat while sipping beer. Very romantic especially at night over candle light. :D
casa_ibiza antipolo
Oh, I failed to mention pa pala about the rooms and our accommodation in general. Each unit is 3 storey. The first floor though is very small and mostly covered by the stairway, a small restroom, and that's it. The parking lot behind explains why. I was shocked at first because it looks unappealing. Pagbulaga hagdan?

But when we got to the 2nd floor, that's when the small wows started. It's where the comfortable living room is, the dining and kitchen area.Spacious. Feels like being in a condo or apartment less the feeling of being crowded coz the rooms are located in the 3rd floor.
There are 3 rooms in the 3rd floor. 1 Masters bedroom, 1 guestroom, and one kiddie room. Teresa and I stayed in the guest room which has a bed with  pull-out extension just in case you need to be secure you wouldn't fall straight to the cement floor.

Each room has one air conditioning unit each. You need to set it on the maximum because these aircons will cool the 2nd floor which doesn't have any. Yun lang. kinda hot at first but after a few minutes, okay naman na. 
guest room
master's bedroom
stairs connecting the 2nd and 3rd floor
If the resort outside and its amenities are shouting in bright colors, inside the rooms, it's all white. I felt at times it was boring and monotonous although I admit it's a welcome thing after staying long outside. Para makapag-pahinga naman ang mata. If there's one thing I like, there are so many sockets so no need to compete for it should you and your companions brought lot of electronic devices. If you have your own car, I suggest you bring your rice cooker and stuff coz you can cook. Sometimes, home cooked food still tastes better than ordered ones.

Our night in Casa Ibiza became an extension of the drinking session we had at home the night before. The day before before climbing Antipolo, we were in Saint Monique were drinking beer in our living room while watching PILIPINAS GOT TALENT (PGT) final performance night. When we were in Casa Ibiza, inuman uli while watching the results of the PGT FINALS. Change in setting lang.hahaha
dining area

Romantic, romantic place. Small but decent and yun nga, romantic. hahaha. We didn't really got to sample the food except for the complimentary breakfast so I can't comment much on that. We had breakfast here and I enjoyed looking around while chewing our food. I reckon lunch would be better as there's more chance somebody is swimming or stripping somewhere in the pool area for your eyes to feast.lols

My complain, there's no wifi here!!!!If there's a prefect wifi area, this got to be it!!!! Hope they can look into that.
If you are asking what other activities there are, horse riding is the only thing I can think of. They have a horse barn behind the Gazebo area. Feel free to inquire how much. We didn't try it. We came to relax and we got what we came for. This place is perfect for a family or a small intimate group.......
Casa Ibiza has the facilities to cater to all kinds of events and overnight accommodations, whatever their size and duration. The Casa is a frequent host to getaways, corporate team buildings, meetings, seminars, debuts, birthdays and reunions.


The hotel aspect especially the way staff handles things need refinement. Don't get me wrong, they are nice and accommodating but I thought they are under-staffed. There are also instances that they seem not to know what to do. I understand that services in this seasoned are seasoned through years of experience. I hope they should focus on that.Wifi, also very important.

The price we got of 4,000pesos for 6pax with complimentary breakfast was indeed a good deal. Asked if I would pay regular price?? It depends. The Metrodeal coupon says 50% off, so that's 8,000pesos on regular rate, I think that's a little pricey na for the place.RATES here: I say, 6,000-6,500php for 6 is the reasonable price. But maybe due to dmenad and limited units, they have to increase the price a bit. That's just me talking. Overall, we were satisfied naman.

Casda ibiza is located at: Sapang Buho Road, Brgy. Dalig II, 1800 Antipolo, Philippines
Inquiries: +632-482-3487


  1. Mga poses mo lang ser anton, pare-pareho sa bawat pics *stare blankly into space* LOL! :D

  2. The 7th picture has a nice architectural concept.

  3. nakita ko tong post mo ilang days ago sa google reader. :D

    hahaha. ganda nung place. pati yung room pwedey. :D

  4. hi! i would just like to ask about bringing your own food, 'coz their corkage fees are quite high. i'm thinking of bringing my family there po kasi but i'm concerned about the food. no problems encountered naman po? mejo conflicting reviews po kasi nakita ko. yours is the one that i bookmarked kasi po positive sya, hehe. Many thanks!

  5. ME CORKAGE NGA NA NAKASULAT---PERO alam mo naman sa Pilipinas, bawal kunwari>eh naman, they can"t provide all your need coz they have a cafe with veri limited supply and if you need something else, you have to go downtown pa to buy stuff diba? so we brought our extra food.what we did was, not to show it nalang openly to the staff.pag me pinapadeliver kami sa room, hanggang pinto lang sila. I think the corkage thingy in their rulebook is only for the sake of formality. yun lang. One more thing pala, they are too understaff, so kahit nga gumulong gulong kana sa damuhan pretending you are having an attack or something, nobody will notice you. The resort was not created primarily as a result so you will understand why. i hope I didn't make my review her too optimistic,although I really prefer looking at the positive side, pero kasi me mga di rin ako nagustuhan sa place. Well, that's just secondary. The thing is, I enjoyed my stay with my friends. tao ang unang element sa kahit anung bagay. enjoy!!! :)

  6. Hi PK, thanks for ur blog, i've read many complaints regarding the place but most of them are unrealistic and all bad like theres not a single thing to like sa place. i know a place like this cant be that bad and looking forward to bringin my whole family and those of my in laws this vacation. thanks again.


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