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YOUTUBE WORLD VIEW with Philippine President Pnoy a complete bore

Youtube has started this series called YOUTUBE WORLD VIEW where ordinary people are given the chance to ask their leaders on topics concerning health, energy,education,poverty,peace and order etc. It made debut last January and last Friday, November 4,2011 was the turn of the Philippine President (Pnoy) to take the questions

President Aquino was the first Asian leader interviewed in the series  following world leaders like US President Barack Obama, UK PM David Cameron, and Spain PM Jose Luis Zapatero. I was not able to join the live stream but when I watched all of it. Sadly, my brain started to hurt after10 minutes. All the flowery words and philosophical answers almost made me snore in front of my computer screen.

YOUTUBE WORLD VIEW with Philippine President Pnoy

THE QUESTION ON NATIONAL SECURITY--what's  housing program of the Armed Forces to do with that?

A NATURAL LESSENING of issues regarding peace and order ------"the solution to the rebellion and even the issues of ordinary crime has to deal with achieving the FIRST FREEDOM which is the FREEDOM FROM HUNGER."-Pnoy. Say WHAT? Kelan pa pala masusulusyunan yang gulo sa Mindanao? TRANSLATION--he is saying " this is something that I cant solve within my administration and I am passing the problem to the next presidents of the country"  This is long term solution and we all agree to that but problems like this also demands real time approach and I mean short term and medium term remedies. When those rebels ambushed our soldiers and killed 19 of them in 1 day, you should not think of extending the peace talk as it only gives the goons time to regroup and rearm. 

TACKLE root causes? construct roads, schools, create jobs etc.---kaya nga walang jobs coz nobody wants to invest in the area coz it's infested with goons. ERADICATE THE GOONS and prosperity will come to Mindanao. 

Q: How are your efforts going in relation to dramatic change to good governance?
Pnoy: I think so, the survey show it. ---ouch!!!where???Pnoy might not be corrupt, but are the people around him and the old dogs not? I BELIVE him when he said during the election that he will not steal ("di ako magnanakaw") But is he doing something to stop those who are? If there are measures, I beg, somebody, please educate me.

WHAT's his plan for NAIA?----within 4 years pa pala ang plan. We'll, we cant really meet our 10 million tourist arrival target if you don't take it down and construct a new one soon coz the airport is a complete turn-off. Tourists want to get out of the country as soon as they arrive and see NAIA.

"educate the people, tell them the range of their choices, and leave them to decide what's best for their family. forcing them to do one thing or another is not part of the agenda"------nahilo what's the answer? YES or NO lang. I think you just said no---but isn't saying YES to RH BILL the best way to educate the people, tell them the range of their choices, and leave them to decide what's best for their family? SINCE when does giving them another choice forcing them to do it? SAYING YES to RH Bill is simply giving the people more choices. Pnoy obviously gave in to the pressure of the church again.

I think Pnoy was sincere with his answers and I still think he is a good person but that does not necessarily translate to good policies ayt? He is too safe at a time when he is supposed to be decisive. WATCHING this Youtube World View interview of Pnoy is like listening to a boring classroom lecture on PHILOSOPHY. If I had known earlier, I should have conditioned my mind that I will be watching Ms. UNIVERSE Q&A portion so that I didn't end up frustrated.

-------and oh--the 7 year-old kid's question about SANTA CLAUS? ---How I wish all the questions had been about Santa Claus, love life, favorite color, favorite sports and the like--it would have been more entertaining and worth watching. hahaha

TO SUMMARIZE MY TAKE: "There goes Pnoy again with his THEORETICAL and Philosophical answers.wala akong narinig na CONCRETE answers.yung solusyun talaga." ----

I posted this in twitter and was published in yahoo new for some reasons. I don't know how YAHOO did it but thanks so much.!!!
The PNoy interview was conducted by Google Moderator Ross LaJeunesse, Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs for Google Inc. in Asia Pacific.


  1. Kontra lang kung kontra kay PeNoy a! LOL. :D

  2. ambilis ni michael... hahahah

    eto yung nipost mo nung isang gabi ata o kagabi. di ko na matandaan hahaha.

    for me parang undecided si pnoy in making desisyones. hahaha. laging so-so at safe moves.

  3. pag pnoy ang topic ayoko na mag-react. not because wala ako pakialam pero lagi na lang kasi ako nadidisappoint sa mga sagot nya eh :)

  4. pagdasal na lang natin siya..haha.

  5. initially i wanted to watch this brouhaha, kaya lang i figured anong malay ko sa politics when i feel that pnoy had just second hand experience from his mom how to run a government.clearly, when his mother died, his "comforting spirit" died with her. gets mo?


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