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Approximately 30 kilometers east of Manila is the first class municipality of Angono Rizal known as the Art Capital of the Philippines. It is the hometown of two national artists, Lucio San Pedro for music and Carlos "Botong" Francisco for arts. It is in this town where the famous HIGANTES FESTIVAL is being held yearly every 23rd of November where locals parade GIANT paper mache of human figures. This coincides with the celebration of  Saint Clement, the Patron Saint of fishermen.


 Most of Angono during the time of the Spaniards was covered by a hacienda. The landlords who rule the hacienda were strict and didn't allow celebrations except for the annual fiestas.Using an art form brought from Mexico by Spanish priests, they created larger-than-life caricatures of their Spanish landlords as a sign of protest.Thus, the HIGANTES hands are usually high up on their waist.

Higantes measures four to five feet in diameter and ten to twelve feet in height. The head of the giants is fashioned from a mold made of clay, which is dried under the heat of the sun. With the advent of modernization and technology clay is changed to plaster of Paris and resin. The mold is then pasted with lots of newspapers then split into the middle and sun-dried, after which it is then pasted with the brown paper (the slit being covered) then sun-dried again and painted. source:

Pantok Binangonan, Saint Monique Valais in particular where I am residing is just 20 minutes away but I missed the event for the 2nd year now, better say, I intentionally missed it. I was too lazy to try and brave the crowd and long walk around town just to catch the festivity.Good thing some members of my photography club were there. Gio Bustamante and Eman Gatbonton were there to save the day. The following photos were courtesy of GIO BUSTAMANTE.
street procession during Higantes Festival in downtown Angono
The event every 23rd of November is not just about the HIGANTES. The image of San Clemente, Angono's Patron Saint is also carried by males devotees referred to as “pahadores” (devotees dressed in colorful local costumes or fishermen’s clothes, wooden shoes and carrying boat paddles, fish nets, traps, etc.) and “higantes" (giant paper mache images). The procession which culminates in Laguna de Bay where the image of San Clemente is being transferred on a decorated boat for fluvial procession which ends when the image is brought back to its sanctuary.

fluvial procession of San Clemente in Laguna de Bay Angono

Wear light clothing and if possible, slippers. Bring bag and extra clothing. Secure your cameras with plastic protection if available. The reason, people play with water and you will most probably get wet and your gadgets too. Better tell them in advance that you are with your gears. Then again, there were instances when people suddenly splash water on you so you might consider where you are to walk at carefully. In some cases, firetrucks are even used to spray water around. It's a wet, wet festival. hahaha
firetrucks spraying water to the crowd during the festivities


From Crossing-Shaw Blvd. in Mandaluyong, take the jeepney to Angono. Travel usually takes 45minutes to 1 hour. FX Terminals are also available in front of STARMALL opposite Edsa Shangrila Mall and in front of the grocery section of SM-Megamall.

The HIGANTES festival is an interesting yearly celebration that you might want to witness. Be sure to mark your calendar every 23rd of November!!!
more info here: http://fil.wikipilipinas.org/index.php?title=Higantes_Festival


  1. mukang maganda yang higantes fest kaso may basaan. ahahaha

  2. napanood ko to dati, matagal ng pnahon nga lang hehehe

  3. sana gumawa sila ng higanteng anime characters hehe..para maiba! haha

  4. astig naman! next time, sana mukha na mga artista. lol

    naku! hirap pala umattend dyan.. may basaan pa. Lol

  5. never pa kong nakipag basaan sa mga fiesta. mukang exciting makipag bombahan ng water hose. hahah! thanks for the directions. Never pa ko nakapunta na angono kahit taga rizal din ako. ^_^

  6. pips.....may mga hotles ba sa Angono for tourists who want to stay the night na rin? Or kaya ba ng day trip lang balikan sa Manila? Thanks!

  7. puwede po bang hindi sumali sa basaan?


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