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worst airport in the world 2011: NAIA TERMINAL 1

There. It's official. NAIA TERMINAL 1 is just voted as the worst airport IN THE WORLD for 2011 by the website, hope it's not yet a  grand slam. Shame Shame Shame.!!!!

Readers were surveyed based on safety concerns, lack of comfortable seating, rude staff, hostile security, poor facilities, no (or few) services to pass the time, bribery, being kicked out and general hassles of being in the airport.

This is what they said WHY? (like, do we need to ask more?)

worse airport in the world
worst airport in the world 2011: NAIA TERMINAL 1

There will be numerous and long queues. The older terminal (Terminal 1) is in bad shape. Earlier this year, some bad press regarding the state of the airport made airport officials promise to clean its Terminal 1 toilets and provide running water and soap. Imagine.... they actually had to "promise" to offer this! In May, a ceiling at Terminal 1 carved in, while over at Terminal 3 a report came out in early October 2011 stating that the 9 year old terminal was "structurally flawed"

We're not finished yet.....there's more.

Forget about sleeping in this airport! You will not want to even close your eyes here! Bribery and theft exists. Airport taxes are collected, but the money does not seem to go towards the betterment of the airport. Document holders  have been told their papers are not correct, but a fee of x amount should clear up the matter.

In terms of facilities, visitors will have better luck at the newer Terminal 3, where it is clean, spacious and one can find an internet connection. However, one must remember that, as mentioned previously, the terminal itself has been deemed "structually flawed".

The terminals are lacking services such as left luggage and pay-in lounges for transit passengers. However, the one big plus is the Free WiFi in the "passenger movement" areas.

more comments from all over the world here:

MY TAKE on this?

We Filipinos are known for warmness and being accommodating and having an airport like NAIA terminal 1 is a complete contradiction to this. Is this the impression we want to show the world? I am glad that most of our domestic flights, for local consumption, are directed on Terminals 2 and 3. Our own people, most at least don't have to go through hell using terminal 1. Hope we can share the same comfort to our foreign friends. The airports are the 1st and last that tourists in the Philippines remember. We don't want to be remembered for this. And we should stop being sensitive whenever people say we have the worse airport. NAIA is already 30 years old. It took us 30 years to realize that we have the worst airport in the world? Do we need 30 more years to act on it? Crap!!!Take it down!!!!

Privatization plans is another rubbish!!!How can you fix an airport that old. The government is thinking that if we privatize it it will earn the government $2.5B? That's shit!!!Think long term and not just profits. NAIA 1 has become a liability.Let go. If there is one thing worth investing, it would be our airports. NAIA 1 is a shame. It's a blow to our tourism efforts. The current president should know better. It bears the name of his proud father........
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  1. isa sa mga natutuhan ko dito sa Pinas, ke me bayad ke wala, iisa lang din ang kalidad ng serbisyo -mababaw, mababa at walang kwenta. maliban na lang kung talagang merong hinahawakang dignidad ang isang kumpanya, pero di pa rin yon sapat para pagkatiwalaan mo ang isang serbisyo. ang kaibahan na lang nyan may bayad, pero yung mga tao sila sila pa rin yon...ewan ko ba...kakaiba lang siguro talaga ang katwiran ng mga Pilipino...

  2. so un, imisin na yang terminal 1. buti pa ung t3 maganda hehhe

  3. I agree.. Take it down, let it go. Build a new one, a BETTER one. Filipinos are warm and accommodating people.. pero sa pagdating ng mga tao sa airport, pangit yung makikita nila? Contradiction ngang talaga..

  4. siguro kailangan ng magbago ng naia 1. di pa ata ako nakakapunta doon.... not sure kung terminal 1 yung pinuntahan namin nung nagpunta kami sa iloilo. Pero maganda yung terminal 3. hahaha

  5. First time ko sa Terminal 1 nung nagbyahe ako papunta dito sa US at totoo yung sinasabi nila. :( Tsk. Sa mga check-in counters pa lang, sablay na eh. Nagkalat ang tao, there's no enough space to accommodate all the passengers. Nung una, hindi pa ako disappointed kasi first time ko nga. Kaya lang, pagbaba ko ng Taipei, nahiya na ako para sa NAIA. Tapos nung nakarating ako sa LA, lalo akong nahiya para sa kanila. I hope na gawan na ng action ng gov't to. Tama ka! Ang airport ang 1st and last na makikita ng mga pumupunta sa Pilipinas kaya dapat pinapaganda talaga. Hello! Galaw galaw, baka mastroke!

  6. this really saddens me... ang hilig ko pa naman ipromote ang pinas dito sa mga kasamahan ko. sharing with them travel blog links and pics that i have to show how beautiful the country is. But you're right, the airport is the door to our country - the airport officials need to make it clean, safe and welcoming to everyone.

    Ilang beses na rin akong nahingian at tinakot ng mga staff... i hope they do something about it soon!

  7. nakakalungkot isipin na may katotohanan ang mga bagay na ito.

    sana dumating ang panaho na mabago ang mga gawaing ito ng ating airport personnels at maging maimprove ang facilities.

  8. I have always used T3 even to my trips in South East Asia before. But it was only then when I went to Aus. that I got to see the state of T1. This is the first and the last place foreign visitors see in our country. We've been spending and exerting so much effort on tourism campaign to attract visitors and yet our welcoming doormat is (functional) but old and in dire need of complete overhaul. I wish they would really do something about it and not just brush it off as something irrelevant.

  9. when my hubby first visited the Philippines with me last year, he was so surprised with how bad it looks especially with the terminal fee everyone is required to pay when leaving the country. with how much the fee is and how many people gets to pay it daily...where does the money go? wish they'd make use of the money to improve the airport and not let the money go to someone else's pocket.

  10. Looks like the gov't is still doing nothing in this matter... I just hope the Terminal 3 issues have been resolved so we can transfer there immediately... Looks like Noynoy is not working on it and it will be a shame if T3 won't be fully operational before his term ends.


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